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Find Inner Peace & Love At The St. Alex Church

St. Alex Church

Located in Calangute away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the church of St. Alex Goa is a pristine white Catholic church in the tropical state of India. Lying between the hills, this architectural masterpiece is also counted amongst the oldest churches in Goa that was built to pray and connect with God.

The marvellous architecture, astonishing interiors, and pleasing surroundings attract travellers around the world. This aesthetic landmark is a must-visit to feel calmness and satisfaction while taking a break from the crowded beaches. Visiting and exploring this clear example of old architecture will definitely leave you with an unforgettable lifetime experience. Being built on the banks of Angoddi Tollem Lake, the church has a spectacular backdrop that will make your trip to the church even better. 

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The St. Alex Church History

The St. Alex Church is one of the oldest churches in Goa which was originally built in 1597 by St. Francis. The church is dedicated to St. Alex, who was a soldier in the Roman army and was martyred for his faith. Saint Alex’s struggle with his family members over his faith is depicted in paintings on the walls of this church.

This beautiful place was used as a place of worship by the Portuguese colonists and also served as a centre for religious and cultural activities. The church was even used to be converted into a hospital during times of epidemics. The process of Saint Alex’s crucifixion was also shown in these paintings, which are on display at this church even today.

Now, people from all religions and communities come together at the church to celebrate important religious days like Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. The simplicity of the St. Alex Church is in contrast with some churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus which have ornate designs and architecture. 

The Architecture Of St. Alex Church

The architecture of St.Alex Church is a blend of the Portuguese and Indian styles which is made with an octagonal plan during the Indo-Portuguese era. It was constructed between 1641 and 1644 by the Jesuits and construction of this church was started after the destruction of the old church which had been built during the time of King Joao II. The church is dedicated to Saint Alexius I of Constantinople. The church has two towers at its entrance which are called “Torres de Santa Cruz”. There are also three bells inside the church: one large bell for the main mass, another small bell for the vespers and the third bell for the matins.

This sacred landmark has a simple design with an arched roof and is constructed out of laterite stone. The interior of the church is decorated with a unique statue of Jesus Christ with his arms open stands on top of the spire, facing westwards overlooking the Arabian sea. It also has paintings that depict scenes from the Bible. The walls have paintings depicting Saint Alex’s struggle to maintain his faith against opposition from family members and fellow soldiers who tried to convince him to abandon Christianity.

These paintings also depict Saint Alex’s death by crucifixion. Visitors can also see sculptures carved in bas-relief depicting angels holding urns. Located close to the famous Miramar Beach, this historical piece of architecture must be visited by tourists during their visit to Goa. 

Essential Information

Weather33° C
Timings Monday- Saturday: 6:45am & 7:30am
Saturday- Sunday anticipated mass: 6:00 pm
Time Required30 to 45 minutes
Entry FeeNo entry fee
First Built1597
Sunday Masses6:30am, 8:00am, 9:15am (for children)
Converted To Parish Church1808
Address72QC+QP8, Curtorim, Goa 403709
Must ViewCarvings of angels, Grand domed towers, Cupola Falsa built in Indian style, Paintings of St. Alex’s family struggle & death, images of St. Francis of Assisi, and Saint Anthony, and charming gilded reredos.

How To Reach St. Alex Church Goa

From Panaji

There are around 15 bus stands in Goa from which Mapusa Bus Stand and Margao City Bus Stand are the nearest to It takes around 31 mins with 1.7 km via car to reach St. Alex Church from Panaji. The most recommended way is to take a bus from the Panaji bus stand that can cost you somewhat between INR 40 to INR 60 for a one-way trip. However, the fastest way is to reach the church via taxi, costing you between INR 350 to INR 410. 

From Goa International Airport

The distance between Goa International Airport and St. Alex Church Goa is 39.3 km, taking around 1 hour 2 mins to reach via car or taxi. The cheapest recommended option is to travel via bus, taking around 2 hours. However, travelling via car is the fastest option that can charge you somewhere between INR 680 to INR 950. 

From Railway Station

San Juje Da Areyal, Chandor Goa, and Madgaon Junction are the nearest train stations to the St. Alex Church. You can spot many taxis and auto-rickshaws outside the railway station and choosing a taxi can drop you off at the church within 45 minutes. However, it can cost you around 1250 to reach St. Alex Church from the Railway station. 

From Bus Stand

The Basilica of Bom Jesus church is 24.1 km away from the Goa International Airport. Both buses and taxis are available Goa has a plethora of bus stands and stops connected with all the important parts of the city. Reaching St. Alex Church via bus is definitely pocket-friendly as compared to other modes of travelling like taxi or renting a scooter. Generally, one can get the bus every 15 minutes from Panaji that can drop you near the desired location.

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Best Time To Visit The St. Alex Church Calangute

Best Time to visitThe St. Alex Church is just 15 km away from the Goa City Centre. An ideal time to visit the church is during the festivities in December that begins from 18th December each year and is excitedly celebrated till 25th December. Villages celebrate the feast of Our Lady Of Guadalupe with lots of passion along with the Feast of Bananas. Visiting this beautiful church during December is one opportunity to attend this grand feast, and the serene weather on the side works as a cherry on the cake. Although, exploring the beauty of this church is a great idea any time of this year as the St. Alex Church Goa timings start from morning 9 am to evening 8:30 pm.

Must-Visit Places Near The St. Alex Church Goa

Places Near The St. Alex Church Goa
  1. Shri Ganpati Mahakali Temple: A small yet beautiful temple surrounded by a peaceful environment and lush greenery, the Shri Ganpati Mahakali Temple is just 3.6 km away from the St. Alex Church. It takes around 8 to 10 minutes to reach the destination via car or scooter. This alluring temple is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha where devotees meditate and find their inner self and calm away from the daily chaos. The temple remains open every day and attracts a huge crowd during important Hindu festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Shivratri. You can also buy offerings and make a donation to the temple as per your own satisfaction. Read more

Here are the top churches in Goa that you can explore after your visit to St. Alex Church. While some churches are known for their ancient mummies, others for their architecture. Whatever church you plan to visit, you will to make the most of your tourism.

Other Churches in Goa

St Alex Church0 km
Mae De Deus Church2.4 km
Church of St. Cajetan22.0 km
Basilica of Bom Jesus21.6 km
Se Cathedral21.9 km
Three Kings Chapel22.2 km
Church of Our Lady of the Mount22.8 km
Chapel of St Catherine36.8 km
St. Augustine Church36.8 km
Chapel of Saint Sebastian39.4 km
Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception55.3 km

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the affordable food places near the St. Alex Church in Goa?

Answer: Cheryl Bar & Restaurant, Nesh Bakes, Manuel Maria House, Vales Bar and Restaurant, and Stevens Food Cart are some of the affordable eating places near St. Alex Church.

Q: What type of travel does Goa promote?

Answer: Goa promotes almost every type of tourism in India. The major categories are historical, cruise, family, senior citizens, and eco-tourism.

Q: Is Photography allowed inside the St. Alex Church?

Answer: Yes, visitors are allowed to take their camera’s along and take pictures or videos. Just charge your device batteries and capture the old architecture, surroundings and interior of the church.

Q: What are some good hotels or guest houses to stay near the St. Alex Church?

Answer: Some of the Popular 2 – 3-star hotels near the church are Joe and Marietta’s Guesthouse, Zone Connect, Palm resort, Infinity valley, and Vivenda Aristides.

Q: Does the St. Alex church has its own parking space?

Answer: Yes, St. Alex church has a free parking space just in front of the church that can easily accommodate around 40 to 50 vehicles at a time.

Q: Which famous lake lies near the St. Alex Church?

Answer: Lake Curtorim is one of the scenic lakes of Goa that lies near the St. Alex Church. However, the church has the view of a lake that makes this place look even more aesthetic. However, the church has the view of a lake that makes this place look even more aesthetic.

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