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 Book Flights To Kolkata And Avail Big Discounts On Airfares (CCU)

Is Kolkata on your travel wishlist? If yes, then the time has come for you to check all the Kolkata flight booking options available on Travanya’s website. On our website, you will find numerous possibilities of handpicked travel deals and flight deals for the group, family, and solo trips as well. Our travel professionals will help you arrange the best prices for flight tickets. Not only flight tickets, but we can also take care of your accommodation and pick and drop facilities at the most affordable prices. Whether you want to book one way flights or round-trip flights to Kolkata, we have got it covered for you. The time has come for you to start packing your bags and leave all your travel arrangements at Travanya.

Best Time To Book A Flight To Kolkata

Kolkata is one fantastic city that travellers can explore throughout the year, which means the best time to book your tickets to Kolkata is any time of the year. However, when it comes to getting an economical Kolkata ticket price, a low travel season is the best option. Book your flights at least 30-50 days before your departure date if you have already set your departure date.

Cheapest Day To Fly To Kolkata

If we go by the data found by our travel experts, then weekdays are the cheapest days when Kolkata flight fare is low. Mid-week days like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday offer the lowest prices on air tickets compared to weekend days like Saturday and Sunday. Thus the cheapest day to book your flight ticket to Kolkata is during weekdays to get reasonable rates.

Mid-week days like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday offer the lowest prices on air tickets compared to weekend days like Saturday and Sunday. Thus the cheapest day to book your flight ticket to Kolkata is during weekdays to get reasonable rates.

Cheapest Time Of The Day To Fly To Kolkata

Generally, weekdays saw a sharp drop in flight fares to Kolkata. So the cheapest time of day to book your tickets to Kolkata would be during early morning departure and that too on a weekday. Red-eye flight departures are also the cheapest time to get cheap airfares. By adopting this method, you will be able to save at least 6% from the base airfare.

Major Airlines Flying To Kolkata

Kolkata is a significant tourist destination in India. Thus plenty of airlines serve regular cheap flights to Kolkata from different destinations. The top airlines operating Kolkata airport are Indigo, Air India, SpiceJet, Vistara, GoFirst, Emirates, Air Asia (India), etc. Travanya’s team of experts can help you get the lowest airfare on Kolkata flight tickets without any compromise.

Average Flight Ticket Price For Kolkata

The average Kolkata flight price would range from around INR 4,000 to 6,000. But remember that airfares are dependent on different factors and may increase or decrease according to that. Thus, our travel experts advise you to book your cheap tickets to Kolkata as soon as possible to get a below-average price. With Travanya, you will be assured of the best price on flight tickets from all the destinations to Kolkata.

Tips To Book Flights To CCU, Kolkata

About Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is a beautiful colonial city that is nothing more than a fictional city that came to life straight out of a fantastic novel. The old colonial-era buildings, crowded markets, and old trams add a certain kind of charm to the city, making Kolkata an absolute treat under the eyes of tourists. Kolkata is also known as the intellectual, artistic, and cultural capital of the country. After booking your cheap air tickets to Kolkata or buying a round trip ticket, make sure you visit its top attractions to enjoy the city’s authenticity. The chaotic lifestyle of the Kolkata people functions in perfect harmony with the ancient area. Book your tickets to Kolkata and a room in the best hotel to experience everything yourself.

Places To Explore In Kolkata

Kolkata is a city that is often called the city of joy. It is because of its myriad of locations and shopping options. So, after booking your flight ticket for Kolkata, make sure you explore the following places on a priority basis to experience the real Calcutta.

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Where To Shop In Kolkata

Enjoy The Convenience Of Booking Kolkata Flight Tickets With Travanya

Travanya is a top-notch travel platform that helps you plan your travels in the cheapest and most convenient ways. From a wide range of affordable Kolkata ticket prices to accommodation, we bring you the most ordered option for your vacation. On our website, you will find the best domestic flight deals, travel packages, and itineraries that fit everyone’s pocket. Our website offers a user-friendly interface that makes the flight booking experience hassle-free.

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Our team of travel professionals has years of experience and knows the tactics to get cheap flight tickets. They will be there from the planning phase of your travel till the execution phase. With us, you will be assured of nothing but the best of everything regarding travel arrangements. Contact Us!! Book your Kolkata flight ticket with Travanya and tick off Kolkata from your travel wish list without burning a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the various benefits of Kolkata flight booking with Travanya?

Answer: Travanya can help you get cheap air tickets to Kolkata with a hassle-free booking experience. Along with that, its customer service is available 24×7 to help you out throughout the day.

Q: What airport do you fly into for flights to Kolkata?

Answer: After booking your Kolkata flights, you will be landing at Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Dum Dum in Kolkata.

Q: Which airlines operate direct flights to Kolkata?

Answer: The airlines which offer air tickets to Kolkata on non-stop flights are IndiGo, Air India, Spicejet, Vistara, Air Asia (India), Go First, etc.

Q: How can I enjoy the best offers on flight tickets to Kolkata?

Answer: The best way to enjoy cheap flight tickets to Kolkata is by starting your research early, comparing different deals, and choosing the most affordable one.

Q: What is the Kolkata flight ticket rate for one-way and round-trip flights?

Answer: The Kolkata ticket price for your flights would depend upon your origin destination. Also, the airfares are dependent on various factors like season, demand, availability, and time of booking.


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