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Mesmerising and Stunning Waterfalls To Explore in Goa

Goa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India is well known for its beaches, historical monuments and temples. But Goa also offers a glimpse of some mesmerizing and stunning waterfalls to visit. Waterfalls are among the most beautiful and awe-inspiring natural wonders in Goa. Whether it is the grace with which they drop from great heights or their tranquil ambience, waterfalls seem to have a special magic about them.

Some of these waterfalls are located in Goa’s Western Ghats mountain ranges which are fed by abundant rainwater during the monsoon season and can be enjoyed even during the dry summer season. Hidden in the lush greenery, they offer cool water that will refresh any weary soul.

The state has many waterfalls ranging from nature’s milky Dudhsagar Falls to the gorgeous Tambadi Surla Waterfalls and a pair of beautiful waterfalls located in Borim which attracts many tourists every year. These natural wonders look like a miracle in the form of water and make memories mesmerizing.

Explore some of the most picturesque waterfalls in Goa, aiming to take you on a journey through some of the most spectacular scenery.

One of the most beautiful natural wonders in India – Bamanbudo Waterfall offers breathtaking views. Even one dip in its refreshing waters will give you memories of a lifetime. Do visit if you are inclined towards beauty in its natural form. 

If you crave to have a fish spa in Goa, Bhupar Waterfall is where you can have it. You can reach this place either from canacona or from Netravali – whichever is closest to your destination. It will take 1.5-2 hours to reach. 

Among the many hidden gems in Goa, Charavane Waterfall is the one that not many tourists know about. Thus, it passes off as an offbeat destination. Located in a small village, this waterfall has all the rustic feels. 

Known as the Sea of Milk, Dudhsagar Waterfall is the fifth tallest waterfall in India. It is four-tiered and appears to be a heaven on earth. The towering heights, larger-than-life rocks, and greenery around is a sight to behold. 

When you take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by visiting Goa, do pay a visit to Harvalem Waterfall. It is the second-most famous waterfall in Goa after Dudhsagar. Also known as Arvalem, it is located in Sanquelim. 

The journey to the Hivre Waterfall is a mesmerising one. You’ll pass dense forests, experience adventure, and witness the wind gushing through your face. For all this and more, pay a visit to this waterfall. 

What makes Kesarval waterfall special is that the water here is known to have medicinal properties. Some locals even consider it as a natural spa. While it neither the tallest nor the most renowned, it is well known among people. 

A seasonal monsoon attraction of Goa, Kuskem Waterfall is where you can relax in peace since not many know about it. So, if you plan to visit Goa during monsoons and want an offbeat destination, this is it.

Situated inside the Netravali Sanctuary, the beauty of Mainapi Waterfall is sure to take your breath away. To reach this beautiful waterfall, one has to walk a bumpy terrain (trek) for about 5 kms. 

Located 2 km from the Mainapi Waterfalls is the Netravali Waterfalls. It lies inside the Netravali Wildlife and offers stunning views of the beauty around. The magnanimous trees around are a respite from the summer heat of Goa. 

The calming beauty of Pali Waterfall is a great spot for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure seekers. Take a dip in the waters or sit by the waterfall to read a book – whatever you do is sure to leave you stunned. 

Along with the Tambdi Surla Temple – one of Goa’s oldest temples, lies the Surla Waterfall. Like many others, this waterfall also has tourists during the monsoon season. Visiting this place will give you access to many offbeat destinations. 

Located in a small village in Goa, Twin Waterfall is true to its name. This is because when the stream reaches the edge of the cliff, it splits into two. And because both the streams look exactly the same, they are called twin waterfalls.