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Travanya will help you with the flight booking process and you will find multiple flights from India to Oman options on our website. Tell us your expectations and requirements and we will find the perfect match for you. Since many travellers love to fly to Oman, our professionals have arranged some fantastic offers and discounts on airline tickets to Oman.

Since you might be confused about picking one from many options, we will help you compare all the available offers to save your time. We will organize your entire stay and travel in the country so that you will have beautiful days during your vacation. The main aim of Travanya is to make sure you book less expensive flight tickets to Oman any time of the year. Pick your flight right now with us and have fantabulous nights in Oman.

Airlines Flying From India To Oman

We will be able to see a lot of passengers interested in travelling from India to Oman. So more than 5 to 6 airlines are offering this service. You can also find a few direct flights covering this distance. Few major airlines include Emirates, Etihad, Vistara, Oman Air, SpiceJet, Air Asia (India), etc. operate Oman flights from India.

Distance Between India And Oman And Flying Time

Best Month To Book Tickets For India To Oman

Oman is a dry country with scarce rainfall. So the climate will be the same all through the year. Hence you need not worry about the time plan for your holiday. The cheapest time to fly to Oman will be during September. January and February are usually festival times in the country, so the Oman cheap flight ticket price from India will be relatively high. Early morning flights are always affordable, so go for these flights if you are travelling under budget.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month Rs 17,185 (December)
India to Oman Distance 1,953 KM
India to Oman Flight Time 3 hours to 30 hours
Cheapest Airlines Oman Air
Flight Discounts*Upto 5% Off
Departure AirportDelhi Airport, Bangalore Airport, Mumbai Airport & more.
Arrival Airport Muscat Airport & more.

Easy Tips To Book Cheap Flight Tickets To Oman

About Oman

Oman can be described in a single word, and that is fragrance. You will also be able to find so many Indian nationals living in Oman, which will make you feel more comfortable. The country is the main centre for export and import in the Arabian countries. You will be able to experience the culture and traditions of Islam in Oman. The time difference between India and Oman is around 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you will not suffer from jetlag during your holiday. People in the country are very conservative, yet tourists love to experience their rich heritage. The gold souks are very famous, and their traditional jewellery will lure you away. It is the best place for a family vacation where the kids, as well as the adults, can have a hassle-free summer break. Hurry Up!! Book your flight to Oman as well as a hotel in the city to enjoy the Islamic culture of Oman.

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Top 10 Places To Explore In Oman

Hop on to your flights to Oman to enjoy the beauty of the below places, and don’t forget to pack your sunscreen with your luggage!

  1. Muscat: Muscat is a beautiful city in Oman. The markets and museums attract a lot of tourists. The building here is built with flashy marbles. The design and architecture of the monuments are breathtaking. You can spend at least a day or two around here and enjoy the historic traditions. 
  2. Nizwa: Nizwa is known for its spiral forts and long landscapes. All the iconic monuments were built in the late 17th century, and they are still solid and Magnifique. The outdoor markets around here will help you find ancient artefacts and handlooms of Oman. 
  3. The Wahiba Sands:The real roller coaster is taking a jeep and travelling around the deserts of Wahiba. Experience the sands of time and get close to the beautiful nature in the middle of the sand sea. You can even camp here and on Camel rides to turn on your adrenaline. 
  4. Musandam Fjords: Far away from the crowded place, Musandam Fjords is isolated from primary traffic. With the cost so close by, you can spot dolphins here. This is the best place to do some water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling. 
  5. Ras al Jinz: This is a beautiful reserve protecting turtles on the sea line. The best time to see baby turtles fighting their way into this world is during May and October. You will be able to find many resorts nearby and aquatic museums to know more about these sea creatures. 
  6. Jebel Akhdar: The real meaning of this place is a green mountain. The highest land point in Oman is here. The ranges are purely made of limestone and not green trees. You can hike through these ranges and enjoy the cool climate at the tip of the peak. 
  7. Salalah: The rainy season is the best time to visit Salalah. The whole area will be covered by shrubs everywhere, even reflecting the water as a green oasis. Sultan Qaboos once lived here, and you must visit too.
  8. City of Bahla: The place is very famous for its pottery and intricate styles. You can shop all you want in the markets around. The place has long walls running for over 7 miles forming a boundary for ancient forts and monuments in Bahla. 
  9. Masirah Island: The best way to reach Masirah Island is by ferry ride. They are operated very often. The island may be small, but it is the perfect location to see the sunset and sync with nature. 
  10. Misfat al Aberdeen: The most exciting thing about the place is all the buildings are built with stones making the site look more orange. The village is basically built on the mountains, and it will give you the best opportunity to mingle with their local crowd.

Book Round Trip Flights From Oman To India

Travanya will always try to make your vacation budget-friendly. Explore the website you will be shocked to see amazing deals on India to Oman flight ticket prices. We do not stop just yet. We go a step further and offer you a cheap round trip that is more economical. You will have the best holiday if you can plan the trip at a really reasonable price. That’s why our experts analyze and find cheap flights to Oman from India even in the nick of time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Grab Favourable Offers On Your Ticket To Oman With Travanya

The only place you will be able to find the best flight deals to Oman throughout the year is Travanya. We are always looking forward to helping you plan out your holiday in the Arabian country at the best affordable rate possible. We are in such a good bond with many agencies in Oman. Hence your entire vacation can be scripted out by us at an unimaginable price. You have to tell us the date you wish to travel and we will find the supreme offers on India to Oman flights for you.

We will ensure you have a hassle-free Oman flight ticket booking experience on our website. Our UI is designed in such a way to guide you through each and every step. From direct flight to connecting flight, choose the more convenient one for you and forget about the expense because we will make your trip 100% economical. Contact Us at +91 800 023 5865 to know more about your India to Oman flight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to take the Covid test to fly to Oman?

Answer: Yes, to board an India to Oman flight, you must have a COVID-19 test with a negative report to avoid any confusion or trouble.

Q: Can I order food when I book my flight to Oman?

Answer: While booking a ticket to Oman, you will be given an option to book your food along with it. Choose this service to use the meal service on board.

Q: What do I need to book my flight to Oman?

Answer: You will be asked to fill out your personal details when you book your flight tickets to Oman. Have a government ID proof handy when you are processing your ticket.

Q: Will it be an issue if my name is misspelt on the flight ticket?

Answer: If your name in the ID proof and ticket does not match, then your flight ticket will be invalid. So be careful when you give in the details.

Q: Can I cancel my flight to Oman and get a refund?

Answer: If you cancel your flight tickets early, then you will get a full refund. Considering the time of cancellation, few airlines may offer a partial refund.

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