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Airports – An Overview 

Airports connect cities and people from all over the world. From incredible infrastructure to first-class amenities, airports have made our lives easier and more comfortable. Just within a couple of hours, one can reach one’s family from one city/country to another. Some airports are known for their magnificent facilities with majestic locations while some are famous for their architecture and jaw-dropping design. 

There are no second thoughts about how heartwarming the feeling of being at airports and catching flights is. The vibe of clicking selfies with the boarding pass, checking-in luggage, putting up status, and likewise is unmatched. Whether it is an Indian airport or an international airport, the charm is more or less the same for wanderlust souls. Travanya, an all-encompassing travel portal for flights and holiday packages, has tried consolidating information about airports, both in India and abroad.

Airports in India 

No matter how beautiful your destination is, an uncomfortable and distressing journey will mess your mind like anything. Fortunately, India has some well-maintained and stunning airports that ensure you reach your destination with peace of mind. 

India comprises 103 domestic airports, 34 international airports, 10 custom airports and others including flying schools, military bases and so on. Each airport has its own set of facilities to offer to its travellers. Right from careful check-ins to safety departures, the Indian aviation industry has extensively upgraded itself. 

Domestic Airport

List Of Top Airports In India

India has some great airports in all the major cities to save your time and to help you reach your destination at the earliest. With 103 domestic airports, it has managed to reserve its seat in the list of the world’s best 100 airports. The buildings are fully air-conditioned with beautiful architecture, free internet services, remarkable hygiene, comfortable lounges, easy check-ins, branded retail outlets, dining facilities, and whatnot. Thus, for any travel plans, you can check your flights from these airports for a comfortable trip.

International Airports 

Be it professional airport staff, hassle-free check-ins, beautiful lounges, stunning buildings or the largest runaways, International airports have won several awards and have ranked in the top 10 global list. So wherever you are, ditch your search for the best international airports because we have it right here for you. 

List Of Top International Airports

We all have, at least once, gone through the pictures of an airport online and wished to be there. As humans, we are all bound by the instincts to travel and explore. Here is a ready reckoner for you to know which airports are the best in terms of facilities, cleanliness, policies, and more. 

International Airport

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