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Mumbai To Pondicherry Flight Price

Mumbai to Pondicherry flights on Attractive deals on Travanya

Are you looking forward to visiting Pondicherry for your trip this year? We are here to help you! We aim to provide you with Mumbai to Pondicherry cheap flights so you can have the best vacation possible. Our travel agent team has worked with many clients and airlines and can offer fantastic deals on flights to Pondicherry from Mumbai. Flights from Pondicherry to Mumbai are readily available at a low price on Tranvanya.

Airlines operating from Mumbai to Pondicherry

There are four flights between BOM to PNY every day. These flights are provided by the prestigious airlines IndiGo and SpiceJet. People prefer these airlines as they provide Mumbai to Pondicherry cheap flights. Currently, neither of the two airlines provides direct BOM to PNY flights. All four daily Mumbai to Pondicherry flights is connecting. SpiceJet airline has the most flights to Pondicherry from Mumbai at the cheapest rates. The first BOM to Pondicherry flight is SpiceJet SG252 leaving at 08:10. The last flight on this route is IndiGo 6E977 departing at 10:20 pm. 

Distance, time, and airfare from Mumbai to Pondicherry

The aerial distance from BOM to Pondicherry is 1087 km. Flights to Pondicherry from Mumbai cover this distance daily. As there are only connecting flights on this route, the tenure of BOM to PNY flights is longer. The shortest time for a connecting BOM to Pondicherry flight is 8 hours.

The average airfare from Mumbai to Pondicherry is 6000 INR to 7500 INR. Buying an air ticket Mumbai to Pondicherry is affordable if you book it a month before your journey.

Best season to buy cheap flights from Mumbai to Pondicherry

The best season to visit Pondicherry so that you can get from Mumbai to Pondicherry cheap flights is the rainy season. People generally like to stay in the winter season as Pondicherry has typically warm weather. The Winter season is the peak travel season for Pondicherry. The airfare from Mumbai to Pondicherry is the highest during the winter months.On the other hand, the rainy season is the low travel season for Pondicherry. Due to the frequent rains, the weather is unpredictable. Moreover, the weather becomes hot and humid during the monsoon months. We suggest that you make a flight booking for Pondicherry in the monsoon month of August to ensure that you get the lowest price.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month6048 INR (August)
Mumbai to Pondicherry Distance1087 km
Mumbai to Pondicherry Flight Time 8 hours
Cheapest Airlines IndiGo, and SpiceJet
Departure AirportChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport
Arrival Airport Pondicherry Airport

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Mumbai Airport Information

Airport Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)


Address SMumbai, Maharashtra 400099

Pondicherry Airport Information

Airport Pondicherry Airport


AddressXR97+6PH, Lawspet, Puducherry, 605008

Tips to Get Cheap Flights from Mumbai to Pondicherry

  • Buy the holiday package for Pondicherry to get the most budget-friendly deals and discounts.
  • Make sure that you book flights that depart on a weekday rather than a weekend as those are cheaper.
  • Book your flights using an incognito tab to buy a cheap air ticket Mumbai to Pondicherry ; book your flights using an incognito tab. 
  • The best way to get the lowest airfare from Mumbai to Pondicherry is to confirm your flight tickets a month before your journey.
  • Choose an airline that provides the cheapest flights to Pondicherry from Mumbai.
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About Pondicherry

Pondicherry, often known as Puducherry and simply Pondy, is among India’s seven Union Territories, bordering the southern state of Tamil Nadu. This former French town is a romantic getaway that combines traditional Indian aesthetics with French elegance, making it the best of both worlds.The alleys of Pondicherry’s French Quarter, popularly called White Town, are lined with lovely mustard-yellow colonial houses draped in bougainvillea. There are also quaint cafes and trendy boutiques that serve wonderful French food and beverages. Simply wandering around these alleyways might provide travelers with a peek of Pondicherry’s magical appeal. Book fantastic Pondicherry hotels using Travanya. Get the cheapest flights to Pondicherry easily on Travanya.

Other things to do in Pondicherry

  • Try surfing for an exhilarating experience at Serenity Beach.
  • Go on a long boat ride to enjoy the beautiful Chunnambar Backwater.
  • Visit Aravind’s Hole to enjoy scuba diving if you have an adventurous spirit.
  • Spend a peaceful evening at Ouster Lake. 
  • Offer prayers at the holy Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple.
  • Taste the true essence of Indian food at these highway dhabas and restaurants

Transportation in Pondicherry

Pondicherry has excellent bus service. The city buses have an extensive network that covers the entire city. You can quickly go from one prominent tourist spot to another by taking the bus. The bus fare is fixed by the government and is very low. Traveling by bicycle or motorcycle is one of the popular ways to travel within the city. You can take in the town and stop whenever you like on a cycle. Besides this, you can always hire a taxi to transport you anywhere you wish.

BOM to PNY flights with lowest price deals

Our travel agency has successfully provided the best flights for our clients. We find the cheapest flight for you to have a budget-friendly vacation. Take advantage of our excellent domestic flight deals to get the most affordable prices. Get in touch with us at +91 8000235865 to get the best flights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many flights are available from BOM to PNY every month?

Answer: 120 flights are available approximately from BOM to Pondicherry every month.

Q: What is the Air India web check-in time for Mumbai To Pondicherry flight?

Answer: The Air India web check-in time for Mumbai To Pondicherry flight starts from 48 hours and ends up to 120 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Q: Are direct flights available on the BOM to PNY route?

Answer: No direct Mumbai to Pondicherry flights are available currently.

Q: How can I check my BOM to Pondicherry flight status online?

Answer: You can quickly check your flight status by clicking here.

Q: What discounts are available on BOM to PNY flights by Travanya?

Answer: Discounts up to 10% are available on flights to Pondicherry from Mumbai by Travanya.

Q: Which airline has the maximum number of flights from Mumbai to Pondicherry?

Answer: SpiceJet has the maximum flights to Pondicherry from Mumbai.

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