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One Way Flights

Travel Deals On One-Way Flights

One-way flights mean travelling one-way without a return ticket. One-way tickets are usually booked by the passengers who are going for a long trip with uncertain return dates or moving to a new place. Also, they might have planned other modes of travel on return via train, bus or boat. 

It’s a myth that one-way travel is always expensive. Booking the same day flight with Travanya can help you grab some last-minute discounts and one-way flight ticket deals. Whether it’s an emergency in your hometown or a sudden business meeting comes up, one-way flights are always the solution. 

Tips To Get Cheap One-Way Flights

  • To save on your one-way travel, always prefer an economic airline also known as Low-cost carriers as they have relatively cheaper airfares and useful airline deals.  
  • Search for solo tickets even if you have a company along. Most of the airlines raise their prices on multiple tickets. For example, you are searching for two one-way flights where 1 ticket is available for INR 10,000 and another for INR 15,000, but the results will show INR 15,000 for both the tickets. 
  • If there is no emergency and you can be flexible with your travel date, try to book your one-way flight ticket during weekdays as the prices are relatively lower than weekends and holidays.  
  • Fly with a local airline or low-cost airline for cheap one-way flight tickets. Pick your destination, compare the prices and book the one with the lowest airfare. 
  • Travelling with smaller luggage can help you find cheap same day flights especially with low-cost airlines. Prices for bigger luggage can be really surprising and it would be best to travel light to save some bucks.  
  • Many credit card companies offer points and rewards that can be used on your emergency flight ticket. This hack can sometimes half the amount of your flight ticket.  

Why Choose Travanya For Travel Deals On One-Way Flights?

Whether you are looking for a luxurious escape in the mountains or simply want to pay a visit somewhere on priority, booking one-way flights with our website can help you find the most cost-efficient airfares. Travanya has a variety of travel deals that can be used for both planned and sudden travel such as one-way flight deals, call-only deals, festive deals, group deals, business class deals and last minute deals

Travanya knows its audience and always offers airfare deals that suit your budget and needs. The site has no hidden costs and features easy navigation with quick payment services. Travanya is solely based on customer satisfaction with huge discounts and the best services. So, call us now and seize the best flight prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: One-way flights can be expensive but not always. Sometimes two one-way flights from a low-cost airline can be cheaper than booking a round-trip. You can always get in touch with our travel agents to know about affordable flight prices in detail.

Answer: Yes, One-way flight tickets can be used for both domestic and international travel.

Answer: Call Travanya’s travel expert and avail the best flight deals to save on your one-way flight, even if your plan is unexpected and sudden.

Answer: As per the Indian aviation industry, the airfares are lowest in April and September. So you should try to book your air tickets for these months to reach your destination cheaply.