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Pune To Delhi Flights

Book Your Cheap Pune To Delhi Flights

Are you looking for cheap Pune to Delhi flight tickets? Luckily, we have tons of options and amazing deals for you to choose from. We offer excellent value for money, so browse through them and book your Pune to Delhi flight tickets. We also provide excellent customer service, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Pune to Delhi cheap air tickets.

The travel professionals at Travanya ensure to meet the clients’ needs by highlighting the most cost-effective flight within budget or the most deluxe category. At the most reasonable prices, they cover hundreds of travel destinations worldwide. You can search with us for direct flights from Pune to Delhi and Delhi to Pune flight back or contact our experts for guidance on booking the cheapest deals.

Airlines Operating From Pune To Delhi

Between Pune and Delhi, all of the country’s leading airlines offer connecting flights. Pune to Delhi has an average of 90+ flights each week. SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air India, GoAir, AirAsia India, Vistara Airlines, and JetLite are among the top airlines that fly from Delhi to Pune.

Time & Airfare From PNQ To DEL

On average Pune to Delhi flights cost around INR 2,573. Direct flights usually take 2 to 3 hours to reach Delhi. However, the fight duration for a connecting flight can vary from 5 to 8 hours. During low season months, airlines typically offer cheaper fares for domestic flights coming to Delhi.

Best Month To Book Cheap Flights From Pune To Delhi

To secure a lower-than-average price, the right time to book flights from Pune is at least 2 weeks before departure. August, December, and January are considered the high season. September is the cheapest month to fly. Booking flight tickets during the offseason allows you to take advantage of the most fantastic weather and low-cost flights. Accommodation is also comparatively cheaper during the off-season. You can also reserve Pune To Delhi flight during the month of January to enjoy the zest in places around and sparky people celebrating Lohri Festival.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

Rs 3999 (June)

Pune to Delhi Distance

1173 KM

Pune to Delhi Flight Time

2 hour

Cheapest Airlines

SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air India, GoAir, AirAsia India, Vistara Airlines, and JetLite

Departure Airport

Pune International Airport (PNQ)

Arrival Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

 Pune Airport Information

Airport Pune International Airport


Address New Airport Rd, Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032

 Delhi Airport Information

Airport Indira Gandhi International Airport


Address Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Tips To Find Pune To Delhi Cheap Flights

  • Avoiding direct flights and being flexible with your schedule can help you save a lot of money. Direct flights from Pune to Delhi are comparatively more expensive than flights with stops.
  • Using the incognito mode in Google Chrome, keep an eye out for inexpensive flights from Pune to Delhi and book them as soon as the price drops.
  • Compare and buy techniques might help you find Delhi holiday packages and low-cost direct flights from Delhi to Pune. Compare tickets from major airlines such as AirAsia, Spicejet, and Air India, which offer frequent bargains on flights to Delhi from Pune.
  • Compared to an evening trip, taking an early morning PNQ to DEL flights can save you up to 9% on your airfare.
  • Weekdays are seen to be the most cost-effective travel days. Acquiring flight tickets from Pune to Delhi on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will help you save money on your direct journey from Pune to Delhi.

About Delhi

Delhi is India’s beautiful national capital for all the right reasons. Delhi is the heartland of all major activities in India be it republic day parades or national-level exhibitions on arts, literature or technology. So, you can understand why Delhi is quintessential in representing Indian diversity. This diversity is also reflected in its tourism as people from different castes, religions, and cultures visit Delhi each year. Since ancient times, Delhi has functioned as an important cultural hub of the country since the time of the Pandavas. Even today, it continues to do so by acting as an exposition of India’s history. 

Travelling in Delhi isn’t just about history; it’s also about bringing the past and present together. Delhi is a unique city and has preserved its rich cultural heritage by mixing its ancient and modern elements. The coexistence of all religions and spiritual centres of many faiths in peace is a tribute to the unity in diversity. Delhi has a wide range of tourist attractions that cannot be covered in just a single day. Delhi is filled with many historical monuments, museums, and national archives, best-reviewed Delhi hotels, shrines, and places of worship where people still gather to offer their prayers and modern-day markets with high-tech products. Exploring the city is like visiting a miniature India, with Delhi Tourism reflecting India’s rich culture. So, check flight tickets to Delhi today.

Top 4 Things To Do In Delhi

  • Visits to local markets such as Sarojini Nagar, and Sadar Bazar. 
  • Delhi’s Chandni Chowk’s street food would be an array of flavours in your mouth. If you’re missing home, there are a multitude of restaurants to select from. You name the dish, and Delhi will prepare it for you.
  • Religious sightseeing tours with religious institutions of various religions are also available in the city. 
  • Delhi’s nightlife acquaints you with the city’s true beauty; with vacant streets and bustling people in bars and clubs, the city appears more beautiful. So grab your cheap flight tickets from Pune to Delhi right now and enjoy all of those.

Transportation Facilities In Delhi

Delhi is heavily reliant on its transportation infrastructure. With the launch of the Delhi Metro, the city aims to establish a highly efficient public transportation system. Buses, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis, Cycle-rickshaws, Ring Railway, and Highways are also transportation facilities available in Delhi.

Enjoy Discounted Deals On PNQ-DEL Flights With Travanya

With a simple phone call, Travanya can bring you the most excellent and cheapest vacation packages. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious weekend with your lover or a budget-friendly Pune to Delhi cheap flight with your pals, Travanya will go above and beyond to ensure that your trip is one to remember. We are experts in offering cheap domestic flights in India and we would be more than happy to help you book the most inexpensive tour packages possible.

Travanya’s call-only offer might redeem you up to 12% on airline tickets from Pune to Delhi. Travanya will book you a good flight even if you need to fly at the last minute. We have discounts for everyone that will save you money on airline tickets. So call us on +91-800-023-5865 and catch cheap flights right away with us.

Status of Flights Flying from Pune to Delhi 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: New Delhi is a relatively secure city to visit, but visitors should be aware of potential dangers and take a few precautions. With a population of approximately 12 million people, New Delhi is a large metropolis.

Answer: To complete Go Air web check-in for Pune To Delhi flight, passengers must go to the airline’s website and process web check-in from anywhere.

Answer: Yes, visiting Delhi is safe; however, there will be additional entrance requirements like thermal screening and two or more temperature checks before departure, as well as a PCR covid negative result and personal information is mandatory on check-in.

Answer: Connecting flights can take somewhere between 5 hours 35 minutes to 10 hours 30 minutes depending on the number of stoppages.

Answer: No, covid tests are no longer mandatory. However, there are thermal checks at the airport and if you show any symptoms you might be questioned further.

Answer: SpiceJet, Indigo, Air India, GoAir, AirAsia India, Vistara are some of the popular airlines that offer cheap flights from Delhi to Pune.