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USA To India Flight

Book USA to India Flight At Lowest Price

Are you looking for low-cost flights? Then look no further than Travanya, the most trusted travel service around. Get the best flight deals to India from the USA by comparing prices from all major airlines, travel partners, and other tourist agents. We are also ensure to assist you in making the flights to India from the USA booking process easier and less stressful. Our unique customer-centric system helps improve the whole flight booking experience of our clients according to their needs and get the best prices on plane tickets to India from the USA. Want to assist you in getting cheap flights to India from the USA or cheap flights to the USA from India? Contact our travel experts and secure the best deals and offers on your flights.

Airlines operating from the USA to India

Many people travel from the USA to India and vice versa every year. Both the USA and India being major travel hubs, there are a variety of airlines offering flights from the USA to India and vice-versaMajor airlines include Etihad Airways, Air India, United Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and many more. India has some major airport hubs, Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport), Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport), Bangalore(Kempegowda International Airport), and Chennai (Chennai International Airport). 

Distance, Time, and Airfare from the USA to India

The total distance between the USA to India distance is nearly 8,500 miles that are 13 679 km. The average USA to India flight time takes around fifteen to seventeen hours, depending on direct & connecting flights. Major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai have direct flights from the USA. The USA to India flight ticket price varies from the USA is 1,025 and 1,731 USD per person for economy flights and 3,219 to 5,435 USD for first-class, approximately. An average flight from the USA to India takes around 15-17 hours, depending on various factors. The time difference between the USA and India is 10 hours and 30 minutes, where India is leading. For more details on the USA to India flight tickets, contact our travel experts today to experience the best flight booking experience. 

Best Month to Book Cheap Flights from the USA to India

Knowing the ideal time to book flight tickets is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Certain factors truly affect USA to-India ticket prices. These can be seasons, airlines, availability, and so on. Between early May and September is the low travel season in India. Thus, if you plan a trip to India, you can book your flight tickets to India from the USA in these months. Airfares and hotel rates during this period in India are low compared to the peak travel season months. To get the best deals on India flight tickets from the USA, book flight tickets in advance. 

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

Rs 40,200 (April)

USA to India Distance

8,500 miles

USA to India Flight Time

14 hours

Cheapest Airlines

Air India, United Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines

Flight Discounts

*Upto 5% Off

Departure Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and many more.

Arrival Airport

Delhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, Chennai Airport & more.

Tips for finding the best deals on flights from the USA to India

  • Start early; plan your international trips beforehand to avail the best deals on your flight tickets and amazing India holiday packages. 
  • June and September are considered the most pocket-friendly times to book your flight tickets from India to the USA. 
  • Avoid traveling to India from September to December as it is the holiday season and experiences heavy air travel, and the USA to India flight cost is generally higher.
  • Booking flights at midnight or early in the morning can also help you save money on airfare. One should always look for flight tickets from the USA to India that depart at odd hours to get better deals. 
  • Subscribe to the Travanya newsletter and stay informed about the best deals and discounts offered on flights from the USA to India.

About India 

India is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to visit. Stretched between the Indian Ocean and the Himalayas, India has a wide variety of natural as well as man-made wonders. Home to some of the world’s most iconic temples, forts, monasteries, national parks, and street markets. Leh, Kashmir, Assam, Delhi, Amritsar, Manali, and Jaisalmer are some of the must-visit towns, so make sure to book flights to India accordingly. From the temples of the south to the historical monuments in the north, India has a lot to offer. And with the legendary Indian cuisine, rest assured that on every trip, you will always feel like a Maharaja. Live a luxury life in the iconic best-in-class hotels in India

Other Things to Do in India

  • Enjoy the variety of different festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Makar Sankranti.
  • Plan a trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra to visit one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.
  • Visit the beautiful beaches of Goa.
  • Explore the ancient temples and learn about the ancient history of India.
  • Visit the capital, Delhi, and cherish the best street food and local street markets of India. 

Transportation Facilities In India

Once you’ve arrived in India, moving about is a different task that requires planning. The most prevalent types of transportation are trains and buses, with rickshaws and metro systems accessible inside cities. Intercity transportation in India is not the most comfortable, quick, or efficient, but economical. However, If you are ready to spend a little extra for the services, you may anticipate reasonably hassle-free and comfortable commuting. For longer distances, use affordable long-distance trains; the journey is an adventure in itself. 

Find Amazing Deals on the USA to India Flight with Us

Travanya offers their customers the best international flight deals for flights to India from the USA. Finding the greatest flight ticket pricing might be difficult due to the numerous alternatives accessible on the internet. As a result, to provide our customers with the best travel experience, we’ve compiled a list of all the cheap offers and discounts available through our strong airline partnerships. We guarantee the best flight ticket prices for you based on real-time changes from our partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: There are 16 non-stop flights from the USA to India and back.

Answer: The most inexpensive flight ticket to India from the USA is around 860 to 900 USD.

Answer: Air India and United Airlines offer cheap flight fares from the USA to India.

Answer: At present, nonstop flights from USA to India are operated on nine routes, including three by United Airlines and five by Air India.