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About Dubai International Airport, DXB

Dubai International Airport catered about 86.4 million passengers in 2019, connecting over 240 locations within 6 continents on over 100 carriers. Dubai Intl Airport is dynamic and offers top-class services. This is also among the busiest airports worldwide.

While it was inaugurated in 1960, the DXB Airport has witnessed an annual progression of more than 13 percent in passenger numbers. Due to all these numbers, it’ll be appropriate to state that the DXB Airport is the fastest-growing airport globally.

Dubai International Airport Terminals

The DXB Airport is comprised of 3 terminals and 4 concourses. Dubai Airport Terminal 1 serves aircraft carriers like Lufthansa, British Airways, Saudi, and many more. Also, the airport metro connects the terminal 1 arrivals and terminal 1 departures.

Dubai airport terminal 2 serves comparatively low-cost aircraft carriers such as flyDubai and Air India Express. The T 3 of the DXB Airport is entirely for Emirates airlines. An elaborate underground rail system assists in connecting T 3 since it is the world’s 2nd largest structure on the grounds of floor space and the world’s biggest airport terminal. T1 and T2 are directly joined to the Dubai metro, as well. The DXB Airport is operated by the Dubai Airports Company; plus, it caters to as a centre for flyDubai and Emirates airlines

Arrivals & Departures at Dubai International Airport

For the passengers travelling to DXB Airport, it is vital to check the Dubai flight status arrivals and Dubai departures. Keeping a check on every info on Dubai flight arrivals/departures will help avoid any complications. Also, by doing this, you can receive further details about the terminals of DXB Airport.

  1. Terminal 1: Dubai Airport terminal 1 caters to over 60 international airlines operating within Dubai Airport. Also, it has a yearly capacity of handling over 20 million passengers and has only 1 concourse (Concourse D).
  2. Terminal 2: Dubai Airport terminal 2 was opened in the year 1998. It can accommodate more than 5 million passengers yearly. At the moment, it is under progression that once finished will extend its capacity.
  3. Terminal 3: Terminal 3 of DXB Airport is the major hub for Emirates airlines. It has a yearly capacity of 60 million passengers. Also, it is comprised of Concourse A, B, and C.

Services Offered By Dubai International Airport

Transportation Options Available From Dubai International Airport

Are you worried about commuting within the city after your flight to DXB Airport? Here are a few transportation options available in Dubai.

  1. Metro: This is the least expensive means of transport in Dubai. You just have to pay around 50 to 100 INR to get to the main part of the city.
  2. Taxi: Hiring a taxi in Dubai may cost about 700 to 800 INR to get around the city centre.
  3. SkyBus: The buses in Dubai charge nearly half the taxi fare that is about 350 INR, for taking you to the city centre.
  4. Uber: Uber cabs in Dubai are available, too. You can expect to pay an Uber cab of around 900 INR for a trip to the city centre.

Car Parking Facility at DXB Airport

For parking your vehicle at the DXB Airport for some hours or an entire day, you can use the Dubai Airport parking facility. The parking lot of terminal 1 has a parking space for more than 350 vehicles, and the charges are quite nominal. For 1 hour, the parking fee is 30 AED.

The car parking of T2 is only a few minutes away from the terminal building. The charges are 30 AED for 1 hour. For an entire day parking, the charges are 125 AED. The parking of T3 has a capacity of 1889 for vehicles with 3 levels, and it is just at a walking distance from the terminal.

Facts about the Dubai International Airport

Top Airlines Connected With Dubai International Airport

There are over 100 aircraft carriers operating from Dubai International Airport. The major carriers include Air India, Indigo, Lufthansa, Air China, British Airways, Pegasus, Air Canada, Air France, Spicejet, Singapore Airlines, and Jazeera Airways. Our travel agency has strong tie-ups and connections with some of these carriers.

Flight Status of the Airlines Flying From/To Dubai International Airport

With Travanya’s flight status tracker, you can easily and quickly check the status of your flight online. Whether you want details regarding Dubai international flights airport arrivals or Dubai airport departures, we make sure to help you track the right details. All you need to do is, enter your airline details, and flight number followed by the date and you will be redirected to your flight status in no time. Passengers can also access the same by entering their route or airport information. You can also check your Dubai flight cancellations and flight delays Dubai with us.


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Dubai International Airport Contact Information

The Dubai Airport contact number is +971-4-224-5555, which you can use to contact the airport officials who are available 24 X 7. In case of any specific query, the passengers can contact at +971-4-313-9999 or drop a mail at amer@dnrd.ae.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What is DXB?

Answer: DXB is the IATA airport code for Dubai International Airport.

Que: How many airports are there in Dubai, UAE?

Answer: The city of Dubai has 3 airports: Jebel Ali SPM, Dubai Al Maktoum International, and Dubai DXB Airport.

Que: Where is DXB airport located?

Answer: The Dubai airport address is- Al Twar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Que: How many runways are there in Dubai International Airport?

Answer: Dubai DXB Airport has two runways.

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