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Mumbai to Melbourne Flights

Get Mumbai to Melbourne Flights at Great Prices

If you want to get the best deals while booking your Mumbai to Melbourne flight tickets, then you are at the right place. We at Travanya will effectively help you get the best prices for your flights no matter what. So plan a trip with your family soon, and we are sure to get the best deals for you in no time.

We have an efficient team of travel experts who are constantly working towards getting the best flight deals to various places. So book your flight tickets to Melbourne from Mumbai at budget-friendly rates by contacting us.

Airlines Operating from Mumbai to Melbourne

There are roughly five flights from Mumbai to Melbourne every week. Several airlines currently operate between these two destinations regularly, which include Cathay Pacific and China Airlines.

Distance, Time and Flight Fare from BOM to MEL

The total distance covered by BOM to MEL flights is roughly 9,796 km. It takes around 29.5 hours to cover this distance via flights. This timing is subject to change based on the number and kind of stoppages and layovers that you get. The flight fare for the journey starts from INR 10,786/- (one-way) and INR 60,849/- (round-trip). It may vary depending on the season, demand, availability of tickets, and nature of flights. Book your flights to Melbourne from Mumbai at least four weeks ahead of your scheduled trip.

Best Month to Book Affordable Flights from Mumbai to Melbourne

The best time to book your BOM to Melbourne flight is during the early summers. Melbourne provides the best natural views when visited during fall or early-winters. Accordingly, book your flights in early May or June or late July to get the cheapest fare.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & Month

INR 29,062 (June )

Mumbai To Melbourne Distance

9,796 km

Mumbai To Melbourne Flight Time

29.5 hours

Cheapest Airlines

KLM Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Jetblue airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Brussels Airlines

Departure Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM)

Arrival Airport

Melbourne International Airport (MEL)

 Mumbai Airport Information

Airport Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport


Address Mumbai Airport (BOM), Navpada, Sahar Village, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

 Melbourne Airport Information

Airport Melbourne Airport


Address Melbourne Airport, Locked Bag 16, Gladstone Park, Victoria 3043, Australia

Tips That Will Help You Find Cheap BOM to MEL Flights

  • The most effective way to get cheap BOM to MEL flights is to book them at the right time. Try to book your flights at least four to five weeks ahead of your trip. This will help you avoid the rush at the end moment.
  • Set the price alerts online to get notified as and when the flight prices tend to decrease. Also, try to book cheap flights from Mumbai to Melbourne as soon as you get the best price because flight fares are pretty flexible and change rapidly with time. 
  • If you search for the best flight prices, again and again, the search engines become alert. Clear your cache and search history so that each time you start searching, it will be a new search altogether.
  • You can also choose uncommon Mumbai to Melbourne flight timings to get cheaper rates. For example, flights very late at midnight and in the early morning tend to be cheaper.
  • Avoid booking direct flights from Mumbai to Melbourne until necessary. Indirect flights tend to cost less, so book them instead of the direct ones. This will help you save a lot of unnecessary expenses on flight tickets.

About Melbourne

Melbourne is the coastal capital of Victoria, a south-eastern Australian state. It is also known as the cultural capital of Australia, owing to the rich cultural history of the city that attracts millions of tourists every year. In addition, it is ranked as the most ‘livable city’ every year.

The vibrant city of Melbourne is a popular tourist attraction throughout the year, and this is an important reason for the growing demand for Mumbai to Melbourne flight tickets. It is famous for its ancient cultures, massive dining art, laneways, and street art.

Other Things to Do in Melbourne

  • Visit Federation Square and Flinders Street Station to witness the rich cultural history of Australia.
  • Catch the famous rock bands and listen to some great music at the Spotted Mallard, the Evelyn Hotel, and Ding-Dong Lounge.
  • Indulge in worry-free shopping at Chapel Street.
  • Visit the botanic gardens.
  • Enjoy the vibrant Queen Victoria markets.

Transportation facilities in Melbourne

Melbourne has well-connected rail, tram, and bus services that connect the major parts of the city in general. So you can get to meet the locals while you travel in these public transports, and get to know more about the place.

Grab the Best BOM to MEL Flight Deals from Travanya

As soon as you make your plans to travel to Melbourne, contact us for the best deals. Travanya ensures that you get affordable flight deals whenever you book your Mumbai to Melbourne flights. So plan early and contact us for the best experience.

Our travel experts ensure that you get the best prices no matter what. So choose the suitable Mumbai to Melbourne flights according to your convenience. We will surely help you get the best flight deals in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, indeed. Our experts at Travanya ensure that you get the best deals even at last-minute bookings. In addition, we have connections that help us get the best deals at all times.

Answer: You can travel on Wednesdays and Sundays to get the best BOM to Melbourne flight prices.

Answer: No, you can opt only for indirect flights to Melbourne, as no airline provides direct flight services as of now. No direct flights to Melbourne from Mumbai are available.

Answer: Melbourne has a temperate oceanic climate, which is variable. It has hot summers and cool winters.

Answer: Yes, you can. We operate 24/7 with efficient staff who can help you get the best flight deals as and when required.