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Chennai to Tokyo

Get Access to Great Deals at Minimum Prices with Travanya

Are you tired of looking for Chennai to Tokyo flights (MAA to HND)? If that is the case, you have landed at the right place. At Travanya, we have offers for different routes for flight tickets to Tokyo. No matter what reason you are travelling to Tokyo, we have the facilities that may fulfil your demands. We have options for all ages. Be it an old adult or a child or toddler, get the best booking experiences for all personalities. 

You can book your MAA to HND flights from anywhere and anytime with Travanya. If you are planning your holiday soon, let Travanya help you with your travelling queries. With Travanya, you can book both Chennai to Tokyo and Tokyo to Chennai flights. Contact us as soon as possible and be the luckiest ones to get the best deals and discounts on flight bookings! 

Airlines Operating From Chennai to Tokyo

If you want to know about the operational flights on the MAA to Tokyo flight route, get to know here! Over 5-10 airlines are operating between these destinations. However, whether you want to rely on direct flights or indirect ones, the choice is all yours! Some operational airlines between Chennai and Tokyo are British Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Vistara, Emirates, etc. Getting MAA to HND cheap flights has become easier with Travanya! Wait no more and contact our team directly to get the best offers on flights from Chennai to Tokyo. 

Distance, Time & Airfare From MAA to HND

The total distance you will cover on the Chennai to Tokyo flight is around 7755 km. It will take an average duration of 10-30 hours, depending on the airlines’ route and preferences. The minimum airfare from Chennai to Tokyo is approximately INR 48,000 to 2,50,000. However, prices may increase or decrease depending on the airlines and their amenities.

Best Month To Book Cheap Flights From Chennai to Tokyo

The best time to get cheap flights from Chennai to Tokyo is during the off-travel season and the best month is from winter to mid-January. It is because fewer people visit Tokyo during mid-January. Here, the weather usually remains sunny and dry. Moreover, the month of May offers many deals related to the lowest airfare to travel to Tokyo. During this period, you can expect the best discount coupons on various MAA to HND tickets. So, if you want to get the tickets booked at the lowest prices, contact us and get flight tickets with Travanya today!

Route Information

Cheapest Price

Rs 48,041

Chennai to Tokyo Distance

7755 KM

Chennai to Tokyo Flight Time

10 Hours 55 Minutes

Cheapest Airlines

Vistara, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Jet Airways, All Nippon, Tiger Airways, Air India, SriLankan Airlines

Departure Airport

Chennai International Airport (MAA)

Arrival Airport

Tokyo international airport (HND

Chennai Airport Information

Airport Chennai International Airport


Address Grand Southern Trunk Road, Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Tokyo International Airport

Airport Tokyo Airport


Address Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan

Tips To Find Chennai to Tokyo Cheap Flights

  • You can search for your MAA to HND flights in incognito mode so that every time you search for the flights, you can get new searches in the search box.
  • To get a cheap holiday package for Tokyo, book your tickets from Chennai to Tokyo four-five weeks before the date of departure.
  • Please note that booking your flights from MAA to HND on weekdays is lesser in cost than on weekends.
  • Avoid booking air tickets from Chennai to Tokyo with direct flights. Direct flights to Tokyo from Chennai can be comparatively pricey. Also, they are rarely available. 
  • For taking direct international flights to Tokyo from Chennai, try to avoid taking additional or supplementary facilities. 

About Tokyo

Tokyo has been one of the best travel destinations for decades. Being its cherry blossoms, sushi, postcards, and photographs, Tokyo ranks in the top list of relishing yourself with entertainment. Harajuku, situated in Tokyo, is known for its extreme fashion statements. The streets of Harajuku are filled with young fashionistas, tourist attractions, and museums. There are a lot of things to watch when it is about Harajuku. Not to forget to book your room in budget-friendly and the best hotels to stay in Tokyo. Many parks around the city will lead you to the stunning scenic beauty of cherry blossoms. So, if you want to book flights to Tokyo, you can either look for the same at Travanya’s website or reach us through a call. Without having any second thought, book your cheap international flights from Chennai to Tokyo with Travanya today.

Other Things To Do In Tokyo

  • Get know about the history of the goddess at Sensoji Temple
  • Visit the most famous shrine at Meiji Jingu
  • Get known to the sea world with Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Observe the top towers of Tokyo like Tokyo tower, Tokyo Skytree, etc.
  • Relish yourself with the pleasurable smell of cherry blossom at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Transportation Facilities In Tokyo

If you are thinking of getting flights from MAA to HND, you should be aware of the essential transport facilities available in Tokyo. The city is well-facilitated with the transportation services like public transporters like trains and subways, buses, taxis, airport transfers, well-connected urban railway connectors, etc.

Book your flights today with Travanya at Affordable Rates

Travanya is a highly renowned travel agency. We have experienced the tour and travel industry and found that it requires a lot of knowledge for different flight routes. We have well-versed, knowledgeable, and experienced who can assist anyone irrespective of their queries type and categories. You can get your international flight deals at affordable rates. For your Chennai to Tokyo flights, we will help you search for the best routes. You can also choose to connect with our professionals for your MAA to HND tickets.

Reach out to us or call us at +91-8000235865. One of our professionals will get in touch with you and will resolve all your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Try to look for hidden charges while doing the booking process. With Travanay, you can get the chance to compare the prices of all flights operating in Chennai to Tokyo.

Answer: For Chennai to Tokyo flight tickets, many travellers prefer business or economy class.

Answer: The average amount for plane tickets from Chennai to Tokyo is approximately INR 48,000.

Answer: You can look for Chennai to Tokyo flights on Travanaya. We can help you compare prices and get the average or minimum deal for the same.

Answer: With Travanya, you get the best possible discount coupons and codes. You will have to log in first with your credentials and then look for the best deals.