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About Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa, India

Located in the state of Goa, India, Dudhsagar Falls is a four-tiered waterfall where tourists can find peace and tranquility. Near Panaji city, Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa is a majestic and tallest waterfall in the Mandovi River and is about 310 meters high and 30 meters wide which makes it India’s highest waterfall.  

It is a cascade of milk from the Western Ghats and has been around for thousands of years.  It is located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park which is in the middle of the Western Ghats. It’s also the highest waterfall in India and has been voted as one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls by National Geographic Traveller. Dudhsagar Falls is so-called as it resembles a “Sea of Milk” for its milky honey-coloured water that emerges from the hills and crashes down to meet the ocean. 

The region is surrounded by deciduous forests with rich biodiversity. Dudhsagar waterfall location is also famous for its surrounding beauty where one can find lush green forests, beautiful rivers, mountains view which make it a perfect destination in India for nature lovers. This waterfall stands as a symbol of peace for all those who visit it!

Dudhsagar Falls Address: One of the most spectacular waterfalls, Dudhsagar Fall is located in Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa. This beautiful waterfall is located in the southern part of Goa in Mollem, towards the Karnataka state border.

Address: Dudhsagar Falls, Waterfall in Goa, Sonaulim, Goa 403410

Dudhsagar Falls Myths or Famous Legend

There was a beautiful princess who loved taking baths in the lake near her abode. She always finished her bath with a drink of sweetened milk from her gold jug of milk. One day, she noticed a handsome prince gazing at her from afar and immediately spilt the sweetened milk into the lake so that no one could see how beautiful she really was. 

The history of DudhSagar waterfalls includes what causes Dudhsagar’s waterfall today because it flows endlessly with sweetened milk from an old jug of milk split by the mysterious Princess centuries ago!

How To Reach Dudhsagar Falls

There are three ways to reach where Dudhsagar waterfalls are located. There’s the train, which is fast and makes stops at many other beautiful sights along the way. The road has its own attractions, like seeing animals that live nearby or taking an adventurous twisty ride along the mountain roads. And hiking through the hills if you want to savor every scene and admire the spectacular scenery by clicking Dudhsagar waterfall images and creating Dudhsagar waterfall videos all around!

How To Reach Dudhsagar Falls By Air

The nearest airport to Dudhsagar falls is Goa Airport which has flights connecting major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Situated within the distance of 46 km (approx.) from Panaji, Goa International Airport serves both domestic and international flights.

It has two terminals, terminal 1 is dedicated only for domestic departures and arrivals and terminal 2 is used for international flights. It is around 67.7 kilometres and takes approximately 2 hours and 05 minutes by car or taxi or bus from here to reach the falls. There are plenty of taxis or cabs available at this international airport for your travel convenience. 

Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport (Dabolim International Airport)

Address: Airport Rd, Dabolim, Goa 403801

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How to reach Dudhsagar Falls By Road

rail route

Dudhsagar Falls is a beautiful and genuine beauty in the Western Ghats, India. It’s a popular tourist destination and can be reached by road from Kulem which is off National Highway (NH-4A). There are regular buses available for this route from different cities as well as taxi rides or many private car rentals with drivers who would take you there. 

Bus StandDistanceTimeVia
Curchorem Bus Stand31.6 KM1 hr 8 min MDR52 and SH 7
Shiroda Bus Stand39.1 KM 1 hr 15 minMDR52
Ponda Bus Stand45.6 KM1 hr 20 minNH748
Honda Bus Stand48.3 KM1 hr 28 minValpoi-Honda Rd/Valpoi–Birondem–Advoi–Pissurlem-Honda Rd
Cuncolim Bus Stand49 KM1 hr 45 minMDR52
Margao Bus Stand51.8 KM1 hr 47 minMDR52
Sanquelim Bus Stand54.4 KM1 hr 37 minNH748 and Hathkhamba-Goa Rd
Marcela Bus Stand56.1 KM1 hr 37 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Bicholim Bus Stand61.9 KM1 hr 51 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Assonora Bus Stand68.8 KM2 hrs 4 minsHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Canacona Bus Stand69.8 KM2 hr 12 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy and NH 66
Vasco Bus Stand75.1 KM 2 hr 11 minNH748
Panaji Bus Stand76.9 KM2 hrsNH748
Mapusa Bus Stand82.6 KM2 hr 16 minNH748

How To Reach Dudhsagar Falls By Rail

rail route

Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in India. The nearest railway station to this spot is Dudhsagar Railway Station which is just 1 km away from the site. However, this station is not an official stop, so if you want to visit the place then your rail route would be to Kulem or Castle Rock station. So that, if you are travelling from Karnataka then you can get a train to Castle Rock. And, if you are visiting from the North to admire the beauty of waterfalls then the stoppage will be Kulem for you.

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Dudhsagar Waterfall 
QLMKulem10.4 km
KMKalem23.3 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem31.1 km
CNRChandar39.8 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal46.3 km
MAOMadgaon Junction48.7 km
BLLIBalli50.2 km
SRVXSuravali54.1 km
MJOMajorda Junction56.9 km
VENVerna57.4 km
CSMCansaulim58.0 km
SKVLSankval63.6 km
KRMIKarmali64.9 km
DBMDabolim67.1 km
CNOCanacona69.5 km
THVMThivim70.8 km
VSGVasco da Gama71.4 km
LOLLoliem81.8 km
PERNPernem84.1 km

How to reach Dudhsagar Falls From Panaji (Panjim) 

The Dudhsagar Falls is a very popular tourist destination in India. It is located near Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, which is about 57.1 kilometers from Panaji city. The best way to reach Dudhsagar Falls from Panaji city is by hiring a taxi or private cab for around INR 2,100 – INR 2,600. If you can’t afford this, then there are buses which take about 1 hour and 23 minutes to complete one way. And if you don’t mind taking public transport, you can also board a simple bus that goes to the falls with several stops along the way.

Best Time To Visit Dudhsagar Falls

The best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfalls would be between September and December. The falls are at their best during this period with heavy rainfall, which means that they are not only more beautiful but also have a lot more water flowing down them than any other time of year on average. 

Best Season To Visit in Dudhsagar Falls

The best season to visit in Dudhsagar waterfalls is when the weather is good. It also depends on your personal preference or is during the monsoon season. The waterfalls are at their best during this time of the year because they are surrounded by a volume of water, lush greenery, and flowers. 

This is also a great time to visit if you’re looking for some adventure, as due to heavy rainfall there will be more water than usual coming down from the falls! Or, you can also visit during summer if you are looking for a cool escape from the heat and humidity of hot summers.

Visiting Time in Dudhsagar Falls

rail route

Dudhsagar Waterfall attracts tourists from all over to witness its beauty and marvel at its natural splendour. It is a great place to cool off from the heat of summer, but it is a wonderful sight even in winters. The waterfall opens at 7:00 am from Sunday to Saturday!

Opening Hours

Sunday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Dudhsagar Falls Trek

Dudhsagar waterfall trek is an amazing experience for adventure seekers because you will get to see Dudh Sagar Lake at close range while walking through lush green forests with plenty of flora and fauna. The best way to do this falls trek is on foot which can be done by anyone who’s able to walk for 5-6 hours. 

There are two ways to start an adventurous trek, either you start it from Kulem railway station or Castle rock railway station. The trip to this gigantic waterfall would take at least two days, so if you want to do the Dudhsagar trek then make sure you have enough time before setting out on your journey!

Places To Visit Nearby Dudhsagar Waterfalls

  1. Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary: Located in the Western Ghats of West India, in Goa, Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary is a large green forest reserve that has been home to many species of wildlife. Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1978 and was originally called the Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve and Mollem National Park. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich biodiversity and unique landscape.
    Distance between: 15 min (4.7 km)
  2. Sahyadri Spice Farm: Sahyadri Spice Farm is located in Sahyadris, a region of Western Ghats. Sahyadris are the source of many spices used around the world for their aromatic properties. The Sahyadri Spice Plantation Farm produces these spices with care and precision to maintain their quality.
    Distance between: 37 min (15.0 km)
  3. Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay: Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay is a beautiful resort nestled in the Dudhsagar Hills of the Western Ghats. The plantation offers an idyllic retreat, as well as being a great way to experience local life. It offers an overnight stay and full-day activities such as plantation tours, bird watching tours, elephant safari, etc. It also offers wonderful views of the Dudhsagar waterfall and the scenic valley.
    Distance between: 40 min (20.3 km). Read more

Other Popular Waterfalls in Goa

Activities To Do In Dudhsagar Falls

  • Castle Rock Trek 
  • Spice Plantation tour 
  • Trekking or Camping 
  • Embark on the Devil’s Canyon Trek
  • Railway Track Tour or Elephant ride
  • Take a dip in the Dudhsagar Waterfall Pool
  • Boat Tour or Banana Boat rides
  • Kulem – Dudhsagar Trek
  • Adventurous Dudhsagar Jeep Safari

Tips for visiting Dudhsagar Falls

Many people visit India each year to see the beautiful country and its rich culture. One of these places is Dudhsagar Falls, which is located in Goa. It’s also home to some of the best resorts, gardens, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries in India! Here are some tips for visiting this falls: 

  • For those who want to explore more than just the falls, there are many other attractions such as museums, churches, and temples located nearby that can be visited as well!
  • Bring a small backpack and make sure to fill it with essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen.
  • Bring your camera and binoculars because this is a diversity of nature! You can capture the beautiful scenery on film or just use the binoculars to get a closer look at some of Dudhsagar’s rare species!
  • If you are planning on taking a dip in the huge gush water, be prepared to get your feet wet or wear life jackets! Only brave swimmers should enter the water!
  • Wear appropriate footwear, if you are planning for the Dudhsagar trek or walking on the rocks and climbing down some steep paths! 
  • There are plenty of places to stay, including hotels and cottage rentals. Make sure you book ahead of time if you plan on staying the night! 
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Places to Eat Near Dudhsagar Falls

  • Hidden view farm
  • Nagesh restaurant
  • Waterfall family restaurant
  • Azmat Biryani Shop
  • Rushita Restaurant
  • Costa’s Delight
  • Bina Restaurant
  • Jungle Cafe
  • Dudhsagar Udpi Pure Veg Restaurant
  • Apollo Bar and Restaurant

Distance of Other Waterfalls From Dudhsagar Waterfall

Waterfall NameLocationDistance
Dudhsagar WaterfallSonaulim, Goa0 km
Tambdi surla waterfallSurla, Goa30.5 km
Twin WaterfallBorim, Goa43.6 km
Pali WaterfallPale, Goa49.2 km
Harvalem WaterfallSanquelim, Goa51.6 km
Kesarval WaterfallQuelossim, Goa56.6 km
Netravali WaterfallNetravali, Goa59.0 km
Mainapi WaterfallNeturlim, Goa60.0 km
Bamanbudo WaterfallGaodongrem, Goa67.6 km
Bhupar WaterfallGaodongrem, Goa72.8 km
Charavane WaterfallChoraundem, Goa75.3 km
Hivrem WaterfallIvrem-Buzruco, Goa77.1 km
Kuske WaterfallKhotigao, Goa93.0 km
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to reach Dudhsagar Falls?

Answer: If you are planning a trip to this waterfall to admire its natural beauty, there are many options available for reaching it by road or by train. You can also book your tickets online with Travanya to the nearest airport which is within a distance of 76.6 kilometers from Dudhsagar Waterfall. For those who are not able to make the lengthy journey, we will offer various Dudhsagar holiday packages that have been designed for everyone.

Q: Is it safe to book a Dudhsagar waterfall ticket in advance?

Answer: If you purchase your ticket before you arrive at the falls then there will be no waiting time for you to get into the park and see them up close! You may also save money by booking ahead.

Q: What is the ticket price of Dudhsagar waterfall?

Answer: Well, that all depends on what you want to do. If you just want to see the falls without any other activities then it will cost around INR 400. But if you would like to take a boat ride across the river or enjoy some of the water sports nearby, then your trip will be more expensive. The price range is anywhere from Rs 200-500 per hour depending on what type of activity you are looking for!

Q: What’s the best way to experience Dudhsagar Falls?

Answer: If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, then the best way to see Dudhsagar Falls is by boat. You can enjoy a boat ride through this magnificent natural wonder and get close enough to feel the mist from the falls. The sound of rushing water will fill your ears as you go on a journey that will take your breath away!

Q: What clothes should I pack for my trip to Dudhsagar waterfall?

Answer: Well, it depends on what time of year you plan to go and the length of your stay. For instance, if you are going during winter (December-January) then you might want to bring a heavy jacket or raincoat. If summertime is more appropriate for your trip then shorts and tank tops would be perfect.

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