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About Singapore Changi Airport

The country Singapore has a unique culture and way of life. No matter if you are looking to travel for work or leisure, you must ensure that the flight booking process is seamless. Choosing the best travel agency will assist you in getting the most amazing discount offers on Singapore airport flights or return tickets to Singapore.

Nearly 171 international arrivals take place at SIN airport. The international flights arrive at Singapore Airport from 48 different cities across the globe. The first international flight arrives at 11:20 p.m., and the last flight arrives at 10:35 a.m.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminals

There are 4 SIN airport terminals: Terminal 1, 2, 3, and 4. All the terminals are scattered in an inverted U-Shape and have 6 boarding gates.

The Changi Airport is among the busiest airports worldwide and among the biggest aviation centres in Asia. This is all because of the 4 terminals as they have a yearly capacity of handling about 85 million passengers.

Arrivals & Departures at Singapore Changi Airport

  1. Terminal 1: Singapore Changi Airport terminal 1 is the oldest and the major terminal of the airport. T1 is also the busiest terminal as it hosts international arrivals and departures from/to anywhere.
  2. Terminal 2: Nearby T1, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 operates international flights to Southeast AsiaMiddle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa. Terminal 2 of the Changi Airport is also an entertainment centre, giving an extensive range of attractions to the public.
  3. Terminal 3: Changi Terminal 3 serves flights to many South American, European, Oceanic, North American, and East Asian countries. Also, it’s the major terminal for Singapore Airlines.
  4. Terminal 4: This terminal of the Changi Airport serves cheap airline flights and domestic services. It is also houses boarding gates G and H.

Services Offered By Singapore Changi Airport

Transportation Options Available From Singapore Changi Airport

At the Singapore Changi Airport, you might encounter a number of transportation options. Buses, trains, and taxis are some best means of transports you can utilize to get around the city.

  1. Bus: You can take a bus from stops at the basement bus bays of T 1, T2, and T3. You can take buses of numbers 27, 36, 110, 24, 34, 53, and 858.
  2. Train: To reach the main centre, you can also take a train to Tanah Merah MRT Station from Changi Airport MRT Station. The first train from Changi Airport MRT Station to Tanah Merah MRT Station arrives at 5:31 a.m.
  3. Taxi: You can find taxi services at the arrival sections of T1 and T3 of the SIN airport. A taxi can take you to the city in just 30 minutes, costing somewhere around 20 to 40 Singaporean Dollars.

Car Parking Facility at the SIN Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport parking of T1 has a capacity for over 850 motor vehicles and for 100 two-wheelers. The general parking fare is only 0.04 Singaporean Dollars per minute. The parking facility of T2 has a capacity of holding 2300 motor vehicles and 600 two-wheelers. The charge for 24 hours parking at this terminal is 57.60 Singaporean Dollars. 

The vehicle parking at T3 has a parking space for more than 1600 vehicles and 130 moto cycles under the building of the terminal. Here also the parking fare is 0.04 Singaporean Dollars per minute.

Facts about the Singapore Changi Airport

Top Airlines Connected With the Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is owned by Changi Airport group. It is also the main hub for Singapore Airlines, Jetstar Asia Airways, Jett8 Airlines, SilkAir, and Singapore Airlines Cargo.

The top aircraft carriers with non-stop flights connecting SIN airport from India include Indigo, Singapore Airlines, and Air India. Other carriers serving flights to/from SIN Intl Airport include Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air Mauritius, Etihad Airways, and Turkish Airlines.

Flight Status of the Airlines Flying From/To Singapore Changi Airport

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Singapore Changi Airport Contact Information

Connect with the SIN airport customer care or our travel agency to get more information on flight timings, airlines, etc. To get connected with them, call on the Singapore airport contact number, which is +65 6595 6868. You can also drop a mail at enquiry@changiairport.com.

Call us at +91 8000235865 for all the details related to flight arrivals, departures, and cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Singapore Airport address?

Answer: The Singapore airport is located in the Changi district, at the east of the country, nearly 24 km from downtown.

Q: What is SIN?

Answer: SIN is the abbreviation for Singapore Changi Airport.

Q: How many airports are there in Singapore?

Answer: There are two airports in Singapore: Singapore Changi Airport, and Seletar Airport.

Q: How many runways does Singapore Changi Airport has?

Answer: The Sin Airport is comprised of three runways.

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