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Flights to Lakshadweep

Book Flights to Lakshadweep At Lowest Price

Travanya has helped many clients in finding cheap flights to Lakshadweep. It is a trusted tour agency that has many experienced travel agents.  We offer many mind-blowing deals so that you save big on Lakshadweep flight ticket booking. Get cheap flights to Lakshadweep instantly on Travanya.

Major Airlines Flying To Lakshadweep

Air India and Alliance Air provide cheap flights to Lakshadweep. Travanya works with these significant airlines to provide you with amazing deals on the Lakshadweep flight ticket. Fly comfortably by booking flights to Lakshadweep with us with your favourite airline. 

Best Season To Book A Flight To Lakshadweep

According to our experienced travel agents, the best time to book a flight ticket for Lakshadweep is during the winter. We suggest you buy a flight ticket on weekdays. The Lakshadweep flight ticket price is the lowest in the early morning compared to the flight fare in the evening. Tourists find it more comfortable and convenient to travel in the evening.

Route Information


Agatti International Airport (AGX)

Airport Address

R5HH+6PV, Airport Rd, Agatti, Lakshadweep 682553

Cheapest Airline

Air India, Vistara, Go Air, etc.

Cheapest Day to Book

Tuesday, and Wednesday

Cheapest Month To Fly


Flight Discounts

*Upto 5% Off

International Routes from Lakshadweep Airport

Dubai, London, New York, Sydney, Singapore, etc.

Domestic Routes from Lakshadweep Airport

Amritsar,Chandigarh,Gwalior,Indore,Leh etc.

Tips to Book Flights to Lakshadweep, AGX

Most Popular Flights 

Flights from

About Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is situated off the coast of Kerala in the nation’s southern region. It is the smallest union territory in the country. It has a thriving marine life which is present due to the great, warm environment. The pristine beaches with clear water and beautiful coral reefs make Lakshadweep a top tourist attraction spot. This island is an excellent source of seafood and contributes to the economy due to its tourism. The island name Lakshadweep means one lakh islands referring to the cluster of islands that make up Lakshadweep. Get the most affordable hotels for staying in Lakshadweep on Travanya. Buy cheap air tickets to Lakshadweep exclusively on Travanya.

Places to Explore in Lakshadweep 

Lakshadweep serves as a popular tourist destination, being an island city. It attracts adventurous souls and people who just want to relax on the pristine beaches alike. Here are a few places for you to visit in Lakshadweep.

Where to shop in Lakshadweep?

Get cheap flights to Lakshadweep on Travanya

Our tour agency is the best option for you if you want a low Lakshadweep air ticket price. We work with many airlines and can give you the best flights to Lakshadweep at the lowest prices. Using our great business class deals, you can travel in your comfort and at ease with your preferred airline without worrying about your budget. Our travel team of experienced agents is here to clear away all your doubts. Get connected to us by calling us on +91 8000235865 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The various top airlines offer around fourteen flights to Lakshadweep every week.

Answer: You can view Lakshadweep flights status by clicking here.

Answer: No, there are no rules that require you to pay for insurance. However, it is advised by our travel agents that you pay for insurance for safety reasons.

Answer: Yes, different airlines offer several direct flights to Lakshadweep.

Answer: All the major airlines that provide Lakshadweep flights have good, flexible cancellation policies.