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Book Flights From India to Seychelles With us!

Are you looking for Seychelles flights from India? Travanya would be a good fit for you. Book your flight tickets from India to Seychelles here to take advantage of some exciting offers and discounts. Tickets from Travanya are comparably priced and usually affordable. We ensure you receive the best round-trip flight deals according to your needs. Our travel agents will find the most suitable deal for you. When you book your flights from Travanya, you are guaranteed to get the best travel arrangements and experiences. Take advantage of Travanya’s unbelievable offers today and book your flight.

Airlines Flying From India to Seychelles

Travanya will compare your ticket prices and help you find the cheapest deal for your trip to Seychelles. It is important to know which airlines fly from India to Seychelles, based on your preferences. Airlines flying to Seychelles include Indigo, SpiceJet, Air India Express, FlyUIA, Kuwait Airways, British Airways, United Airlines, Hahn Air, and Brussels Airlines. Using our travel agency, you’ll find cheap airfare to Seychelles with all the airlines.

Distance Between India and Seychelles and Flying Time

Best Time to Book Tickets from India to Seychelles

The cheapest flights tend to be those booked between four months and three weeks before your departure date. The best time to book your India to Seychelles flight is during the off-season. A quick search of the numbers revealed that February is currently the cheapest month to fly to Seychelles. Travanya has the best offers for flying to Seychelles and the cheapest times to do so. Therefore, it’s never too late to book a trip to Seychelles. Additionally, you can find huge discounts on flight tickets.

Tips For Finding Cheap Flights to Seychelles

About Seychelles

Featuring 115 islands, Seychelles is the perfect hideaway for those seeking sun-kissed beaches, azure seas, swaying palms, and lush flora and fauna. The islands in this archipelago offer a variety of attractions for adventurous travellers. Seychelles is home to some of the rarest bird species, such as the bare-legged Scops Owl or Syer. In 1959, it was rediscovered that this particular species had once been extinct but had instead been rediscovered. The Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé Island is where you will find it. Now is the time to book your Seychelles flights from India. Browse the best Seychelles hotel deals too.

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Top 10 Places To Explore In Seychelles

Seychelles could be a great destination for your family and friends with the most beautiful places to see. If you want to visit Seychelles, Travanya offers cheap tickets to Seychelles. Here are a few of the best places to visit in Seychelles.

  1. Mahe Island: The island of Mahe is the largest and most developed of all Seychelles islands. A sprawling botanical garden and Colonial-era buildings can be found in Victoria, the province’s capital city. Mahe has breathtaking bays that are popular for snorkelling and diving. Take a hike through the Morne Seychellois National Park or peruse the colourful markets on this island.
  2. Cousine Island: Numerous species of birds and animals nest on the island, including endangered and exotic species. The Seychelles brush warbler, hawksbill turtle, Seychelles magpie robin, Seychelles turtledove, and wedge-tailed shearwater. It is an unspoiled granite island, and this area is also an especially private one ecologically. 
  3. Praslin Island: The biggest draw of Praslin is the Vallée de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site and the coco de Mer that grows abundantly here. The island is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Seychelles, thanks to Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, two of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island of Praslin is surrounded by verdant jungles, golden beaches, and deep blue water. Birds and plants abound on the island. 
  4. La Digue Island: Many stunning beaches on the boutique island, including Anse Source D’Argent, with granite boulders adorning their surfaces. In addition to authentic island accommodations, the island offers traditional transportation such as oxcarts and bicycles. Besides its silvery beaches and lush green cover, La Digue Island’s main attraction is its accessibility to other nearby islands like Felicite, Grande Soeur, and Ile Cocos.
  5. Seychelles Natural History Museum: Seychelles’ National History Museum in Victoria City is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, displaying flora, fauna, and geological history. As part of its mission to preserve the natural heritage, the museum also provides information about major environmental problems.
  6. Sainte Anne Marine National Park: Six small islands located close to Mahé make up the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. Coral reefs in the park’s glass-bottomed excursion will welcome travellers with a variety of marine life. There are also opportunities to snorkelling and scuba diving at the national park, making it one of the best places to visit in Seychelles.
  7. Morne Seychellois National Park: Tourists can also enjoy a hike along the marked trail in the national park. Approximately 20 per cent of Mahé’s land is devoted to the park. A 905-meter tall mountain in the park is called Morne Seychellois, which gave the park its name. 
  8. Vallée de Mai National Park: In the Praslin island UNESCO World Heritage Site, this prehistoric forest shelters several endemic species of flora and fauna. The list includes giant coco de Mer fruit palms, vanilla orchids, splayed traveller’s palms, Seychelles bulbuls, fruit pigeons, and the black parrot, the national bird of Seychelles.
  9. Domaine de Val des Pres: You will find five attractions displaying Creole architecture, art, crafts, and gastronomy in the Craft Village. They include- Grann Kaz, La Kaz Rosa, Maison de Coco, Kaz Zanana and 12 craft workshops that display the local crafts.
  10. Rita’s Art Studio And Gallery: For art lovers, visiting the studio and gallery in Seychelles is a popular activity. Here, you can buy stunning paintings depicting the stunning landscapes and seascapes of Seychelles.

Book Round Trip Flights from Seychelles to India

Travanya offers reasonable round-trip flight tickets from Seychelles to India. On flights from Seychelles to India, you can get the most incredible business class deals with us if you buy in advance. On top of that, we can help you plan your trip to Seychelles by offering unique tours and direct entrance tickets to the city’s major attractions. Remember that round-trip flights are usually more affordable than one-way flights.

Enjoy Large Offers on BOM-PAT Flights with Travanya

Travanya is a well-reputed travel and tour company that offers the most affordable and best holiday packages in the industry. If you want to fly to Seychelles, our travel experts can help you get a great international flight deal. We are here to help you find the best price on Seychelles flights, whether you want to book months in advance or at the last minute. Travel experts can help you obtain a swift refund in case of cancellation.

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You can call us at +91-8000235865 if you have any questions about booking. Besides, our customer care team is 24×7 available to assist the customers with doubts and queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the documents needed to fly to Seychelles?

Answer: You need a visa, valid passport, ID card, driving license, and other essential documents to fly to Seychelles.

Q: How much luggage can I bring on my flight to Seychelles?

Answer: Your luggage should weigh no more than 80 kg, and its height should not exceed 150 cm.

Q: How does Travanya offer huge discounts on Seychelles flights from India?

Answer: Because of Travanya’s strong affiliation with diverse aviation companies and partners, it provides the best flight deals to Seychelles.

Q: Before boarding my flight to Seychelles, do I have to check in online?

Answer: Yes, you must complete the web check-in process before boarding your flight to Seychelles.

Q: What are the popular places to explore in Seychelles?

Answer: La Digue, Morne Blanc, and Seychelles National Botanical Gardens are the most famous places to explore in Seychelles.


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