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About Mangalore International Airport, IXE

Mangalore International Airport or IXE airport is only 7 kilometres from the city centre. It started operations in the year 1951, following its inauguration by Jawaharlal Nehru. It lies on the tip of a hill and is the first airport with two tabletop runways. The first passenger flights from IXE were bound to just two cities: Bangalore and Mumbai.

The Mangalore Airport has undergone great modifications and restorations in the year 2000. This aided in launching new aircraft and travel destinations to the airport. The airport started its international operations in 2006, and the first international flight was operated to Dubai by Air India Express airline.

Mangalore Airport Terminals

The IXE airport in Mangalore now has a new integrated terminal for both domestic and international Mangalore flight arrivals and departures. This Mangalore airport terminal 2 was inaugurated in the year 2010. It can handle more than 500 passengers on-peak hours. The Mangalore airport terminal 1 has been serving chartered non-stop flights to Saudi Arabia, Medina for Hajj pilgrims, since the year 2011.

Arrivals & Departures at Mangalore Airport

The Mangalore International Airport currently holds terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

  1. Terminal 1: Terminal 1 of the Mangalore Airport is meant for IXE flight departures and arrivals. It serves major cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Surat, and Bangalore. The carriers operating the domestic flights from Mangalore Airport terminal 1 include Spicejet, Air India, and Go First.
  2. Terminal 2: This terminal is next to the old airport, and it handles international arrivals and departures. Mangalore Intl Airport terminal 2 serves flight services to cities in the Middle East. The airline operating international flights from Mangalore Airport is Air India Express.

Services Offered By Mangalore Airport

You can get access to all these services as you arrive at the Mangalore IXE Airport:

  1. Currency exchange
  2. ATMs
  3. Child care services
  4. Postal services
  5. Duty-free shops
  6. Luggage wrapping
  7. Drinking water
  8. Newspaper and magazine store
  9. Shops and restaurants
  10. Medical services
  11. Information desk
  12. Free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes

Transportation Options Available at Mangalore Airport

At the Mangalore International Airport, there are several modes of transportation you can choose to get around the main centre of the city. These include:

  1. Taxi: You can hire a taxi outside the airport to get to downtown Mangalore in just 15 minutes.
  2. Bus service: Buses aren’t readily available at the IXE Airport, but there are some major bus stands near airport. KSRTC Bus Station is only 20 KM from IXE Airport.
  3. Car rental: Rent a car at the Mangalore IXE Airport to get around and explore the city with ease.

Car Parking Facility at the Mangalore Airport

The Mangalore airport parking facility is comprised of over 200 vehicle parking spaces. You can get to the parking easily as it is very close to the airport passenger terminal. For cars, the parking fee is 55 INR, whereas, for other vehicles, the charges vary from 60 to 70 INR.

Facts about Mangalore International Airport

  1. Mangalore IXE Airport is among the two international airports in the state of Karnataka.
  2. This airport is the 2nd busiest airport in the Karnataka state.
  3. The elevation of the Mangalore Airport is 103 metres, which is about 337 feet.
  4. The Mangalore Airport commenced its international operation with Air India Express in the year 2006.
  5. In the year 2011-2012, the Mangalore IXE Airport earned a revenue of 42.64 Crores.
  6. The Mangalore Airport handled about 1.02 million passengers with 11940 operations.
  7. The length of both the runways: (09/27) and (06/24) is 1615 metres, and 2450 metres, respectively.

Top Airlines Connected With Mangalore Airport

The IXE Airport in Mangalore serves domestic flights to many major cities of India, including many cities outside India. The most prominent aircraft carriers for Mangalore departures/arrivals are Air India, Spicejet, and Go First. These carriers offer flight services to cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Vishakhapatnam, and Mumbai. Currently, the aircraft carrier offering Mangalore international flights airport arrivals is Air India Express Airline. It connects the Mangalore IXE Airport with Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Kuwait. Go to the Air India Express official site to check the Mangalore flight status departures and arrivals.

Flight Status of the Airlines Flying From/To IXE

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Here, you can even find all the related information about flight delays in Mangalore and Mangalore flight cancellations.


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Nearby Airports To Mangalore

  1. Mangalore International Airport (IXE), 4 KM away
  2. Mysore Airport (MYQ), 209 KM away
  3. Kannur International Airport (CNN), 134 KM
  4. Hubli Airport (HBX), 273 KM
  5. Calicut International Airport (CCJ), 230 KM away

Mangalore Airport Contact Information

Call the airport officials on the Mangalore airport contact number: 063588 59896 to get all the relevant details on terminal 1 arrivals, and Mangalore flight delays. To give a response or feedback, you can mail on feedback.ixe@adani.com.

Contact our travel agency or get connected to us at +91 8000235865 for further info and have a seamless flight booking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is IXE?

Answer: IXE is the airport code for the Mangalore International Airport.

Q: How many international Mangalore airport flights operate from IXE Airport?

Answer: There are 19 international flights operating from Mangalore Intl Airport.

Q: Where is IXE Airport located?

Answer: The IXE Airport is situated at a distance of 7 Kilometres from the centre of the city. The Mangalore Airport address is Bajpe Main Rd, Kenjar HC, Mangalore, Karnataka 574142.

Q: How many terminals are there at IXE airport?

Answer: There are 2 terminals at Mangalore IXE Airport.

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