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About Goa 

Goa, a coastal state in Western India is famous for its pristine beaches, river cruises and ancient beautiful churches. Goa has 72 kilometres of coastline along the Arabian Sea. Goa is the 2nd least populated state that lies on the western seaboard of Southern India sandwiched between Maharashtra and Karnataka states. For a pure escape in the state of coastal beauty, high palm trees, and Portuguese architecture, you can create your own Goa tour package with Travanya. 

Goa is home to some beautiful beaches in the country. The haven of tranquillity called the virgin beaches are just one part of what Goa offers, the other being its ancient temples that are filled with a legendary history. Blessed with almost year-round sunny days, Goa has become India’s premier beach destination with a plethora of adventure sports. With a fabulous year-round climate, golden sandy coconut palm beaches, and warm welcoming people, Goa vacation packages are what you need. Upon entering the town there are many eateries that will welcome you heartily with a smile on their face and food in hand to greet you at your table. So, mix a bit of adrenaline and budgeting and what comes out is Goa holiday packages under your budget. 

The white sand beaches in North Goa are reputed to be among the best in India, especially those located at places such as Morjim, Anjuna. Arambol, Colva, Vagator, Coco beach and Baga. The seafood available along these coasts is delicious. From simple paani-puri or poori-fry (made with a variety of spices) to distinctive fish curries ― all sorts of goodies are a must-have when you create your goa tour packages under 5000. 

Best time to visit Goa

How to reach Goa?

Top 10 Things To Do In Goa Travel Package

  1. Spend an afternoon at the Curlies Beach Shack, Anjuna: For unadulterated escape under the clouds on the side of a beach, Goa is full of cheerful high spirits. Goa is the home of beaches and is known for its striking landscapes, hippie culture, delicious food and drinks at the beaches. Curlies beach shack at Anjuna and Bobby’s shack at Candolim beach serves the best services including appetising food, best music, shisha and heavenly cocktails. 
  2. Chill like you never did at Baga Beach: Baga beach is one of the most popular Goa beaches known for its exquisite nightlife, bubbly crowd and jazz music. You may also spot the beauty of dolphins and other sea creatures, enjoying their lives in water. Plus, the beautiful views and delicious food of Baga Beach will melt your heart. Here you can catch sight of tourists from all over the world partying at the beach, enjoying drinks and dancing. 
  3. Tour around beautiful Goa churches: Goa has reserved some ancient and blissful churches that are no less than the castles at Disneyland. A few of the old and most visited churches in Goa include Basilica of Bom Jesus – located in Old Goa, Se Cathedral located in South Goa, Church of St. Cajetan located in South Goa, and Mae De Deus Church in North Goa. You can even head over to the popular Fort Aguada, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary after spending an afternoon in Goa churches. 
  4. Feel Blessed at Shri Bhagvati temple: More than 50 decades old, seeking the blessings of Goddess Bhagwati could be one of the most blissful things on your trip to Goa. The Bhagwati Devi Temple lies in North Goa, around 25 km away from Panaji. A visit to this temple offers you extra delight with its history and ancient architectural style. Giant elephant statues carved with black stone are the main highlights of the temple. 
  5. Float above the luscious greenery of Goa in a Hot Air Balloon: One of the most fun activities, a ride in a hot air balloon tops the bucket list of most of the tourists. Taking this bird’s eye view during early hours over the golden shore will definitely be an unforgettable experience. So, if you are leaving for your trip to Goa, do not miss hopping on a hot air balloon and experience spectacular views from around 1000 feet high.   
  6. Rent a motor yacht and enjoy cruising: If you are looking to do something different or have a plan to propose to your girl “Bollywood Style”, renting a motor yacht would be the best thing to do. There are several rental agencies in Goa that can help you arrange luxurious vessels on short notice. They are sure to be economical and enable travellers on a tourist package to have memorable times during their stay in Goa. 
  7. Set your eyes on the water to spot dolphins:Catching a glimpse of dolphins in Goa is quite normal. Watching beautiful dolphins swimming over the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian sea is aesthetically pleasing. To have this amazing experience you may even opt for a dolphin safari trip. Get Goa packages and go with your group and lay eyes on Indo pacific Humpback dolphins floating and swimming like a pro. 
  8. Behold the beauty of Dudhsagar Waterfalls:Dudhsagar falls is a popular tourist destination all year round. This magical fall of white water straight from the luscious green mountains is sure to make your jaw drop. The landmark is 70 km away from the Dabolim Airport. If you are planning a visit to Goa, making a way ahead to Dudhsagar waterfalls will definitely make your trip worthwhile. 
  9. Enjoy appetising cuisines along with cheap booze:Goa is truly a foodie paradise. The overwhelming number of cafes, restaurants and even food pop-ups that open every day are exceptional. And one should not forget Goan’s love for exotic drinks. Lower taxes and an alcohol-friendly environment have created the perfect space for people to lift up their spirits and enjoy each moment with absolute joy.
  10. Attend A Goa Carnival:Goa Carnival features a frenzy of tourist and water activities. The festive mood is even more aggravated by the huge parades that move the various streets of Goa. The streets are decorated with attractive lighting and grand balls, which fill joy and happiness even in the dispirited souls. Book a Goa holiday package 2 nights 3 days and don’t miss the festivities during the Goa Carnival.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Goa

  1. Explore the lively city centre, Panaji: A bustling capital city, Panaji is located in North Goa on the riverbanks of Mandovi River. The city is popular for its colourful streets, Portuguese-influenced architecture, and fascinating landmarks. Hop on a taxi, bus or tuk-tuk to get around in the city and do not forget to stop by Fontainhas, Divar Island, and Adil Shahi Palace
  2. Tour around the historical landmarks, Velha Goa: Also known as Old Goa, Velha Goa is popular for its history, astonishing Portuguese architecture, and UNESCO world heritage sites. If you want to know about Goan culture and colonial history, visit Basilica Bom Jesus, Shri Tirupati Balaji Padmavati Mandir, Viceroy’s Arch, and St. Cajetan Church
  3. Visit the second capital of Goa, Margao: Also known as Madgaon. Margao is a relaxed city that lies in the South of Goa. Whether you need a quick dose of history and culture or want to experience adventure activities and water activities, Margao is the place. Travel around Our Lady of Grace Church, Damodar Temple, and buy affordable souvenirs at the Old Margao Market
  4. Explore the beauty of the classical port city, Vasco Da Gama: Call it a coastal town or port city, Vasco Da Gama tempts tourists with its striking coastal beauty and serene glory. Vasco Da Gama has maintained some of the popular Goa beaches such as Bogmalo Beach, Velsao Beach, and Cansaulim Beach. Kesarval Waterfalls is also a must-visit place in the city.  
  5. Step into luscious green town, Calangute: A blissful town in North Goa, Calangute is known for its clean beaches with tranquil waters, Fort Aguada, Italian bakeries, and delicious Goan food. Calangute has excellent restaurants with both outsides as well as inside seating overlooking the beach. The music ranges from dance to trance, techno to drum & bass etc. 
  6. Calm and relax in serene glory, Anjuna: A small coastal village, Anjuna is the holiday place for those seeking sun, sea and fun. The full moon parties season sees revellers partying all night on the golden sand dunes of Anjuna in North Goa. The cafes in Anjuna have a diverse menu from Italian to Indian cuisine in addition to seafood delicacies which are highly recommended by the locals.
  7. Take a day trip to the land of spices, Ponda: Located in central Goa, Ponda lies in the backwood of Goa. From tropical plantations to spice farms and historical temples to caves, Ponda is a beautiful Goa city with all the luscious greenery. When in Ponda, do visit Sahakari Spices Farm, Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple, and Shri Ramnath Temple
  8. Sun Bath or Paraglide in a city with fancy beaches, Bambolim: A small island city, Bambolim is home to all the beautiful beaches such as Bambolim Beach and Marivel Beach To witness some romantic vibes in the air, catch the sights of beautiful aquatic creatures and walk through thick forest, this beach is perfect to spend some quality time with your partner. 
  9. Walk through the beautiful coastal village, Colva: A tropical village located in South Goa, Colva is 21 km away from the Goa International Airport. Most tourists prefer visiting this place for its striking Colva Beach that is famous for adventurous water sports. The tiny village also presents colourful plank roads with shops, stalls and restaurants selling cuisines from all over India. 
  10. Spend a wonderful evening with your group at Chapora Fort: Remember your once-favourite movie “Dil Chahta Hai”? Chapora Fort is that Dil Chahta Fort that we all wanted to visit at the time. Sunset is the best time to explore the fort and click a hundred pictures. The view of the crystal clear Chapora River from the top of the fort, sitting under the golden clouds is sure to give you some perfect pictures. 

The Top 10 Beaches in Goa

Baga BeachOne of the famous beaches of Goa is located in North Goa. With a distance of 43.8 km from Dabolim airport.Be it sunbathing or bar hopping or paragliding or kite flying, there are so many things you can do at Baga Beach.  Enjoy a day at the Baga beach by swimming in its crystal clear waters or sunbathing while relaxing on the huge golden sand dunes.
Arambol Beach
Located in North Goa, Arambol beach is 60 km away from the Dabolim airport. It is known for spectacular views and serenity around.Goa travel package is incomplete without stopping over the alluring beauty of Arambol Beach. To add to that, there are several shacks around where you can drink beer or wine till late into the night. You can even find a fair number of Goans living around the Arambol beach. 
Calangute BeachAlso known by the name of “Queen of Beaches”, Calangute Beach is located some 20 km to the South-West of Panjim.Calangute Baech is one of the most popular and famous beaches in Goa. This beach is a tourist draw for its pristine long golden sand at the Calangute Baga riverside. The main attraction at Calangute is the parties that go on there every night, especially during high season.
Anjuna BeachAnjuna beach is a famous tourist place about 10 km from Vagator. This beach is located in North Goa.Anjuna Beach offers visitors a unique experience of Goan culture which remains intact even after tourism has taken root on this land. There are so many things you can do on the beach such as swimming, snorkelling, jet-skiing, parasailing, water skiing, and riding over the water scooter.
CandolimCandolim beach is a popular tourist destination that is just 38.5 km away from the Goa International airport, and 5 km away from Aguada Fort.There’s something for everyone here at Candolim Beach. From young people with loud music to gregarious families enjoying a few beers and old couples sitting together silently watching everyone else get on with it. Candolim Beach is perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy dolphin rides or watch the glorious sunsets while sitting in the beachfront cafes.
Palolem BeachA very well known beach in South Goa, the best time to visit Palolem beach is between the months of October to March.Palolem beach is known for its beaches, seafood and peaceful atmosphere. People from all age groups visit Palolem beach during this period for its calm atmosphere, resorts and restaurants. The entire area is well connected with public transport systems like taxis, buses and autos. It takes around 55 minutes from Dabolim airport.
Benaulim BeachBenaulim Beach, located in South Goa is a serene destination that must be added to your tour packages for Goa with a price.Benaulim beach has beautiful white sanded shores which makes it one of the best beaches in Goa. It’s easy to get one of the several shacks such as Joecons beach shack, seagull beach shack, and Valonias beach shack. This beach has become famous thanks to many movies being shot there.
Vagator BeachVagator Beach lies in North Goa, which is situated 46.9 km away from the main Goa airport, and 25 km away from the city centre.Tourists and other locals alike come to Vagator beach for the peace and quiet of this beautiful part of Goa. The music fills the night air making everyone want to move on to the dance floor. The atmosphere becomes pure magic here after the sunset. You may even find affordable Goan cuisine at Vagator Beach. So, do not forget to include Vagator Beach in your trip package.
Colva BeachJust 23.8 km distant from the Dabolim airport, Colva Beach is one of the most preferred and famous beaches of Goa.Colva Beach has a beautiful sunset view with tranquil water shining and warm sand melting the hearts. While tasting your favourite cocktail and grabbing a bite to eat, allow yourself to relax in comfortable easy chairs at the Colva beach. The ambience creates a perfect mood for chilling out with your friends and makes it a perfect destination for Goa honeymoon packages.
Morjim BeachA beautiful beach that is just 53 km away from the Dabolim airport. The popular places nearby Morjim are Vagator and Anjuna.Morjim Beach attracts a lot of foreign tourists and local visitors throughout the year to its lovely atmosphere and scenic beauty. The Morjim beach contains several other attractions like Child Jesus Church, Old Portuguese Cemetery, and St. Francis of Assisi Church. Other awesome activities are parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, and boating on this serene beach.

Famous Food In Goa

Shop in Goa Like Never Before

It is hard to leave Goa without picking up a few bikinis, hats or if you are into hippie culture, there are innumerable accessories available. So, get the cheapest Goa tour packages and add on some more variance in your wardrobe. With street stores selling clothes, perfumes, and other handicrafts, Goa markets are the perfect place to land an amazing bargain. The markets in South Goa beaches are also famous to get beautiful antiques. 

Why One Should Pick Goa Holiday Packages With Travanya?

Travanya brings you the most suitable Goa tour travel packages to grasp breathtaking views, mesmerising sunset and beautiful nature. We allow our users to customize their holiday packages for goa for 2 days depending on the mode of transport and other preferences. Travanya promises you the best deals and discounts on vacation packages with the convenience of clear navigation and quick online payment services.

Get in touch with our travel professionals via call at +91-800-023-5865. We will help you explore a plethora of low-budget Goa tour packages with suitable discounts on Goa packages for families. With a bonanza of holiday package deals by Travanya, you can now escape the everyday hustle and experience exciting water sports and adventurous activities in line with your budget. So just make one hell of memory by calling us or joining our live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which beaches are close to Goa Airport?

Answer: Bogmalo Beach, Hollant Beach, Hansa Beach and Baina Beach are the closest to the airport.

Q. Is Goa safe for female travellers?

Answer: Goa is one of the safest places in India for females to travel solo. Plus, there are no such restrictions in Goa on females for clothes. You can wear anything from bikinis to long skirts.

Q. How to book cheap yet the best goa tour packages?

Answer: Get your Goa tour packages 6 nights 7 days customised with Travanya. Our travel agents make sure to offer you Goa packages according to your needs and help you choose the best that meet your requirements.

Q. Which is the best Casino in Goa?

Answer: Deltin Royale and Big Daddy Jetty are the most popular casinos in Goa. It is Asia’s largest gaming and entertainment destination and is the only place in India where gambling is legal.

Q. Which are the best romantic beaches of Goa?

Answer: Goa is the ultimate tourist destination for couples to create everlasting memories. Some of the romantically stunning beaches of Goa are Calangute Beach, Mandrem Beach, Miramar Beach, Coco Beach and Butterfly beach.

Q: Which are the most peaceful forts of Goa with less crowd?

Answer: Aguada Fort, Cabo De Rama Fort, Reis Mago Fort are some of the most peaceful forts of North and South Goa.

Q. Is there an Uber in Goa?

Answer: Uber and Ola are not available in Goa. However, passengers can take a taxi via Goa Miles. Most tourists in Goa prefer renting a scooter, bike or jeep to get around the city.

Q. From where can I grab budget-friendly meals in Goa?

Answer: There are plenty of modest eateries available starting from just INR 150 per person. You may easily find affordable fish thali, gaon cuisine or biryani during your stay in Goa.

Q. How can I visit Goa by train?

Answer: Visiting Goa by Train is one of the cheapest options. There are a plethora of train options available to Goa from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and so on. The minimum travel cost in trains per person starts from INR 350.

Q: What can I do in Goa in 4 days?

Answer: Goa is full of adventure, culture and sightseeing. The city has 45 beaches and 11 beautiful forts in total, which might take you more than 10 days to explore to the fullest. However, you can get your Goa new year holiday packages including the popular beaches, forts, and famous churches to cover in 4 days.

Q: How tourists in Goa can hire a bike or scooter for a day?

Answer: You can find a number of rental services that will allow bike rentals or jeep rentals in Goa at an affordable price. The per-day charge for bike rental starts from INR 550.


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