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Kochi To Nagpur Flights

Kochi to Nagpur flights with unbelievable deals on Travanya

Are you looking for low-cost cheap flights from Kochi to Nagpur? Travanya only offers the most competitive Kochi to Nagpur flights. You can travel with your family and friends and still get a good deal. Set a date for your trip and let us know. Your reservations will be handled as soon as possible. All you have to do now is dream about your upcoming vacation, and we will make it happen. To ensure that you receive all possible offers for your flight, reserve your seat as soon as possible. You can expect a memorable round-trip experience when booking your Nagpur to Kochi flights. Travanya will help you make the most of your journey!

Airlines Operating from Kochi to Nagpur

A few prominent flights operate along this route. These flights serve domestic and international travelers. The flights from Kochi to Nagpur include AirAsia, Vistara, Air India, Go First, and IndiGo. They offer a wide range of rates, as per the travel season, the number of stops between the journey, and other demands. So book your COK to NAG flights today, and enjoy Kochi to Nagpur cheap flights. There is an abundance of connecting flights to choose from, with 19 connecting flights from COK to NAG flights. IndiGo Airlines offers the first Kochi to Nagpur flight that takes off at 05:45 am. IndiGo airlines also provide the last COK to Nagpur flights which depart at 23:50.

Distance, Time, and Airfare from Kochi to Nagpur

The approximate aerial distance between Kochi to Nagpur flights is 1261 kilometers. It will take at least 4 hours and 20 minutes for flights from Kochi to Nagpur to arrive at the destination airport. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, round-trip flights to Nagpur from Kochi will save you money. On this route, the average airfare from Kochi to Nagpur per passenger varies depending on the travel season, ticket demand, and journey class. The average flight price on this route could range from 5,500 INR to 15,000 INR for a single person.

Best season to book the cheapest flights from Kochi to Nagpur

Our experts highly advise against booking a flight ticket to Nagpur during the winter months, when the city is busiest. Because the weather is cold and nice for touring, the number of tourists visiting Nagpur during the winter season is high. We recommend booking flights from Kochi to Nagpur in May. The high temperatures and severe humidity during the day make transportation difficult and sweaty, thus tourists avoid Nagpur during the summer. Take advantage of Travanya’s huge discounts when booking flight tickets.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

4630 INR (March)

Jammu to Hyderabad Flight Distance

1736 KM

Jammu to Hyderabad Flight Time

2 hours and 40-minutes

Cheapest Airlines

IndiGo, Vistara, GO FIRST, and Air India

Departure Airport

Satwari Airport

Arrival Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Kochi Airport Information

AirportKochi International Airport


Address Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683111

 Nagpur Airport Information

Airport Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport


Address Sonegaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440005

Tips to find cheap flights from Kochi to Nagpur

  • If you book your flight ticket to Nagpur at least 30 to 40 days in advance, you will be able to secure the best deals.
  • If you’re searching for a budget-friendly journey, we recommend booking a connecting flight rather than a direct ticket for COK to Nagpur flights.
  • Several credit cards provide discounts on Kochi to Nagpur flights from various airlines, so check whether they are available for your ticket before booking Kochi to Nagpur flight. 
  • We also offer a Nagpur holiday package, so if you choose us, you can save money on other aspects of your trip, including hotels and flights.
  • Stay up to date with the greatest Kochi to Nagpur flight deals by subscribing to Travanya’s newsletter.

About Nagpur

Nagpur, often known as the orange city, is one of Maharashtra’s most populous cities, with a large urban area. In addition, it boasts one of India’s highest literacy rates. Nagpur is the greatest place to visit in Maharashtra for tourism. There are a number of things to see and do in Nagpur that you should not miss. Nagpur is India’s most inventive city, having a number of religious and historical landmarks. Aside from that, it has a rich cultural past with a variety of locations to visit such as gardens, lakes, and so on. you will be hooked to the city for a reasonable amount of time thanks to the famous sites here. It has grown in popularity as a snake-like river runs through it, making it India’s tiger capital. Nagpur has a variety of hotels ranging from affordable to cost-effective premium hotels. When you choose Travanya, you will be able to find fantastic discounts and hotels in Nagpur. We also have deals on flights to Nagpur as well as Nagpur vacation packages. So don’t forget to book your COK to Nagpur flights.

Other things to do in Nagpur

  • The Khindsi Lake is a stunning landscape spanning a large area. The lake is well-kept by the Rajkamals in the area.
  • Don’t miss out on the infamous Tiger Safari at the Pench National Park, where you can see these magnificent creatures.
  • The Raman Science Center is one of Nagpur’s educational attractions.
  • At the Krazy Castle Aqua Park, you can have a good time with your loved ones. Splash around in the water and have a great time at this amusement park.
  • Nagpur also has RamDham, which is a beautiful place. A natural park like this is the best place to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Transportation facilities in Nagpur

Local trains run throughout the city, stopping at Ajni, Itwari, Kalamna, Khapri, and Kamptee, among other places. Buses are another form of public transportation that connects all parts of the city. Over 17 electric and low-floor buses run throughout the city. These buses also run between Nagpur and other Maharashtra cities. There are also rickshaws and taxis available. They are inexpensive and are ideal for making multiple stops at different points of interest. You obtain them at a reasonable cost and are provided excellent service.

COK to Nagpur flight deals on Travanya

Travanya is one of the most dependable travel agencies, ensuring that all of your travel needs are met. We make the flight booking process simple and stress-free so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime. We work with a variety of airlines to bring you incredible flight deals, business class flight deals, and more. As a result, you can visit Nagpur on a budget. You can get in touch with us at +91 8000235865.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: IndiGo is the airline that operates the most from Kochi to Nagpur.

Answer: No, there are no non-stop flights from Kochi to Nagpur.

Answer: It is not necessary to pay the insurance charges, however, we recommend you do so for safety purposes.

Answer: You can check the status of your Kochi to Nagpur flight here. Several flights operate along this route.