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India to USA Flight

Book India to USA Flight Tickets & Save Big

Are you looking for the cheapest flight deals? Travanya offers you the best deals for your India to USA flights. Whether you are travelling for a corporate event or a family trip with easy-to-use arrangements, we will provide you with the best range of India to USA and USA to India flights without compromising on anything.

From economy class to business class flights, Travanya works according to one’s needs and preferences. We are available 24×7 to assist you with an array of flight deals and discounts.  

Airlines Operating from India to USA

On average, 45 flights take off every day from India to USA with 14 non-stop flights. The airlines serving this route are Air IndiaUnited Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada and Singapore Airlines.  

Distance, Time, & Airfare from India to USA 

The air distance between India and the US is approximately 13,595 km and the average flight time from India to the US is about 19 hours. However, the flight time also depends on the route connectivity. Coming to the airfares, a one-way India to USA ticket can cost you around INR 60,000 to INR 85,000, while an India to USA flight ticket can cost you around INR 1,49,999.

Best Season To Book Cheap Flights from India to USA

March is the best time to grab the cheapest flight. You can also check India to US ticket prices during weekdays (Monday midnight – Wednesday midnight) of the month of March. In fact, airfare depends on how early you fly, so plan accordingly. It is advisable to avoid booking your tickets to USA in August as the prices will be high.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

Rs 53,069 (March)

India to USA Distance

13,595 KM

India to USA Flight Time

19 Hours

Cheapest Airlines

United Airlines

Flight Discounts

*Upto 5% Off

Departure Airport

Delhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, Chennai Airport & more.

Arrival Airport

Chicago Airport, New York Airport, San Francisco Airport & more.

Tips To Find India to USA Cheap Flights

  • Try to book a connecting flight from India to USA as direct flights will cost you more and connecting flights can be a lot cheaper.
  • Avoid booking your ticket to USA during the high peak season that starts from June through August.
  • When searching for flight tickets from India to USA, keep your search secret by using private mode or incognito mode. This will help you find cheap flights to USA from India.
  • Book your USA flight ticket as soon as possible. Reserving your ticket 50 to 60 days before your departure will help in saving India to USA flight cost.
  • To save money on your direct flights from India to USA, book the ticket during weekdays. The best time is from Monday midnight to Wednesday midnight.
  • Be flexible with your departure day and time. Keep browsing USA flight ticket price by changing date and time as this will help in dropping the airfare price.
  • India to USA flight ticket price is cheaper if you opt to fly early-morning. This will increase your chance of getting a budget-friendly USA ticket price.
  • India to USA flight cost will dramatically drop if you opt for an alternate airport that is near to your destination before booking your USA flights from India.
  • Use the cheapest payment method as one can find several deals or flat-off using a credit card or a specific wallet to save some bucks on your USA holiday packages.

Round Trip Flights From USA to India

If you have finalised your return date, booking round-trip flights from the USA to India can be a lot cheaper than one-way flights. Plus, booking your flight ticket to America with a round-trip will make your trip stress-free as the burden of booking your flight again while looking for cheaper rates goes away. 

Whether your destination is Atlanta to Delhi or Chicago to Mumbai, reserving yourself round-trip will make your work a lot easier. There are around 31 International airports in USA and 34 in India, so plan your travel wisely and choose the destination which saves you more money, so that you can explore more. 

About USA

The United States of America is a land of glorious history and one of the greatest cities in the world. The country is so vast and there is always something new to see in every state. Boarding a flight to USA will take you on the best trip of your life. United States has now given a green flag to students from around the world and now is one of the best countries to apply student visa for Indians

Top 10 Things to do in the USA

  1. Get your peaches from Atlanta: The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is a metropolitan city that is popular for its 3rd largest aquarium in the world, Georgia Aquarium and International Winter Wonderland at the Centennial Olympic Park.  
  2. Walk through the magical roads of Los Angeles: A city in California, Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city in the USA also known as the epicentre of Hollywood. This city is all about positive vibes, nightlife, beaches, delicious food and Hollywood Hills.  
  3. The range over the arctic land of Chicago: A city in Illinois, Chicago is a frozen paradise with beautiful attractions to look around. From clicking hundreds of pictures in front of the iconic Cloud Gate to stunning architectural buildings at the Magnificent Mile, this city is a wonderland. 
  4. Campfire under the stars at Dallas: A metropolis city in Texas, Dallas will give you some strong fairytale vibes. The city will inspire you to learn about American history and will introduce you to the real adventure of the woods and luscious Piedmont Ridge.  
  5. Take pictures on the streets of New York: From the lustre from the city lights on the crystal clear waves at the Brooklyn Bridge to spending some quality time with your group at Central Park, New York will fill your soul with happiness.   
  6. Swim & Sun Bath in Miami: A city in Florida, Miami is a blend of pink sand beaches, thick forests, delicious food, nightlife and serene views. Soak up some rays at the iconic Miami Beach and hop on some delicious budget-friendly restaurant at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami.  
  7. Feel that holiday magic in Las Vegas: This city in Nevada will definitely roll your holiday spirits high with its stunning landmarks and architecture. Explore this city of sin, lust and money by walking through The Strip and seeing the mesmerising 360-degree view at the High Roller. 
  8. Cherish the orange sky in San Francisco: Located in California, San Francisco is the “City of Seven Hills.” The stunning view of the Golden Gate bridge, the peacefulness of the Golden Gate Park and stepping into The Twin Peaks, will make you fall in love with this city.    
  9. Watch the sunset in San Diego: A city in California, San Diego will impress you with its stunning beaches and Sunset Cliffs where waves crash against the rocks and the sky turns orange when the sun goes down. And if adventure is your thing, hop on to hang gliders at Torrey Pines Gliderport. 
  10. Take the dose of American culture at Washington: Washington state is legitimately a twilight movie. The state is all about the best mac & cheese, incredible coffee, yummy veggies, beautiful flowers and serene views. From history and art museums to gardens, Washington is amazing. 

Enjoy Bumper Deals On India to USA Flights With Travanya

From last minute flight deals to amazing festive discounts, Travanya arranges the most affordable flight offers for its customers. Travanya, a leading travel agency, has healthy relationships with airline consolidators, so we make sure to offer you the best air ticket discounts for nearly 200 travel destinations around the world.

Contact us at +91 8000235865! You can also get a call-only deals with us that will help you get up to 40% off on your flights from India to USA. Book your India to USA flight tickets from Travanya and get big savings on flight tickets for your next trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: United Airlines, Air Canada, and Air India flights regularly operate from India to USA, and are most preferred.

Answer: The time difference between India and USA is 9 hours 30 minutes, varying on the basis of the location as USA has 6 time zones. However, an average India to USA flight time is around 19 to 24 hours.

Answer: On average, India to America flight ticket price varies from INR 54999 to INR 87999 (one-way) and around INR 14999 (round trip).