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About Bhupar Waterfall  Goa, India

Bhupar Waterfall  Goa

Goa is one of the ideal places in the country which is known for its waterfalls. The Bhupar Waterfall is very renownedly known as ‘The Guni Fond’, is considered to be an ideal place to visit with family and friends.

Right from when you enter the area of the waterfall you will be able to get that beautiful gushing sound that will be so peaceful. This waterfall is not very high in-depth, and the best part is that the place is also not very rocky.

It is a great waterfall that allows people to have an exciting day coupled with the Bhupar Waterfall trek. It is also known to be a seasonal waterfall, as here the source of water flows from different streams from the mountains, and depends on the rains.

There is also a small dam which was built by the old Portuguese and is visible by the way it has been constructed. The entire area of the waterful flaunts an amazing view at each step. All the nature lovers will find this place as a paradise.

Want to know the current status of tourism in Goa? Well, it’s open for all. While domestic travelers need to either be fully vaccinated or carry an RT-PCR report, international travelers need to fill out the Air Suvidha form. For further information, get in touch with us today!

Bhupar Waterfall Address: One of the most beautiful and divine waterfalls, Bhupar waterfall is situated in Godangrem, which is a little far from the city.

Address: Gadongrem, Goa, 403702

How To Reach Bhupar Waterfall

If you are looking for the answer as to how to reach Bhupar Waterfall? Then you are at the right place. The Bhupar Waterfall is located in a very prominent location in Goa. Hence, an individual from any part of the country can reach here easily.

There are multiple transport options available to reach Bhupar Waterfall location. The first step you will have to take is, reach Goa first, and then right from there, you can opt for any transportation to reach Bhupar Waterfall. Your journey to the waterfall will be beautiful and on the way, you can click amazing Bhupar waterfall images for memories.

How To Reach Bhupar Waterfall By Air

Bhupar Waterfall location is very convenient to travel by air. The nearest airport is the Goa International Airport (Dabolim Airport). The airport is conventional and open to flights from all the major cities of the country such as Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc.

The airport also hosts post-national and international flights. Terminal 2 of the airport is for domestic departure and arrival and terminal 1 is for departure and arrival for international flights. Bhupar Waterfall distance from the airport is approximately 77.6 Kilometers.

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How To Reach Bhupar Waterfall By Road/Taxi/Bus/Car

rail route

Bhupar Waterfall is considered to be one of the very popular destinations which is very conveniently reached by road. Right from the cabs, taxis, buses or even car rentals, there are plenty of services which are available to make one reach the Bhupar Waterfall. The roads and the highways are pretty well developed, connected to major cities so you can travel comfortably.

Bus StandDistanceTimeVia
Canacona Bus Stand17.1 km30 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Cuncolim Bus Stand38.6 km1 hr 4 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Honda Bus Stand48.3 KM2 hr 17 min(89.0 km) via Hathkhamba-Goa Rd
Curchorem Bus Stand48.8 km1 hr 19 min  Tilamol – Rivona – Colomb – Curdi (Zambaulim)
Margao Bus Stand53.4 km1 hr 26 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Shiroda Bus Stand58.2 km1 hr 30 minCurchorem – Ponda Rd
Vasco Bus Stand58.2 km1 hr 30 minCurchorem – Ponda Rd
Ponda Bus Stand71.0 km1 hr 54 min Curchorem – Ponda Rd
Panaji Bus Stand85.9 km2 hr 19 minNH 66 and Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Sanquelim Bus Stand89.1 km2 hr 16 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Marcela Bus Stand91.2 km2 hr 15 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Mapusa Bus Stand97.5 km2 hr 37 minNH 66 and Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Bicholim Bus Stand102 km2 hr 40 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Assonora Bus Stand109.0 km2 hr 47 min Hathkhamba-Goa Rd

How to reach Bhupar Waterfall By Rail

rail route

Bhupar waterfall Goa is considered one of the safest and most beautiful waterfalls in the city, which can easily be reached via rail. The nearest railway station to the Bhupar Waterfall is Dudhsagar Railway station, which is just 8 km away. Just outside of these railway stations you will easily get plenty of options of buses, auto-rickshaws and cabs who can give you an easy ride.

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Bhupar Waterfall  
CNOCanacona15.4 km
LOLLoliem24.9 km
BLLIBalli34.4 km
KMKalem49.8 km
MAOMadgaon Junction51.8 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal51.8 km
CNRChandar52.1 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem53.2 km
SRVXSuravali54.0 km
MJOMajorda Junction57.8 km
QLMKulem63.6 km
VENVerna63.6 km
CSMCansaulim64.3 km
SKVLSankval70.5 km
DBMDabolim74.1 km
KRMIKarmali80.4 km
VSGVasco da Gama80.7 km
PERNPernem110.0 km
THVMThivim112.0 km

How To Reach Bhupar Waterfall From Panjim

From Panjim which is the capital city, it is very easy to reach Bhupar Waterall. The distance between the two is almost 77 km and it takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to reach depending on the rush. From Panjim, you can take taxis, buses or cabs and each transportation will have its own travel time depending on how many times it is stopped. The average taxi fare comes out to be 1500 to 2000 INR one way, which may vary and the bus fare is about 100 – 150 INR one way.

Best Time To Visit Bhupar Waterfall

Best Time To Visit Bhupar WaterfallNo matter which season you look forward to visiting the Bhupar Waterfall in Goa, you will have the best time. However, to be on the safer side, it is important to know which is the right time to visit. One of the ideal times to visit Bhupar Waterfall is from the months of October to February. During these periods, the weather remains pleasant and soothing

Best Season To Visit in Bhupar Waterfall

The best season to visit in Bhupar waterfall is when the weather is ideal, which means, it should not be very warm, but it should not be heavily raining. You should visit this during the little monsoons when there are lush green plants and beauty surrounding the waterfall.

Visiting Time in Bhupar Waterfall

rail route

Bhupar Waterfall is one of the secret tourist attractions in Goa. It is one of the most peaceful places to witness.  Here are the visiting times to enter and exit Bhupar waterfall.

Opening Hours

Sunday7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Wednesday7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursday7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Best Attractions Every Traveller Should Visit Near Bhupar Waterfall

Best Attractions in Bhupar Waterfall  Goa

Bhupar Waterfall location is excellent which offers plenty of scenic beauty options. Hence here we have curated a list of some of the leading locations you can visit around Bhupar waterfall.

  1. Aai Waterfall: If you are over exploring those sandy goan beaches, then you must head to Aai waterfall. It is located in between the lush green forest area. The serene waterfalls always welcome visitors with open arms. It is also one of the treasured spaces which are hidden from the eyes of the masses. It is not just the best picnic spot, but also a great place for solo travelling. 
    Distance from Bhupar Waterfall: 300 meters 
  2. Shree Mangesh Temple: It is one of the popular Hindu temples, which is located in close proximity. If you love exploring spiritual and historical places, then it is one of the most recommended places. 
    Distance from Bhupar Waterfall: 47.26 km

Other Popular Waterfalls in Goa

Here are the famous waterfalls in Goa that you can explore after your visit to Bhupar Waterfall. While some falls are known for their religious bent, others for their trek. Whatever waterfall you plan to visit, you will make the most of your tourism.

Activities To Do In Bhupar Waterfall

Activities To Do In Bhupar Waterfall
  • Rock trek with friends 
  • Enjoy camping in the lush green environment 
  • Dip at the Bhupar Waterfall
  • Enjoy Jeep safari
  • Take a Plantation tour

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Tips For Visiting Bhupar Falls

Many nationals, as well as international people, visit Goa each year to witness the vibes and beauty of this place. Indeed waterfalls are one of the highlights of Goa, which are just like the hidden treasures. Here we have curated a list of things you should keep in mind while visiting Bhupar Waterfall.

  • As there are villages and raw land near the Bhupar Waterfall, it is important that you carry all the basic essentials with you. 
  • While choosing your footwear to visit the Bhupar Waterfall, make sure there is a solid grip on the shoes as the area near the waterfall can be really slippery. 
  • The bag you carry to the Bhupar Waterfall trek should be rain-covered as it should be able to protect all the essentials. 
  • Since you will be new to the area, hence, instead of going trekking all by yourself it is always a wise decision to hire a tour guide. This is because the tour guide will know the area in and out, and will also help you in case of any emergencies.
  • Most people plan to take a dip at the waterfall. Hence you must carry with you an extra clothing pair and shoes.
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Distance of Other Waterfalls From Bhupar Waterfall

Waterfall NameLocationDistance
Bhupar WaterfallGaodongrem, Goa0 km
Bamanbudo WaterfallGaodongrem, Goa5.1 km
Netravali WaterfallNetravali, Goa18.3 km
Mainapi WaterfallNeturlim, Goa21.1 km
Kuske WaterfallKhotigao, Goa30.0 km
Kesarval WaterfallQuelossim, Goa64.2 km
Twin WaterfallBorim, Goa70.2 km
Dudhsagar WaterfallSonaulim, Goa72.7 km
Tambdi surla waterfallSurla, Goa79.7 km
Harvalem WaterfallSanquelim, Goa95.9 km
Pali WaterfallPale, Goa101 km
Charavane WaterfallChoraundem, Goa121 km
Hivrem WaterfallIvrem-Buzruco, Goa123 km
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a booking required to visit Bhupar Waterfall?

Answer: To visit the Bhupar waterfall you will not have to do any Bhupar Waterfall online booking. But to perform any activity near the area, then it is advisable that you do an online booking.

Q: What type of travel does Goa promote?

Answer: Goa promotes all types of tourism in India. Some categories are historical, cruise, family, senior citizens, and eco-tourism. Q: Are kids allowed to visit Bhupar Waterfall

Q: Can we do fishing near the Bhupar Waterfall?

Answer: There is no fishing area specifically situated. But visitors are allowed to dip their legs in the waters and watch the fish.

Q: How can I book my Bhupar waterfall ticket trek?

Answer: You can book your Bhupar waterfall from any tour operator. For trekking, it is a good idea to get the tickets well in advance, especially if you are going on the weekend which is very crowded.

Q: Is there any Bhupar Waterfall ticket price I have to pay?

Answer: There is no Bhupar waterfall ticket price which the visitors are required to pay as it is totally free of cost. Hence, you no longer will be required to put pressure on your pocket for sure.

Q: What clothes should I pack for my trip to Bhupar Waterfall?

Answer: It does depend on which time of the year you are visiting the place. For instance, if you are visiting during the rainy season then it is a good idea to carry a raincoat and nylon clothes.

Q: Is it safe to book a Bhupar Waterfall ticket in advance?

Answer: Yes, in this case, you will not have any waiting time at all, and you will be able to visit the place without facing the rush.

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