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India to Myanmar Flights

Book Myanmar Flights from India

Are you planning a nice relaxing vacation? There are so many cheap deals for an India to Myanmar flight just waiting to be explored. We can make your life easier by eliminating one step- the tedious jobs of looking for the best deal? How? Because Travanya is the one who is offering them!

We will get you the best deals on Myanmar flights from India. So, all you need to do is pack your suitcase and get ready because we will manage the tedious part of your trip.

Airlines Operating from India to Myanmar

Air India, Go Air, Indigo, Vistara, and SpiceJet are major domestic carriers that offer daily flights to Myanmar from India. Some international airlines like Myanmar national airlines also offer flights from India To Myanmar.

Distance, Time & Airfare from India to Myanmar

India to Myanmar distance is 1901 km. But don’t worry, several flights cover the distance between India and Myanmar daily in a span of a meager 2h 58m; this is the time taken by direct flights. Connecting flights can take upto 4h+. On average, India to Myanmar flight ticket price falls from 22,000 INR to 45,000 INR.

Best Month to Book Cheap Flights to Myanmar from India

Myanmar is experiencing a tropical climate influenced by a strong monsoon; This makes heavy rain and high humidity two characteristics of Myanmar’s weather. If you wish to fly to Myanmar, the best time to travel is between October and November. The temperature and rainfall will drop during this time, making it a comfortable time for visitors. If you’re looking for Myanmar flight ticket prices that would go easy on your pocket, book them during April. April has lesser air traffic and thus, the demands for flight bookings go down.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

Rs 9,435 (January)

India to Myanmar Distance

3,010 km

India to Myanmar Flight Time

2 hrs, 34 mins

Cheapest Airlines


Flight Discounts

*Upto 5% Off

Departure Airport

Delhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, Chennai Airport & more.

Arrival Airport

Yangon International Airport

Tips to Find Cheap Plane Tickets to Myanmar

  • Make sure you book your Myanmar holiday package with us early to give you the best deals on our flight tickets to Myanmar.
  • In addition to expensive traditional airlines, there are many low-cost carriers and low-cost carriers. These airlines allow you to travel on a low or medium budget and bring your Myanmar ticket price down a few.
  • Opt for connecting flights rather than direct flights, this might increase India to Myanmar flight time, but it will save you a few bucks.
  • Most major airlines run some form of frequent flier program for loyal customers. If you want a particular airline and one of its frequent flier services, you can add your name to your frequent flier program to save on India to Myanmar ticket price.

About Myanmar

If you’re planning to fly to Myanmar, here is a glimpse of the country.

Myanmar is a country full of traditions unique to Asia. At the dawn of a more democratic era, the people of this country are determined to preserve the golden wonders of the past. A trip to Myanmar is all about simple fun, such as a gentle cruise along the Ayeyarwady River or a hike through the pine forests of the Shan Hills. With the breathtaking beauty of the Shwedagon Pagoda, the sacred stupa of Bagan and the golden rocks of Mount Chaitiyo, Myanmar will delight tourists who have set foot in the country.

It’s easy getting a flight to Myanmar from India but you might never want to leave- such is the beauty of this place. Also, the range of amazing Myanmar hotels is endless! Thus, you would have no hassle in accommodating here.

Top things to do in Myanmar

  1. Shwedagon Pagoda: One of Myanmar’s most popular places to visit this glorious temple, which is studded with 27 tonnes of gold leaf and some other diamonds and gems in the area where the tower was built.
  2. Inle lake: This lake offers both rejuvenating and scenic views, perfect for capturing some of the best shots of a memorable stay in this scenic country. In the country’s second-largest freshwater lake, there are some really fun things you can do in Myanmar like fishing. 
  3. Ananda Temple: The very popular Ananda Temple is a must-see for travelers to witness the amazing story of the Buddha carved into the inner wall. Details depicting the value of the Buddha’s first sermon can be seen in its original form, as it was before the temple was restored in the 15th century.
  4. Mergui Archipelago: Head to the Mergui Archipelago to see the unique, vibrant fish and explore the underwater world. This place is a great place to snorkel, dive and relax on the coast. While being here, you are surely going to have the best time of your life.
  5. Saddan Cave: Located near Inle Lake, you can access this cave off the route. Inside this cave, you will need to walk barefoot and feel the muddy ground beneath it, as it contains images of the pagoda, figures, and Buddhist texts. 

Round Trip Flight from Myanmar to India

It is well-known that round trips are much less expensive and stressful than one-way trips. Think about it, do you want to relax on your vacation or worry about your round-trip flight from Myanmar to India? The answer is pretty obvious; while booking a Myanmar flight ticket, make sure to book a round trip so that you can vacation like the kings. You can leave this tedious job to us here at Travanya, where our team of professionals and we are here to help you have an unforgettable vacation!

Deals never like before on India to Myanmar Flights With Travanya

If you’re still questioning where to look for the best flight deals to Myanmar, look no more; Travanya is your one-stop destination! We can help you book your India to Myanmar flight without any hiccups to ensure that you have the best time of your life. Even if you are fed up with higher booking prices due to last minute bookings, contact us. We can get you the finest prices with our last minute flight deals.

If you wish to book cheaper Myanmar flights from India, reach us at +91 8000235865. We are available all round the clock just to assist you with no hassle. You just have to tell us your budget and other relatable preferences. We would plan the whole trip for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The time difference between India and Myanmar is 1 hr.

Answer: There are three terminals prevalent at the Myanmar Airport. They are located at a proximity of a short walk from one another.

Answer: Generally, the flight tickets are refundable. However, it would also depend upon the various policies formulated by the airlines. For more information, you can contact us.

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot change the travel date on a flight ticket that has been already booked by you. Instead, you shall have to cancel your booking and then confirm another one.