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Student Flights

Travel Deals On Student Flights

To make travel easier for the students who struggle to carry extra luggage from one city to another or are forsaken from their homes, airlines provide special Student flight discounts. Now you may be thinking about what is a student flight? Basically, it is a service that caters to the unique needs of students. Student flights provide discounts on the base fare and offer the facility of extra baggage allowance.

To get cheap student flights for variant destinations, get connected to Travanya and enjoy bumper offers and deals. Travanya has curated student flight deals that help to solve the special needs of students. Our cheap flight deals will not only support you with your additional luggage but also help you save a big amount of money. So, keep your worries aside and get ready to add wings to your dreams with Travanya. 

Tips To Get Cheap Student Flights

Why Choose Travanya For Travel Deals On Student Flights?

Excited to step on the important phase of life leading towards your dream career, but worried about transportation? Travanya is here to help you through it all. Travanya offers the best student flight discounts for various national and international destinations. Use our easy booking engine to browse the student flights and make convenient departure points every day of the year.

Get in touch with us, our diligent travel agents are here to guide you 24*7 with the best student flight tickets at the lowest possible price. The site has no hidden costs and features easy navigation with quick payment services. Travanya promotes customer satisfaction by offering huge discounts and the best services.

Plan your study destination without worries, as we are here to support you from the very beginning. Book a holiday package to your dream destination now with Travanya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Many airlines allow students to carry excess baggage. This is due to the student discount flights which help to solve the problems students face while travelling abroad. Depending on the country you are travelling to, look up to the different luggage rules and choose your airlines accordingly.

Answer: Some of the documents that are required by most airlines include your student visa or student exchange visa (F1 or J1 or I20 or DS2019, etc) and the admission acceptance letter from the college/university. For excess baggage, you would also need to show proof of enrollment to the airport check-in staff, failing which, the additional baggage allowance could be denied.

Answer: One should always have the contact of the Indian Embassy or Consulate nearest to their respective university. In case you lose your passport, visa or other critical documents you should be able to get in touch with the embassy at the earliest.

Answer: The best time to book a student flight is about a month in advance. Though, for a cheaper price, you should start searching for student flights 3 months earlier.