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British Airways

About British Airways (BA)

British Airways is the end product of merging four airlines, British Overseas Airways Corporation, British European Airways, Cambrian Airways, and Northeast Airlines. All these Airlines joined hands in the year 1972. In the United States, British Airlines is one of the major flag carriers. British Airways history dates back to 1919 when the airline was known as Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited.

Along with Air France, British Airways operated the first-ever supersonic from Heathrow Airport to Bahrain International Airport. The airline has its headquarters located in London, England, UK, near its hub airport. The airline is currently working on preventing carbon gas emissions, hoping to achieve the goal before 2050.

British Airways Network

The air shuttle has a well-connected network all around the world. Approximately right now, it provides service to 170 destinations. This connects around 70 countries worldwide. It is one of the many airlines that fly flights to all six inhabited continents. With Heathrow and Gatwick as its domestic hub, the airline also operates flights within the UK.

British Airways Fleet Details

The count of fleets operating currently is 249. The airline has a combination of wide-body aircraft, most specifically 777 and 787.

British Airways 787 is a dual-engine jet. At present, there are 43 fleets of the type British Airways 777. Airbus A318, Airbus A319-100, Boeing 747-100, Boeing 747-200 and Boeing 747-400 are a few fleets operated by BA.

British Airways (BA) Domestic Routes

There are around 115 destinations covered in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and eight domestic destinations by BA. Some of the famous destinations covered by the airline are listed below:

  • London to Manchester (LHR to MAN)
  • London to Newcastle (LHR to NCL)
  • London to Edinburgh (LHR to EDI)
  • London to Glasgow (LHR to GLA)
  • London to Aberdeen (LHR to ABZ)
  • Glasgow to London (GLA to LGW)
  • Glasgow to Belfast City (GLA to BHD)
  • Cambridge to Manchester (CBG to MAN)

British Airways (BA) International Routes

The airline operates flights to almost all the continents in the world. Among which most of the flights fly to North America. From London, you can directly fly to 27 destinations in the Northern part of America. Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, and even Australia, the airline provides service.

  • London to Madrid (LHR to MAD)
  • London to Salzburg (LGW to SZG)
  • London to Beijing (LHR to PKX)
  • London to Delhi (LHR to DEL)
  • London to Male (LHR to MLE)
  • Cambridge to Gothenburg (CBG to GTO)
  • London to Nairobi (LHR to NBO)
  • London to Nashville (LHR to BNA)  

British Airways Management Details

British Airways chairman is Sean Doyle. He came to this position in 2021 during April, following Alex Cruz, the former chairman. Sean Doyle is also the chief executive of the airways.

The first chairman of the respective airline was Sir David Nicolson; he retired from his post in 1975. Robert Boyle is the Commercial Director. The Director of Investments and Alliances is Roger Maynard. Paul Coby is Chief Information Officer, and Tony McCarthy is the current Director of People and Organisational Effectiveness.

How To Check-In With British Airways Airlines

The British Airways check-in process is very simple and easy. Passengers can check-in through online mode or with the app, or at the airport. The online check-in facility notably becomes accessible 24 hours before the departure. You can print out the boarding pass at home or in a Kiosk machine at the airport. The application check-in also can be done 24 hours before, and you can download your boarding pass on mobile or laptop. At the airport, check-in closes 60 minutes before take-off time. This time limit may vary in different airports. You can check-in at the check-in desk or through a kiosk machine.

British Airways On-Board Facilities

British Airways business class flights have many onboard facilities than economy class. The seats are very comfortable for extended travel and even have a good night’s sleep. Great chefs delicately prepare the cuisine for Business class passengers. In economy class, the airways offer High life shops that can be pre-purchased during the British Airways ticket booking process.

You can also buy them on board. They have digital newspapers and magazines. The TV and audio programs will keep you on the hook throughout the journey. The airlines even have air wifi and a kids zone to entertain them with games and programs.

British Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

British Airways baggage allowance changes based on the class you travel to. If you travel on domestic flights, the weight limit may be lower than international British Airways flights.

Domestic Flights:

  • Economy class checked baggage (infants and adults): 23kg / 51lbs (1 bag)
  • Business/ Club checked baggage (infants and adults) : 32kg / 70lbs (2 bags)
  • Hand baggage in all class : 1 cabin bag 23kg / 51lbs + 1 handbag 23kg / 51lbs (1 bag)

International Flights:

  • Business class: 32kg / 70lbs (2 bags)
  • Infant in business and first class: 1 checked baggage 32kg / 70lbs + 1 hand baggage 23kg / 51lbs
  • Economy class checked baggage (infants and adults): 23kg / 51lbs (2 bags)
  • First class checked baggage (infants and adults): 32kg / 70lbs(3 bags)
  • Hand baggage in all class : 1 cabin bag 23kg / 51lbs + 1 handbag 23kg / 51lbs (1 bag)

Useful Insights about British Airways

Hub Airports

London–Heathrow Airport (LHR) and ‎London–Gatwick Airport (LGW)


Heathrow Airport (LHR)



Call Sign


Unaccompanied Minor Service

Kids below the age of 14 cannot travel alone on a British Airways flight. They should be accompanied by a passenger who is 16 years or older. Travellers around 16 years should have the consent of a parent or guardian before flying in British Airways. With unaccompanied minor services, children above the age of 5 are allowed to travel alone. But the airline must be informed beforehand about the passenger to make sure they get special assistance.

British Airways Customer Care

British Airways customer care provides service for people in the UK and passengers from all over the world. Due to covid restrictions at present, the contact centre works only between 3 am and 11:30 pm. Within the US, you can use 877-767-7970 to contact customer care centers regarding flight details. 0124 412 0715 is the main number to get in touch with British Airways airlines.

British Airways Flight Ticket Deals & Promo Codes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Within 24 hours of your British Airways booking, you can cancel the ticket and get a full refund. You can then follow the British Airways reservation process once again. If the name was misspelt, then contact customer care and solve the issue.

Answer: Visit the official website, enter your reference number, and find your e-receipt online. Make sure you give the correct mail ID while booking. For the best solution, get in touch with our travel agents and they will sort your travel queries.

Answer: Use the British Airways flight tracker or Travanya’s flight status tracker to find the current status of your flight.

Answer: Two options are available; you can rebook the next available flight without any additional cost or get a full refund.

Answer: Only guide dogs are allowed in the cabin. Other pets cannot travel with the passengers. They are transported separately in cages.