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India to China flight

Book Flights From India To China & Enjoy A Cherishable Journey For Life

Are you searching for amazing deals on China flights from India? If your answer is yes, then you are surely available on the right platform. Travanya offers you a plethora of options for flights from India to China and enables you to book them quickly and easily. Whether you want to book one way tickets or round-trip tickets, we will assure you the lowest prices possible on every deal. We follow a customer-centric approach, understand your requirements, and curate deals that best suit your needs. Travanya ensures that you embark on a cherishable journey without breaking your bank balance.

Airlines Flying From India To China

Many international and domestic airlines operate regular flights from various cities in India to China. The domestic airlines which provide flight tickets to China are Air China, IndiGo, Go Air, Vistara, Air Asia, and Air India. On the other hand, the international airlines that connect India to China are Air China, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Myanmar Airways, China Southern Airlines, Fly Dubai, etc.

Distance Between India And China And Flying Time

Overall, India to China distance is about 2,682 km from New Delhi, India. The total time taken to cover the distance is approximately 6 hours 25 minutes. If you book your flights from Mumbai to China, the total distance your flight will cover is approximately 3,583 km. It will take 6 hours and 20 minutes to fly. The distance from Bangalore to China is approximately 4,820 km. It will have an average flight time of 9 hours and 55 minutes.

Best Season To Book Flight Tickets From India To China

Generally, the best time to book your flights from India to China is whenever you are ready to explore them. However, if you want to enjoy cheap flights from India to China then you must wait for the travel season. For China, April is the cheapest time to fly to China, and tickets are quite cheap during this particular period. December and January are the busiest seasons to book flight tickets to China.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & MonthRs 1,84,825 (December)India to China Distance2,682 KMFlight Time6 hours 25 minutesCheapest AirlinesAll Nippon AirwaysFlight Discounts*Upto 5% OffDeparture AirportDelhi Airport, Bangalore Airport, Mumbai Airport & more.Arrival AirportChengdu Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Shanghai Airport & more.

Tips To Book Cheaper Flight Tickets To China

  • Book your airline tickets to China at least 5-6 weeks prior to your departure date to get below-average prices on air tickets.
  • Start your research for flight tickets from India to China a month early. It will give you plenty of time to search and compare different deals and then choose the most affordable holiday packages.
  • Avoid booking your tickets during the peak travel season, which is winter. This is because India to China flight ticket prices increase during the winter season.
  • Subscribe to newsletters of various airlines flying on this route so that you stay updated with the best flight deals to China from India.
  • While booking your tickets, it would be best to choose budget airlines as they offer cheap airfare to China compared to premium airlines.

About China

If you are planning to fly to China, then it might be one of the best decisions of your life. China is a mysterious and exotic Asian country that has retained its old-world charm. The contrast between the ancient customs and the ultra-modern state, China has increased the fascination with its culture. Many Indian travellers book their India to China flight tickets, especially to witness the various customs of Chinese culture. China as a tourist destination offers unlimited exploration options suitable for every type of interest. Apart from wonderful tourist destinations, hotels in China offer the best services during your stay. Book your flight to China and enjoy sightseeing possibilities and incredible experiences.

Top 10 Places To Explore In China

  1. The Great Wall of China – The magnificent Great Wall of China is one of the most unique and famous monuments located in China. It stretches to more than 6,000 kilometres from the Fortresses of Shanhaiguan. The wall boasts heroic battles of numerous wars and battlements.
  2. The Forbidden City – The Forbidden City is one of the largest and most important buildings in China. It is also known as the Imperial Palace and is situated at the heart of Beijing. It is a must-see destination if you plan to book cheap tickets to China.
  3. The Terracotta Army – The Terracotta Army is China’s most important archaeological find and is distributed over the area of three large underground pits. It includes over 8,000 life-sized warriors, 520 horses, and over 100 chariots. You can book English-guided tours to experience the place comprehensively.
  4. The Summer Palace – The Imperial Summer Palace is set amidst a beautiful parkland and is one of the most visited attractions in China. The main highlights of the Summer Palace include the Hall of Benevolence and the Great Theatre. The historic venue is still accessible for shows, events, and cultural performances.
  5. Li River – If you want to witness China’s most beautiful countryside, then the town of Guilin is the best place. The Li River here is famous for its unique scenery and offers the best natural splendours.
  6. Chengdu Research Base Of Giant Panda – A visit from India to China will be incomplete if you do not enjoy the panda experience. The Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding will give you a closer look at the daily routine of the giant panda. If you are a panda lover, then a visit to the research centre is a must.
  7. Yangtze River – The mighty Yangtze River is one of the longest and most important rivers in China. The river flows from Tibet to Shanghai through eight provinces. From luxurious riverboat cruises to many historical attractions, the Yangtze River is a great tourist attraction in China.
  8. The Classical Gardens Of Suzhou – The Classical Gardens of Suzhou is one of the world’s most historic gardens and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These splendidly beautiful gardens were established in the 11th century and are one of the famous garden complexes in China.
  9. The Potala Palace – Another most recognizable historic structure in China is The Potala Palace in the town of Lhasa, Tibet. It has an impressive white palace that includes sleeping quarters, studies, and reception.
  10. Shanghai’s Promenade – Shanghai’s Promenade is an intelligent city area that is famous for its European feel and is the prime location for the city’s international settlements. The area boasts famous restaurants, stores, cafes, and art galleries.

Most Popular China Flights 

Book Round Trip Flights From China To India

Everybody loves to travel, and you can enjoy your trip from China to India by planning and booking your air tickets in advance. With Travanya, you can get the best deals and discounts on air tickets for round trip flights from China to India.

Travanya can also help you in booking accommodations and transport at affordable prices. Our travel experts also suggest that booking round-trip tickets are always a better option to save money on air tickets than one-way flights.

Get Lucrative Discounts On Flight Tickets From India To China With Travanya

Travanya is one of India’s most popular travel agencies, which is delivering all the wanderlust souls the best flying and travel experiences to and from China. Our strong association with various airline partners and consolidators helps us to get the lowest prices on India to China ticket prices. You will find great super-saving international flight deals on our website, which will make your travel experience cheaper and convenient.

In case you have any queries associated with flight bookings, then our travel experts are available 24×7 to help you sort them out. So get in touch with Travanya on +91-8000235865 today and book your India to China flights without burning a hole in your pockets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The airlines which offer the lowest India to China ticket prices are Air Asia, IndiGo, Go Air, Vistara, Air Asia (India), and Air India.

Answer: Yes, there is more than one international airport in China. However, the main functional airports for China flights from India are Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

Answer: The cheapest ticket to China from India will cost you around INR 25,000 to 30,000 for a round-trip flight. However, these airfares are not fixed and may increase according to ticket availability.

Answer: To get the most affordable China flight ticket, begin your research early, compare different deals, and choose the most economical one.

Answer: Yes, nowadays, all the airlines have made it mandatory to do the web check-in before boarding your India to China flight at the airport.