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Churches In Goa – Finest Examples Of Christian Art

Churches in Goa have been a part of the Goan culture from time immemorial. The Portuguese, who colonized Goa for over 450 years played a major role in setting up Christianity as the main religion in Goa. And today we see many popular churches in Goa dotting the landscape of this Indian state. Some are very old and some were set up more recently but all these churches serve to remind us of our rich history and culture.

Most of the famous churches in Goa are the finest examples of Christian art and architecture, which blend into the landscape of Goa. They reflect architectural styles ranging from Norman to Baroque, Romanesque to Neo-Gothic. The building can be within a larger non-religious structure or it can be an independent structure with its own grounds.

There are many beautiful churches in Goa. While some are more famous than others, each is unique and worth visiting at least once. The churches of Goa are a rich blend of different cultures. These not only provide spiritual solace to the people coming from all over the world but also give them a unique experience of natural beauty due to the surrounding greenery. These historical places have a lot of significance and importance for the people living in Goa!

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