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Goa Tourism

About Goa Tourism 

From “Dil Chahta Hai” to “Dear Zindagi”, Goa is India’s one of the trendiest tourist destinations ranking the bucket lists of both Indians and foreign tourists. The alluring land of Goa marks purity and serenity with pristine beaches, incredible forts, stunning churches and mesmerizing waterfalls. From earning its independence from the Portuguese to rising grounds with its hippie culture, today Goa tourism has earned a legendary reputation. With a strong history and tons of places to visit, holidaying in Goa is the best thing to do. The blend of vibrant architecture and rich culture together makes it one of the best Indian destinations to explore. 

Goa tourism focuses on manifesting its history and preserving some iconic landmarks for the future. Goan architecture is an amalgamation of Portuguese-style mansions, artistic streets, and coloured doors and windows. Plus, the development of transportation facilities makes it super easy to get in and around the city. Travanya brings you budget-friendly Goa tour packages where you can rejoice in your romantic moments and spend some quality time away from all the daily fuss. Every traveller is different and our custom tour specialist will work with you to create a trip that fits you. Goa is all about beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and fabulous seafood, leaving a soothing experience for life.

Goa Quick Overview

Official Language Of Goa:


Capital Of Goa:

Panaji aka Panjim

Goa Region:

North Goa, South Goa, and Central Goa

Geographical Area & Population:

3,702 km² (1,429 square miles)

Total Districts In Goa:

North Goa and South Goa

State Animal Of Goa:

Indian Bison aka Gaur

State Bird Of Goa:

Rubigula Gularis

State Fish Of Goa:

Mullet aka Shevtto in Konkani

State Tree Of Goa:

Matti (Terminalia Elliptica)

Major Tourist Attractions In Goa:

Baga Beach, Aguada Fort, Calangute Beach, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Basilica of Bom Jesus.

Best Known For:

Exquisite beaches, delicious seafood, water sport activities, cheap booze, historical forts and churches

Currency In Goa:

The Indian Rupee (INR)

Goa Time Zone:

India Standard Time (GMT+5:30)

Things You Must Know Before You Visit Goa

  • Pick the Region: North Goa or South Goa: Travellers usually get confused when it comes to starting their trip in Goa between North and South Goa. To break the ice, North Goa is ideal for party lovers and water sports enthusiasts while South Goa is peaceful with less crowd and more clean beaches. 
  • Decide What To Eat: Goa has some of the best restaurants, cafes and beach shacks to taste good food at affordable prices. Try authentic Goa delicacies such as Pork Vindaloo, Goan rice with fish curry, and a potpourri of flavours. Local spices and coconut milk are the primary ingredients of Goan cuisine. 
  • Do Not Drink At The “No Alcohol Consumption Zone”: Goa does offer cheap booze and freedom but there still are “No Alcohol Consumption Zones” where one can be fined if one gets caught. Drinking alcohol in public areas in Goa can land you with a fine of INR 10,000 or most probably in jail in case of any nuisance or environmental degradation. 
  • Know The Affordable Hotel Options: Goa is loaded with affordable hotel options near beaches and in Central Goa. You can even find cute little cottages to stay at the beaches which would not cost you more than INR 1,200 per night. Choose from the plethora of options to stay in Goa and get your hotel bookings done in advance. 
  • Know What To Pack: The temperature in Goa varies from hot and humid to mild warm, and it is super necessary to pack all your summer essentials and clothes. Do not forget to pack a summer hat, sunscreen, flip flops, identity proofs, sunglasses, first aid kit, light cotton tees, shorts, face mask, and sanitisers. 

Discover More About Goa


Goa is the best place for a budgetary escape to the tropical world. Even if you are rigid about your spending plan, you can still enjoy the most of it while savouring the rich cuisines of Goa. The average price of hotels per night starts from INR 900 in Goa and can rise up to as much as you want. With getting flights to Goa booked with local carriers reserving hotels in mid-range and eating at cheap eateries, you can go with a budget of around INR 15,550 per head. However, the budget also depends on an individual’s choice and the number of adventure activities the one wants to indulge in. 

History Of Goa

The history of Goa is complex yet interesting. Goa gained freedom from Portuguese rule in 1961 after 450 years of servileness. The Portuguese arrived in the region of present-day Goa around 1510. They were attracted by its strategic location and abundant natural resources, such as timber for shipbuilding and iron ore from nearby mines. In 1660, Portugal was defeated by Dutch forces at the Battle of Colleague during their war against Spain. This resulted in a loss of territory to Holland including what is now known as Goa. After this defeat, King John IV decided to relocate his capital from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He also ordered that all Portuguese possessions be reorganized into one single colony under the name “Colony of India”. Thus, on 1 December 1763, Goa became part of the new Colony of Bombay. It remained so until 1961 when it reverted back to independent statehood within the Union of India. 

Beaches Of Goa

High tides, blue waters, and good vibes, the beaches of Goa have something for everyone and offer a variety of water sports and activities to choose from. Whether you want to relax in the sun, savour snacks at the beach shack or try some water rides with your group, Goa has got you covered. This alluring tropical land hugs the coastline of around 160 km which is further divided into several small islands and many popular beaches. The Goa beaches are public and free for all to relax and enjoy. The weather is beautiful year-round with lots of sunshine, sparkling palm trees and crystal-clear waters. This state is all about the love for beaches and the rawness of mother nature. 

Temples In Goa

Goa is undoubtedly popular due to its free lifestyle, and ravishing parties but there’s much more beyond Goa’s beaches and vibrant nightlife. Temples in Goa have a great impact on the culture of Goa, binding nature and reflecting purity. From classic architecture to religious eminence, the temples of this beautiful state is filled with love, history, and culture. Not many know that Goa is blessed with some of the oldest temples in India with the finest art and architecture. Most temples have been preserved since the Maratha ruler times with some being renovated with modern designs and art. The temples in Goa are open to all and both Indians and foreigners prefer visiting these beautiful temples to feel positivity and love for god.   

Waterfalls In Goa

Goa is synonymous with magical nature. The waterfalls near Goa are usually less explored by the tourists but once you dive onto the ride to this waterfall glory, you’ll be left expressionless. The stunning beauty of waterfalls in Goa will amaze you with the lush green surroundings looking like pure milk flowing down from the mountains. The most popular of all is the Dudhsagar Waterfall which is amongst India’s tallest waterfalls. It looks like a sea of milk as the water is pure white in colour, bounded by the green nature of Western Ghats. Goa’s list of waterfalls is surely going to make one’s trip interesting and adventurous. Let the blissful sounds of mother nature take you to the land where you can find your inner self. 

Forts in Goa

The aesthetic and historic forts of this tropical state unlock the other side of Goa. If you and your friends are adventurous and looking for something interesting to explore, look no further. People with different perspectives usually visit forts in Goa to indulge in nature and see the sights of the sea from the top. The majority of Goa forts are either built by the Mughals or Portuguese rulers to guard the territory against looters and attackers. Each fort of Goa is surrounded by beautiful views of rivers and the Arabian Sea. Remember “Dil Chahta Hai”? A Bollywood film was shot back at Goa in Chapora Fort in 2001. This Dil Chahta Hai fort is located in North Goa where you can witness the sunset with the breezing air coming from the sea and touching the face after a hectic trek to the fort. 

Churches in Goa

Being a Portugese city, the Churches in Goa are a sight worth pondering. Standing tall as the prestige of its glorious past, you can explore them inside out and have a better understanding of the culture and history alike. Right outside the famous churches are souvenir shops wherefrom you can buy little something for your friends and family. If you are planning a Goa trip, including a visit to a church is a must. You could explore Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, or Church of Our Lady of the Mount if you want a bustling sight. However, if you want a quiet church, St. Diogo’s Church and St Alex Church would fit the requirement well.

Culture Of Goa 

Being invincibly influenced by the West, the people of Goa always had a modern outlook. From preserving the rich history to adopting the contemporary mindset, Goans have saved the best of both worlds. A lively and vibrant state, Goa sees a blend of different customs like Hindu, Muslims, Christians, and Catholics that happily live together with good understanding and peace. The people of Goa celebrate all major festivals without any religious limitations or barriers. The Goans are polite, helpful and fun-loving people who live up to the moments and respect every religion. Despite being the fourth-smallest state in India by population, Goa is full of love and good vibes.

Restaurants & Local Foods In Goa

Goa offers a blend of different cuisines like Seafood, Konkani, Catholic, North Indian, South Indian, and Portuguese. Most dishes in Goa are fused with the taste of coconuts and local spices incorporation with pork, meat, rice, shark, tuna, pomfret, and much more. Some of the popular Goan dishes include Chicken Cafreal, Xacuti, Goan Pork Vindaloo, Shark Ambot Tik, Sorpotel, Feijoada, Samarachi Kodi, Prawns Xeque, and much more. Add to that the traditional Goan desserts that are found here are sure to spoil for choices. Some of the top restaurants in Goa let you savour some amazing desserts like Bebinca, Kidiyo, Kokad, Perad, Pataleo, Nevri and Bolo De Rulao. 

5 Interesting Facts About Goa 

·        Goa is home to over 400 species of birds with the flame-throated bulbul aka Rubigula Gularis being the state bird. This blackhead and yellow-coloured species come from the class of Bulbul family.

  • The tropical state Goa is bounded by three regions – North Goa, South Goa, and Central Goa with its own array of landmarks and attractions. North Goa and South Goa are two districts of Goa, headquartered in Panaji and Margao respectively. The state is further divided into 12 tehsils/talukas. 
  • Goa has two independence days celebrated on 15th August and 19th December. With the national independence, they celebrate the state independence too when Goa got freedom from Portugal.   
  • Goa spots around 53 species of marine fishes with Mullet aka Shevtto as Goa’s state fish. This striped grey fish comes from the class of Mugilidae family and is also quite popular around the globe. 
  • Goa ranks #1 with the highest per capita income in India followed by Sikkim and Delhi. This aesthetic land is also ranked one of the bests in terms of infrastructure and natural beauty. This state indeed lies at the beautiful Mandovi River and is dotted with Goan-Portuguese villas and cobblestone streets.

Best Time To Visit Goa

Goa has blissful weather all year round with an average temperature clocking between 23 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. October to March is considered the best to visit this exotic state. The weather during this time feels nice and warm plus it’s all about once in a lifetime experience with all the memorable happiness with your family or friends. Beyond beaches, the beauty of the wrecked abandoned houses, aesthetic cargoes, and exploring the serenity of Grand Island is always a good idea to explore during this time. The weather from October to March is also perfect to walk through flea markets and see the sights of well-preserved Goa forts. 

Best Way To Reach Goa

Want to know how to reach Goa via air? Book a flight from your city to Goa international airport which is just 28 km away from the capital of Goa. Domestic airlines like IndiGo, AirIndia, AirAsia India, Jet Airways and SpiceJet are regularly available from Mumbai and other major cities. However, you can travel to Goa via train as well. Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon are the two major railway stations operational in Goa. You can book a train ticket from Mumbai Railway Station to Madgaon station and Vasco Da Gama station. You may also find more than 40 trains daily to Goa from Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. 

Commuting Within Goa

While private taxis, local buses, and auto-rickshaws are widely available, one can opt for renting scooters and jeeps to get the local flavour of Goa at their own contemporary pace. If you want to move from one Goa region to another, you can use ferries or cruise as well. Goa gives you the freedom to discover every corner inside and out at economical transportation prices. 

Why Goa With Us?

Goa is incomparable! Goa’s captivating environment and welcoming culture make it a perfect destination to spend vacations. Travanya’s travel experts will curate a package according to your needs and budget. Heal yourself with a soulful experience to the tropical land with us, our seamless tour and flight booking process can land you some amazing discounts and offers. Travanya being a licensed travel agency specializes in arranging group travel, honeymoon packages, solo travel, business trips and much more with hassle-free accommodations. 

Our span of deals and Goa tourism tour packages cover the best of landmarks to visit and activities to indulge in. The customer support at Travanya is available 24 hours a week to assist you with the best options to choose from. We ultimately believe in transparency of process and making travel easier for our customers. Thus, we do not add on any hidden costs or extra tax at the time of booking checkout. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The Goa Carnival includes revellers wearing masks, dancing troupes, thrilling music which is usually performed live. The ambience gets crazy and mesmerizing nature works as a cherry on the cake.

Answer: South Goa is mostly known for its watersports and exploring the charm of the Arabian Sea in the Cruise. Head over to Palolem Beach and get the cruise booked.

Answer: Indian Bison aka Gaur is the state animal of Goa which can be spotted in the wildlife sanctuaries or wild areas of Goa.

Answer: Travelling via cruise might sound time-consuming but it is one of the most relaxing modes of transport. Cruise ships named Cordelia cruise, Angriya cruise and Jalesh cruise will board you from Mumbai to Goa.

Answer: The best time to plan your Goa honeymoon is between October to March when the crowd is happening and the evening horizon leaves you spellbound.

Answer: Monsoon in Goa generally starts in July and ends in September with green luscious trees rolling on the beats of wind, aesthetic clouds, and wet roads.

Answer: Matti, also known as Terminalia Elliptica is the official state tree of Goa and is most popular due to its water storage capacity. It is also nicknamed “Matti Mara” by Goans.

Answer: Some of the many hotels that are nearby to Goa International airport include The Hosteller Goa, IORA Baga Beach, Silver Sands Hideaway, and the Blue Cabana.

Answer: Airlines like Jet Airways, GoAir, IndiGo, Spice Jet, Vistara, Air India and Air Asia have daily flights operating to Goa.

Answer: Around 7 languages including English, Konkani, Marathi, Kannad, Hindi, Portuguese, and Urdu are mostly spoken in Goa.