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Chennai To Canada Flights

Get Super-Saver Deals on Chennai to Canada Flights with Travanya!

Do you intend to plan a vacation from Chennai to Canada, but you are worried about the cost? If yes, you can directly get in touch with travel agency Travanya. You can always expect Canada flights from Chennai at an affordable price with us. Not only this, but you can also connect with us if you want round trip bookings, i.e. for the flights from Canada to Chennai. Travanya is renowned worldwide for its array of reasonably priced flights to Canada from Chennai. We will fulfil all your requirements whether you are travelling for work or vacation. 

Airlines Operating From Chennai to Canada

There are numerous prominent airlines that are known to provide apt Chennai to Canada flights. Some of these airlines are IndiGo, Canada Airlines, Scoot, Jet Airways, etc. You might witness variations in prices on booking the Chennai to Canada flight ticket. It’s because the cost might vary from one airline to another. 

Distance, Time & Airfare From Chennai to Canada

The time difference between Chennai and Canada is a whopping 10 hours and 30 minutes, with India in the lead. If we talk about the Chennai to Canada distance, it is notably around 2909 km. The Canada flights from Chennai take anywhere between 19-22 hours. The notable Chennai to Canada flight time might vary based on the layovers en-route. Canada to Chennai flight ticket price will range approximately between INR 39,000-88,000 INR. 

Best Month To Book Cheap Flights From Chennai to Canada

February is considered to be the cheapest month if you intend for a flight booking to Canada. However, if you want us at Travanya to book your Chennai to Canada flight, then you can expect affordable deals all across the year. If you don’t want to book in February but still want cheaper deals, we recommend you book flight tickets at least three months before your travel date. 

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

Rs 70,520 (February)

Chennai to Canada Distance

12,287 kilometers

Chennai to Canada Flight Time

19 hours 45 minutes

Cheapest Airlines

Air Asia, Egypt Air, Air Canada, Oman Air

Departure Airport

Madras International Meenambakkam Airport

Arrival Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Canada from Chennai

  • The best possible way for you to book the cheapest Chennai to Canada flight is to book our very affordable Canada holiday package. We have the best deals on hotels and other attractive packages.
  • Flights to Canada from Chennai will be the cheapest if you book them on the weekdays. Travanya also recommends using the guest mode or incognito.
  • Your Chennai to Canada ticket price will be the cheapest if you look through our website before booking and find the deals available on different credit cards or debit cards. It is better to compare and wait rather than hurry and regret.
  • Booking your flight tickets from Chennai to Canada will prove to be easier and hassle-free with us. It is because our whole team is available just for you the whole day and week. 
  • Make sure your travel dates are quite flexible. This would allow you to confirm your flight bookings whenever any deals come up. 

About Canada

It is quite necessary for you to have some information about Canada after confirming your flights to Canada. Well, Canada is known for its scenic beauty, ice hockey and, of course, maple syrup. Other stereotypical but true things include the obsession with moose and the extreme politeness of the people here. While you are visiting Canada from Chennai, here are some things you can do. With Travanya, you can avail of discounts on booking Canada hotels. So, keep your bags in our hotel rooms and go sightseeing!

Other Things To Do In Canada

  • Go and enjoy the scenic Niagara Falls and make a memory out of it. 
  • Go on a trek with other tourists and let your outdoorsy side loose at the Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains. 
  • Enjoy the ever-changing views while being served world-class food at Toronto’s CN Tower.
  • Explore Old Quebec and learn about the history of places you visit here.
  • Shop well and eat well at Old Montreal. Also, learn about the culture of Canada here.

Being the 2nd largest country in the world, there is no lack of tourist places in Canada. Each place has its own charm and beauty which is incomparable to anything else.

Transportation Facilities In Canada

You should be well aware of the transportation facilities in Canada once you have booked your Chennai to Canada tickets. Canada presently has the Montreal Metro, the Toronto subway, and the Vancouver SkyTrain. An airport circulator, the Link Train, operates nonstop every day and is wheelchair-accessible. It is also free of cost. So after getting off your flight to Canada, you can avail of these benefits. While being in Canada, you would never have to worry about any issues in commuting. 

Never Seen Deals on Flights to Canada from Travanya

If you are looking for the best international flight deals, then ours is the tour agency you need to be contacting. The Chennai to Canada flight price is the cheapest when availed through our package deals.

If you are looking to save more on your Chennai to Canada flight ticket, then Travanya’s trusted team is the one you should reach out to. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for cheap flights to Canada from Chennai. You can contact us on +91 8000235865, and our team will help you avail the biggest discounts possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Most of our holiday packages will advise that you stay for at least 5 days.

Answer: All airports are duly sanitized. Everyone is vaccinated and maintains the norms of social distancing at all places, whether in or out of the airport.

Answer: Jet Airways is known to facilitate the majority number of flights between Chennai and Canada. Q: When can I get the refund of my Chennai to Canada flight price

Answer: There are many airlines which facilitate travellers with space for sleeping. However, it will be an add on to your Canada flight ticket price from Chennai on the pay per use basis.