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Are you excited to visit the Kingdom of Norway, but do expensive Norway flights from India worry you? If yes, it’s time to end all your worries and start searching for great deals and offers. Travanya is the place where you will get exciting deals and offers on India to Norway flight tickets very quickly. We are the best solution for grabbing flight deals, travel deals, and other travel plans under pocket-friendly ranges. You can book any deal with us, whether it is a round trip flight deal or a one-way flight. We will never hesitate to provide you with the best services and offers from our side.

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Airlines Taking Off From India To Norway

At Travanya, you can find many good and cheap tickets to Norway very easily. Many airlines provide services from India to Norway at very affordable prices. Some airlines are Emirates, Thai Airways, Aeroflot, KLM, Jet Airways, SAS, British Airways. With Travanya, you will always get cheap airfare to Norway for sure on every airline you select.

Distance Between India and Norway and Flying Time

Best Month To Book Tickets From India To Norway

Norway is a place where you can visit anytime to witness its mesmerizing beauty. But if you want to book your airline tickets to Norway at affordable prices, you must book them in the low-travel season. The cheapest time to fly to Norway is between the months starting from April to June and September to October. During these months you will get good deals and offers on all travel-related packages and flights. Apart from that, if you love travelling late at night, you can book your flight early in the morning or late at night. The demand is low during this period, making it a perfect time to save more on air tickets. Also, go through the list of December global holidays that you can enjoy while on your trip from India to Norway.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month Rs 24,352 (July)
India to Norway Distance 6,957 KM
India to Norway Flight Duration 12h 25m
Cheapest Airlines SpiceJet KLM, Air France, United Airlines, British Airways, and American Airlines
Flight Discounts*Upto 5% Off
Departure AirportDelhi Airport, Bangalore Airport, Mumbai Airport & more.
Arrival Airport Oslo Airport,Bergen Airport,Tromsø Airport, etc.

Fantastic Tips To Book Cheap Flights Tickets To Norway

About Norway

Norway is a place that offers its visitors an incredible mix of culture and natural wonders. It is a cosmopolitan city full of adventures, snow-capped mountain peaks, and beautiful deep fjords. The destination is also popular for its world-famous stunning northern lights called Aurora Borealis. The nation is one of the most prosperous countries worldwide and offers travellers many things like museums, rich cultural places, and more. It is the top-notch destination for those who want to experience the best sightseeing opportunities in their lives. All the nature lovers and fun explorers can book their Norway flights from India and Norway hotels at very reasonable prices.

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Top 10 Places To Visit and Explore In Norway

If you want to visit different attractions in Norway, you must book your cheap tickets to Norway as soon as possible to enjoy the destination with your friends and family.

  1. Sognefjord: It is the largest fjord in the whole of Norway, which reaches up to 204 km inland from the coastal village of Skjolden. It is also known as the King of Fjords as it has cliff walls of 1,310 m in height, which gives travellers a breathtaking sight. 
  2. Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen): Considered the best tourist attraction in Norway where the tourists can see the famous sights of Norway. The place is in Stavanger; it has a perfect top flat cliff 600 meters above the water level. You can see the scenery of Lysefjord from here.
  3. Tromso: The destination is 349 km north of Arctic Circle; It is the best-known Arctic Expedition. It is the place where travellers can experience an unforgettable view of the northern lights or aurora borealis. Apart from the northern lights, Polaria and the Polar Museum are popular landmarks to explore in Norway. 
  4. Lofoten Islands: It is a form of an archipelago off the coast of Norway. It is the best place for tourists who love adventure sports like kayaking, hiking, fishing, wildlife exploration, etc. It is also one of the destinations where tourists can glimpse the emerald green northern lights. 
  5. Viking Ship Museum, Oslo: It is the largest museum in Norway which is dedicated to seafaring Viking ancestors. The museum features Viking vessels, burial chambers, and other stuff they used in their expedition. The place is also the home to Gokstad ships and the Tune Ships.
  6. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Bergen: Bergen is the place where you can see the colourfully painted houses. It is the city centre for trade and was dominated by the Hanseatic Merchants. Tourists can enjoy historic buildings, middle-aged boutiques, restaurants, and the most famous Bryggen museum. 
  7. Tromso’s Arctic Museum: It is home to several museums dedicated to studying life in Norway. Polaria is the newest museum that exhibits the northern lights, changes in the Arctic ecosystem, wildlife and aquarium of Arctic, etc. 
  8. Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo: It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Oslo. It is the home of 650 sculptures sculpted by Gustav Vigeland. All the sculptures are made out of iron, bronze, granite and are arranged in five themes in groups. Here is also a fountain group of statues that represents the human life cycle. 
  9. Akershus Fortress, Oslo: It is a medieval castle commissioned by King Hakon IV. It is situated on the Oslofjord along with the grounds having spectacular views over the harbour. You can find here the Museum of the Norwegian Resistance on the castle grounds. 
  10. Lillehammer: It is located above Lake Mjosa at the south end of Gudbrandsdal valley. It is the best destination where tourists can see Maihaugen park, an open museum with 100+ historic buildings. Also, it includes farmhouses, workshops, and stave churches.

Book Round-trip Flights From Norway To India

Travanya is a company where you can attain the most pocket-friendly Norway to India business class deals. We provide you with flight tickets that are cheap in rates and give you the best flight journey while travelling to your favourite destination. You can book your flight tickets to Norway with us; we provide excellent luxurious services at very reasonable rates. With us, for sure, you can enjoy your Norway trip to the fullest.

Get Discounts on Flight Tickets From India To Norway With Travanya

Travanya is a tour and travel agency that provides travellers and tourists with a trip to their dream destination in the best way. We help every travel enthusiast get the most affordable last minute flight deals and India to Norway flight ticket prices with us. Our company has strong relations with many airline consolidators, who help us quickly provide the best low-cost flight deals to you. With the help of our travel experts and professionals, you will be able to select very cheap flight tickets without any hassle.

You can trust Travanya, as we promise to provide you with the most budget-friendly and relaxing vacation to Norway. Our website is an easy-to-use interface through which you can have a very comfortable flight booking experience. You can search for flight tickets to Norway whenever you feel like it. We will always offer you the best prices. You can get connected to us by calling us at +91-8000235865 to get the best assistance from our top-class executives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the time difference between India and Norway?

Answer: The time difference between India and Norway is around 3 hours and 30 minutes. India’s time zone is ahead of Norway.

Q: Are there any direct flights operating from India to Norway?

Answer: No, currently, there is no direct flight available on the route to Norway. But, you can book connecting flights to enjoy cheap India to Norway flight ticket prices.

Q: Can I get huge discounts on India to Norway flight tickets?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely enjoy affordable India to Norway ticket prices just by searching for the flights at least one to two months before the travel date. With the help of this, you can achieve some of the most economical airfare for your flights.

Q: What is the last time to perform the web-check for my flight to Norway?

Answer: You can complete your web check-in process for your flights to Norway before 2 hours of departure time of the flight and fly to Norway without any hassle.

Q: What are the baggage criteria that I need to follow on my flights to Norway?

Answer: Every airline has its set of rules regarding the baggage criteria. You must contact your particular airlines to get accurate information regarding the baggage allowance for your India to Norway flight.

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