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About Kesarval Waterfall

About Kesarval Waterfall

Kesarval Waterfall is one of the renowned attractions in the state of Goa. This Waterfall is quite famous for its medical properties as the waters are purported to improve illnesses.

This waterfall in Goa is named after the eagles that built their nests close to this site. This site in Goa is situated close to the Cortalim village, just off the Verna plateau. The Waterfall is only 22 kilometres from Panjim (Capital of Goa).

If you plan to visit the Kesarval Waterfall location, then the rainy season is the best time to visit. The waterfall becomes a well-liked tourist spot from July to March. Also, Kesarval Waterfall has been stated as a major tourist attraction by the Government.

Apart from being a beautiful and picturesque site, Kesarval Waterfall is adjacent to many historical locations like The Mormugao Fort. This fort is only 16 kilometres from the Kesarval Waterfall location. Dabolim Airport (Airport in Goa) is also nearby to this site.

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Kesarval Waterfall Address: This very famous waterfall in South Goa is just about 22 kilometres from Panjim and 11.7 kilometres from Dabolim Airport. Kesarval Waterfall is situated close to the Cortalim village, on the southern shores of River Zuari.

Address: 9WJH+WGF, Quelossim, Goa 403710

History of Kesarval Waterfall

“Kesarval” originated from the Indian word for eagles which used to live here. A rocky zigzag hike was the sole way to get to this waterfall earlier. But after the 1950s, the steps were built below the hill to access the waterfall with ease. The origins of the healing properties of Kesarval spring waters are yet to be discovered. Also, Panjim, the capital city, is only some kilometres away from the waterfall location.

Kesarval Waterfall Myth and Legends

It is said that the waters of Kesarval Waterfall have the ability to restore ailments. The minerals found in the water come from the Zuari river. Those who bathe in the Kesarval Waterfall get good relief and refreshment of mind. Local people say that the water of Kesarval Waterfall is beneficial for the eyes and skin. They also say that those who are suffering from any skin problem can take a dip inside this natural spring.

How to Reach Kesarval Waterfall

Kesarval Waterfall Goa is near Cortalim Village. It is just 22 kilometres from the capital city and only 8 kilometres from Dabolim Airport. So, when you arrive in Goa, you don’t need to worry about how to reach Kesarval Waterfall. You can hire a taxi, cab, pilot taxi, or car rentals to commute locally in Goa. The taxis or cabs in Goa will drop you close to Kesarval Waterfall.

How to reach Kesarval Waterfall by Air

Taking a flight to Goa is the fastest way to get close to Kesarval Waterfall. Dabolim airport or Goa airport is the nearest airport to Kesarval Waterfall. The airport is only 29 kilometres from Panjim. Once your flight is landed, you can hire a taxi or any other mode of transport to get around Kesarval Waterfall.

You can find lots of cabs, auto-rickshaws, pilot taxis, or car rentals outside the Dabolim Airport. The airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is for domestic flights, and Terminal 2 is for international flights. Dabolim Airport is only 14.4 kilometres from the Kesarval Waterfall location. You can take a taxi, bus or rail to visit Kesarval Waterfall.

Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport (Dabolim International Airport)

Address: Airport Rd, Dabolim, Goa 403801

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How to reach Kesarval Waterfall by Road/Taxi/Bus/Car

rail route

Kesarval Waterfall Goa is a famous tourist site covered with tropical woodlands. Witnessing this beautiful place in the state of Goa is itself a great adventure. There are several ways to reach Kesarval Waterfall. The total distance between Panjim and Kesarval Waterfall is only 22 kilometres. You can hire a taxi, auto-rickshaw, bike, etc., to reach the waterfall location. It’ll only take a 36-minute drive from Panjim to Kesarval Waterfall.

Bus StandDistanceTimeVia
Margao Bus Stand12.2 km20 minNH 66
Vasco Bus Stand14.8 km23 minNH566
Shiroda Bus Stand17.7 km31 minCurchorem – Ponda Rd and Cortalim – Racaim – Loutulim – Borim
Panaji Bus Stand18.9 km35 minNH 66
Ponda Bus Stand20.5 km39 minNH566 and Cortalim – Racaim – Loutulim – Borim
Marcela Bus Stand24.1 km47 minMDR 1
Cuncolim Bus Stand25.7 km44 minNH 66
Mapusa Bus Stand30.5 km1 hrNH 66
Curchorem Bus Stand32.7 km52 minMargao-Chandor-Curchorem Rd
Sanquelim Bus Stand33.6 km1 hr 5 minMDR 1
Honda Bus Stand37.6 km1 hr 12 minMDR 1
Assonora Bus Stand42.6 km1 hr 21 minNH 66
Bicholim Bus Stand42.6 km1 hr 21 minBetim–Penha de Franca–Pomburpa–Quitla-Aldona Rd and NH 66
Canacona Bus Stand49.8 km1 hr 25 min Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy

How to reach Kesarval Waterfall by Rail

rail route

Are you planning to travel via train? If yes then the best is to buy a train ticket to Vasco Da Gama railway station. It is the closest train station to Kesarval Waterfall. The average price for a train ticket to Vasco Da Gama can be around 900 INR to 1000 INR. Once you reach the station, you can hire a taxi or a cab to reach your destination. The waterfall is about 43 kilometres away from Vasco da Gama railway station. It’ll take a driving time of 1 hour and 12 minutes to cover this distance.

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Kesarval Waterfall  
VENVerna6.6 km
SKVLSankval7.3 km
CSMCansaulim7.3 km
MJOMajorda Junction9.0 km
DBMDabolim10.8 km
SRVXSuravali12.8 km
KRMIKarmali16.1 km
VSGVasco da Gama17.4 km
MAOMadgaon Junction17.5 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal21.4 km
CNRChandar24.9 km
BLLIBalli30.2 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem31.5 km
THVMThivim40.5 km
PERNPernem44.3 km
KMKalem46.8 km
CNOCanacona49.5 km
QLMKulem52.8 km
LOLLoliem61.8 km

How to reach Kesarval Waterfall from Panjim

No matter where you are in Goa, getting around various places is quite easy and convenient. You can get around Kesarval Waterfall from Panjim via many transportation options, including taxi, bus, cab, or car rentals. The Panjim to Kesarval Waterfall distance is only 22 Kilometres. You can reach the waterfall location in only 38 minutes. The bus is the cheapest way to get around places. There are buses in Goa that operate between Panjim to Kesarval Waterfall route.

Best Time to Visit Kesarval Waterfall

Best Time to Visit Kesarval WaterfallJuly to March is considered the best time to pay a visit to Kesarval Waterfall. But, areas nearby this site are likely to become slippery and muddy due to heavy rainfall during these months. Between July and March, the temperature here ranges from 28 to 30 Degrees Celsius. Those who call themselves true nature enthusiasts will enjoy watching the waterfall and its surrounding areas.

Best Season to Visit Kesarval Waterfall

Kesarval Waterfall lies close to the Verna Plateau, South Goa. This amazing spring in Goa is ideal to visit in the monsoon. During the monsoon season, the site experiences maximum rain that tends to increase the water level.

Visiting Time in Kesarval Waterfall

rail route

Kesarval Waterfall has a lot of nearby attractions that visitors can explore during their expedition. This waterfall is best to visit during the heavy rainy season. The site remains open 24 hours.

Opening Hours

Sunday24 Hours 
Monday24 Hours
Tuesday24 Hours
Wednesday24 Hours
Thursday24 Hours
Friday24 Hours
Saturday24 Hours

Places to Visit in and around Kesarval Waterfall

Places to Visit in and around Kesarval Waterfall

Kesarval Waterfall is itself a very beautiful and scenic location. However, there are many attractions close to this site that you should add to your list.

  1. Basilica of Bom Jesus: Being a Roman Catholic Church in Old Goa, Basilica of Bom Jesus also has the status of being the oldest church in Goa. It was wholly constructed in 1604. The church is situated in Vainguinim, which is only 10 kilometres from the capital city Panjim. It entices many vacationers from various parts of the world. The inside of the church has been intended in Mosaico-Corinthian architecture.
  2. Se Cathedral: Se Cathedral has lots of must-see exhibits for its visitors. It is also among the biggest cathedrals in the Asian continent. Here, you can get to witness The Chapel of the Cross of Miracles, The baptismal font, the sculptures, and paintings. The cathedral was started building in the year 1562 and completed in 1652. It remains open every day of the week between 7: 30 AM to 6 PM.
  3. Shree Mangesh temple: Shree Mangesh Temple Goa is only 22 kilometres from the capital city and 26 kilometres from Margao. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mangueshi. As per Mythology, Lord Shiva came to this place after losing everything in a game of dice against Paravati (Lord Shiva’s wife). Also, the temple was a part of temple demolition in 1567 by the Portuguese inhabitants while Salcete was added to their area. Read more

Here are the best waterfalls in Goa that you can explore after your visit to Kesarval waterfall. While some falls are known for their story, others for their beautiful trek. Whatever waterfall you choose, be sure to make the most of your tourism

Activities at Kesarval Waterfalls

Activities at Kesarval Waterfalls
  • Bathing in the sparkling waters 
  • Click pictures of the scenic view
  • Camping with friends and family 
  • Tour nearby locations

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Tips for visiting Kesarval Waterfalls

The tourists need to keep certain tips in mind before they can head to the Kesarval Waterfall Trek. Here are a few vital tips that you need to consider before getting around the waterfall place.

  • You must take essentials like trekking clothes and shoes as there aren’t any rental services available nearby. 
  • Always listen to your tour guide and adventurous sports instructor to save yourself from any accidental events. 
  • Always carry a trek bag with you, which has all the essential items such as sunscreen, medkits, torch, extra clothes, etc. 
  • Travel with cash and extra bank cards, as many places do not accept cash and vice-versa. 
  • Always keep a water bottle with you to keep your body hydrated.

Places to Eat Near Kesarval Waterfall

  • Bhooos Restaurant
  • Trails of Taste
  • Mad Goa

Distance of Other Waterfalls From Kesarval Waterfall

Waterfall NameLocationDistance
Kesarval WaterfallQuelossim, Goa0 km
Twin WaterfallBorim, Goa21.2 km
Harvalem WaterfallSanquelim, Goa35.8 km
Pali WaterfallPale, Goa55.1 km
Dudhsagar WaterfallSonaulim, Goa56.6 km
Netravali WaterfallNetravali, Goa60.5 km
Charavane WaterfallChoraundem, Goa61.3 km
Mainapi WaterfallNeturlim, Goa61.5 km
Tambdi surla waterfallSurla, Goa61.9 km
Hivrem WaterfallIvrem-Buzruco, Goa63.0 km
Bhupar WaterfallGaodongrem, Goa65.0 km
Bamanbudo WaterfallGaodongrem, Goa67.7 km
Kuske WaterfallKhotigao, Goa73.8 km

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