Dummy Ticket Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute an Agreement between you, (hereinafter the “User” or “you”) and Shipra Travels Private Limited (operating under the trade name of “Travanya”)[hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, and “Travanya”]. By visiting the Website or making a booking through our Website i.e., www.travanya.com (the “Website”), you agree to these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) and you confirm that you consent to all the rules and limitations mentioned herein.

The Website offers a service where you can buy dummy flight tickets (the “Services”). By using the Website and by availing the Services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to follow all the terms mentioned in these T&Cs. If you do not agree with these T&Cs, we request you to stop using the Website and not to avail our Services on offer.

Travanya uses the information collected for various purposes, including:

  • Providing and maintaining the Website/Services.
  • Offering customer care and support.
  • Providing analysis or valuable information to enhance the Website/Services.
  • Allowing you to engage in interactive features of our Service when you opt to do so.
  • Notifying you about changes to our Website/Services.
  • Detecting, preventing, and addressing technical issues.
  • Monitoring the usage of the Website/Services.

You also agree that any changes to these T&Cs in the future will apply as soon as they are posted/ updated on the Website. If you continue using the Website or avail of our Services after these changes, it means that you agree and accept the new T&Cs along with the effected changes.

General Terms & Conditions

Purpose of the Dummy Tickets: The Dummy Ticket you get from Travanya can only be used to demonstrate that you intend to apply for a visa. We do not represent at any point in time that the Dummy Tickets issued by Travanya fulfill the required criterion for a visa application or that you will necessarily secure a Visa by using the Dummy Ticket. The Dummy Tickets issued by Travanya cannot be used for your actual travel or to go on a flight trip and can be neither presented as valid tickets at the airport for air travel. By using our Website and booking a Dummy Ticket you explicitly acknowledge and comprehend the distinction between a Dummy Ticket and a confirmed ticket. You hereby agree that you shall be solely liable and responsible for all and/or any liability that may accrue for purporting to use the Dummy Ticket for actual air travel or for tampering or altering any contents of the Dummy Ticket for securing visa, or any purpose whatsoever.

Provide Correct Information: When you book a Dummy Ticket, you shall make sure to give the correct details like your name, passport information, and travel dates. The details provided by you to us at the time of booking Dummy Tickets should match with the information mentioned in your visa application. You consent to solely bear all/any liability arising from any false, or incorrect information that you provide to us or if you provide to us any such information which is materially different from the information submitted by you for the purpose of your visa.

Possible Delays: While Travanya tries its best to give you the Dummy Ticket upon successful booking within the committed time, there might be delays due to technical glitches, technical errors/issues, or other reasons. We do not accept any responsibility for any failure in bookings, payment gateway failures, or for all/any reasons that are beyond our control. Travanya is not responsible for any delays in the booking of tickets.

Acceptance of Dummy Ticket: Travanya cannot guarantee that the Dummy Ticket will be accepted by any authority or embassy. It's the user's responsibility to check the visa application requirements. Travanya does not have any responsibility if your visa gets rejected for any reason. You agree that your purchase of the Dummy Tickets from Travanya is at your own risk and we do not assure or guarantee you that the Dummy Ticket issued by Travanya will help you in securing your Visa or will actually serve your purpose.

Dummy Ticket is not for Actual Travel: Even though the Dummy Ticket may look real, remember it's not for actual travel or bookings. Avoid showing it to airlines, immigration officers, or anyone else involved in travel matters. You understand and agree that at no point in time, we represent that the Dummy Tickets are real travel tickets or confirmed tickets or they will help you obtain a visa, or will necessarily serve the purpose for which it is /they may be presented. You consent to any and all liability that may arise if you attempt or intend to treat such Dummy Tickets as actual/confirmed tickets before visa authorities, airport authorities, or official authorities.


When you agree to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to use and browse the Website only in the English language. If there is any conflict or ambiguity after translation of the Website contents from its original language i.e., English, the original text in the English language shall prevail at all times. It is important to mention that if you decide to translate the Website contents using any third-party software or gain any understanding of the Website contents/Services through your own interpretation leading to any wrong translation or misunderstanding on the part of the user regarding the contents of the Website/Services, you shall solely be responsible for any loss or damages that may arise therefrom. If there are any wrongful perceptions due to translation or misunderstandings due to the Website contents/Services being read or understood in any language other than English, Travanya is not responsible for them. As such, it is up to you to understand the Website contents/Services and use the Website/Services in English without depending on translations or interpretations.

Payment Policies:

Payment policies are essential guidelines that outline how customers can pay for the Services offered by Travanya. Here are the Travanya's payment policies:

  • Payment Methods: Travanya makes it easy for you to pay. You can use different types of cards like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and (Master & Visa) as permitted by the payment gateway.
  • PayPal for International Users: If you're an international user, you can use PayPal to pay. Travanya only accepts PayPal from people outside India.
  • Bank Transfers as an Alternative: If you can't pay with cards or PayPal, Travanya gives you another option: bank transfers. This means you can send money directly from your bank account to Travanya in the form of RTGS/NEFT/IMPS.

Note - It is important to note that the User shall be liable to pay for all/any additional charges in the form of conversion charges, forex markup, bank transfer charges, GST, applicable taxes, etc. charges levied by airlines, bank transaction charges while booking or making payment for Services provided by Travanya through the Website by using any of the above-mentioned payment mechanisms.


When you sign up on our Website, it is important to give correct and full information. If any point of time whether during registration on the Website or at any point of time Travanya discovers that you have submitted any false information or used any document that is forged or Travanya suspects so, or if at any point Travanya identifies that the User has not complied with any specific rules under these T&C’s or has violated any other rules of these T&Cs in general or applicable laws, Travanya holds the right to suspend the registration, suspend use of the Services, block access to the Website or take any appropriate action in this regard. We also reserve the right to refuse registration or restrict you from accessing the Website or from making a booking on our Website without justifying any reason whatsoever. We also reserve the right to cancel your registration or suspend your account either temporarily or delete your account/registration permanently if any time, especially if there is a good reason for us to believe that you have fraudulently booked a Dummy Ticket or we suspect that you are attempting to book the Dummy Ticket for any ulterior or unlawful intent/purpose or if you contravene any rules mentioned in our Terms and Conditions. On the other hand, if you want to stop being registered, you can let us know in writing using the email ID - info@travanya.com.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy:

The cancellation and refund policies of Travanya are to ensure clarity and fairness in transactions between Travanya and its users. Let's know more about the specifics of the outlined policy

  • What it does not Cover: The User cannot claim a re-issue or a refund in cases where their visa application has been rejected or their visa application has been delayed to the point where the validity of the Dummy Tickets has expired. The User also cannot claim a re-issue or a refund in case the User This policy does not help if you need to change your plans because of things like re-arranged/re-scheduled visa appointments or if you decide to travel on different dates. It's important to know this so that you understand which situations are included in a refund and which are not.
  • When You Get a Refund: If we can't give you the Service you asked for, you'll get your money back. This means that if without there being any default on your part, we on our own cannot deliver what you have paid for, you won't lose out financially.
  • How You Get Your Money Back: We'll give you your refund in the same way you paid us. So, if you used a credit card, we'll put the money back on your card. This makes things simpler for you because you get your money back in the same way you paid.
  • How Long It Takes: We promise to give your money back within 7 -10 working days from the date of claim of refund by the User. This means you won't have to wait too long to get your refund. We want to make sure you're not kept waiting for your money if something doesn't work out.

In any case, if there is a delay in the issuance of any refunds owed to the User, Travanya shall promptly inform the User of the same by way of an email after the expiry of the afore-mentioned 7-10 working day window for a refund.

Note- Please NOTE that Travanya has the right to deny you from providing any of the Services for any reason whatsoever and provide you with the adequate amount of refund due (if already paid for, and if any).

Prohibited Activities:

When using the Website, it's important to avoid certain actions. These include:

  1. Causing harm to the Website or interfering with other Users' experiences.
  2. Using the website in a harmful, unlawful, or abusive way. This includes behavior that is harassing, threatening, or otherwise unpleasant. It's also important to follow all laws, regulations, and government orders when using the Website or availing our Services.
  3. Making, sending, or saving copies of copyrighted content on the Website without permission from the owner i.e., Travanya and their affiliates/ partners. It's essential to respect the rights of content creators and obtain proper permission before using their work and we believe you would refrain from doing so.

Ticketing Procedures:

When it comes to our flight reservations, they are valid for a certain number of days, which means you can cancel them any time before the expiry of the validity period. It is best to request your itinerary either on the same day you apply or one day before you leave, to make sure it lines up with how long the ticket is valid. Sometimes, the airline might cancel your reservation for different reasons like overbooking, if your departure date is too close, or because of COVID situations flight cancellations, or any other reason.

Please NOTE: We cannot be held responsible if your visa gets rejected because your Dummy Tickets were cancelled during your application process. We also do not take any responsibility if the Dummy Ticket is cancelled by the airline for any reason whatsoever or if the visa authorities refuse to accept the Dummy Ticket. It is important to remember that these tickets have an expiration date and can be cancelled anytime by the issuing airline for any reason whatsoever.

Normally, we get your ticket bookings to you within 12-24 hours, even on weekends. But if you need them urgently, please contact us and we will endeavour to prepare your itinerary within 1-2 hours.

Intellectual Property and Acceptable Use:

The entirety of the content displayed on this Website, excluding content provided by Users, belongs solely to Travanya, our affiliates/ partners, or relevant third parties. The term "Content" includes but is not limited to things like visuals, pictures, audio files, videos, software, data compilations, page designs, underlying code, and any other type of information that can be stored digitally and is visible on or constitutes a part of the Website, including content uploaded by Users. When you use the Website, you agree that all this content is protected by copyright, trademark, database rights, and other forms of intellectual property rights. Any use of such protected Content without the consent of its owners is a violation of intellectual property laws, rendering you liable for legal consequences It is important to note that just because you see a logo or a brand name on the Website does not mean that you can use it without seeking prior express permission.. You need permission from the owner before you can use any of that stuff.

Contact Travanya:

If you have any questions or need help understanding these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us. Just visit our contact page at https://www.travanya.com/contact-us/or contact us via email at info@travanya.com or write to us at:

c/o Shipra Travels Pvt. Ltd.
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Attn: Customer Service/Privacy
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