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Australia to India Flights


Have an urge to explore Australia ? Travanya has everything covered for you. Right from domestic flights in the Australia, international flights from/to Australia, or Australia tourism, we have listed everything for your simplicity and comfort

Other Famous Australia to India Flight Routes

Domestic Australia Flights

If you want to fly within Australia, look the endless flight options we have on our website. With offers running all throughout the year, domestic Australia flights are going to be at an all-time affordable price. Check them out now!

International Australia Flights

International flights from/to Australia are always a bigger experience since they involve more work, more thought, and more effort. We aim to take the difficulty of booking international Australia flights so people can focus on enjoying the journey.

international flights to Australia

You can book flights to Australia from anywhere with us. If we talk about India to Australia flights, the routes are immense. Some of the favored routes are

International Flights to Australia

The same goes for both-ways journeys! If you wish to fly from Australia you can do that to any destination in the world. However, if you want to book flights from Australia to India, we have special discounts that can help you save more. Some of the preferred flight routes from Australia with the heaviest discounts are