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About Vagator Beach Goa

About Vagator Beach Goa

The Vagator beach, located on the northernmost tip of Bardez Taluka, is one of Goa’s most stunning beaches. It is known for its smooth white beaches and intimidating yet magnificent granite cliffs, and it is located 21 kilometres from Panaji.

Little Vagator Beach, also known as Ozran Beach, and Big Vagator Beach are the two main sections of the beach. The sweeping panoramic vistas, beach shacks, and trance parties make Vagator Beach popular.

The Big Vagator Beach, which lies on the right side of the beach and is frequently busy with visitors, is known as Vagator. The beach on the left side of the sea is known as Little Vagator or Ozran Beach.

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Vagator Beach Address: Vagator Beach Rd, Pincode: 403509

How to Reach Vagator beach

Reaching Vagator beach leaves you with a number of options to choose from. Here we’ll be listing different ways and modes of transportation to reach Vagator beach from your current location. 

How to reach Vagator beach by Auto Rickshaw

In every part of Goa, auto-rickshaws are readily available. Auto-rickshaws may be found everywhere, including the airport, train station, and bus terminal. At a relatively low cost, any of these auto-rickshaws may take you to Vagator Beach.

How to reach Vagator beach By Air

You can very comfortably reach the Vagator Beach location by booking your flights to Goa International Airport or Dabolim airport. The Goa airport to Vagator beach distance is hardly around 46.1 km. It will take an average driving time of 1 hour 40 minutes to cover this distance. You can take a bus, cab or taxi from the airport to directly reach Vagator beach. 

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How to reach Vagator beach By Road/Taxi/Bus/Car

rail route

While regular taxis and bike taxis are common in Goa, many visitors choose to hire a bike from one of the many roadside sellers or approved travel agencies. A bike rental might cost anything from INR 350 to 600 per day.

Bus Stand NamesDistance From Vagator beachTimeVia
Mapusa Bus Stand9.4 KM22 minMapusa – Anjuna – Chapora Rd
Panaji Bus Stand19.4 KM39 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Assonora Bus Stand21.9 KM45 minMapusa – Bicholim Rd and Mapusa – Anjuna – Chapora Rd
Bicholim Bus Stand27.4 KM53 minBicholim Rd
Sanquelim Bus Stand35.2 KM1 hr 8 minSH 1
Marcel Bus Stand37.4 KM1 hr 1 minNH748 and NH 66
Honda Bus Stand40 KM1 hr 16 minSH 1
Vasco Bus Stand45.7 KM 1 hr 20 minNH 66
Ponda Bus Stand48.5 KM1 hr 18 minNH748
Margao Bus Stand51.1 KM1 hr 28 minNH 66
Cuncolim Bus Stand63 KM1 hr 47 minvia NH 66
Curchorem Bus Stand68.8 KM1 hr 57 min Curchorem – Ponda Rd and NH 66
Canacona Bus Stand87.2 km2 hr 25 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy and NH 66

How to reach Vagator beach By Rail

rail route

If you are travelling by train, there are many railway stations that can take you pretty close to Vagator beach. Thivim railway station is just 19.2 km away from Vagator Beach, while Pernem railway station is also just 22.2 km. Other main railway stations are Madgaon (53.1km) and Vasco-da-Gama (47.1km). After reaching the railway station you can book a taxi or take a bus.

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Vagator beach
THVMThivim19.2 km
PERNPernem22.2 km
KRMIKarmali30.5 km
SKVLSankval42.3 km
DBMDabolim43.4 km
VENVerna44 km
CSMCansaulim44.6 km
MJOMajorda Junction46.4 km
VSGVasco da Gama47.1 km
SRVXSuravali50.2 km
MAOMadgaon Junction53.1 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal58.7 km
CNRChandar62.3 km
BLLIBalli67.5 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem72.5 km
QLMKulem80.3 km
KMKalem80.6 km
CNOCanacona86.9 km
LOLLoliem99.2 km

How to reach Vagator beach By Ship/Ferries/Boats (if available)

Vagator Beach is not accessible by ship or ferry boat from major Indian cities. However, several adjacent beaches, such as Butterfly Beach, Madgaon Beach, and Varca Beach, offer boats and ferries to Vagator Beach. However, it is preferable to inquire ahead of time regarding water boat services.

How to reach Vagator beach From Panjim (Capital of Goa)

Panjim is 20.6 kilometres from Vagator Beach. If you’re travelling by car from Panjim to Vagator Beach, it’ll take you around 30 minutes. For more information regarding the same, you can easily get in touch with the finest travel agency

Best Time to Visit Vagator beach

Best Time to visitVagator Beach is best visited during the winter season in the Western Ghats, which runs from November to March. Winters in Goa are pleasant, with temperatures seldom falling below 15-17 degrees Celsius. Make sure you are available at the time of sunset here. It’s because this beach showcases amazing and heart-stealing sunset views to its visitors.  

Places In Vagator Beach Not To Miss

Places In Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is a buzzing locale in and of itself. Around Vagator Beach, however, there are plenty of fascinating, intriguing, and historical locations to explore. Here are a few locations to visit while you’re there:

  1. Chapora Fort: Located above the Chapora River near Bardez, was erected by Muslim monarch Adil Shah. Because of its gorgeous environment and challenging terrain, it has become one of Goa’s most famous tourist attractions.
    Distance from Vagator Beach: 700m
  2. Our Lady of Piety: This church lies on top of a hill in the settlement of Piedade, on Divar Island, Goa, and offers a panoramic view from the peak. The church, also known as ‘Our Lady of Compassion,’ has a rich history of its own, as does the property on which it stands.
    Distance from Vagator Beach: 6.3 km
  3. St. Alex’s Church: This beautiful church is located a short distance from Vagator Beach in the popular tourist destination of Calangute. It is Goa’s only church with an Indian style architecture consisting of a “cupola falsa.”
    Distance from Vagator Beach: 8.5 km
  4. Morjim Beach: If you are done exploring the beautiful shoreline of Vagator Beach then walk a little towards Morjim Beach. Don’t miss the view of the setting sun at the beach as it is considered one of the most serene beaches in Goa. Enjoy a dinner outing at Morjim beach and visit its delicious beach shacks.
    Distance from Vagator Beach: 13.9 Km Read more
  5. Ozran Beach: This beach, also known as Small Vagator Beach, is surrounded by gently rocky formations and lush green hills. The Ozran beach is not too busy, so you may relax and enjoy a soothing sunset while eating and drinking to your heart’s delight.
    Distance from Vagator Beach: 1.7 km

Here are the famous beaches in Goa that you can explore after your visit to Vagator Beach. While some beaches are known for their romantic nature, others for their long coast. Whatever beach you go to, you will make the most of your tourism.

Water Sports Activities at Vagator Beach

Water Sports Activities at Vagator Beach

Because of the numerous water-based activities it offers, Vagator Beach is a haven for adventurers and sports fans. While you’re there, you should attempt the following watersports:

  1. Parasailing:One of the most popular activities among adventure seekers is parasailing across the coastline at Vagator Beach. Vagator Beach provides a unique and fascinating journey for experts and novices alike, with activity fees starting at INR 1000. 
  2. Jet Ski: One of the most popular activities in Vagator Beach is jet skiing. After a quick training session, for a starting price of INR 500, one may enjoy racing through the ocean waves on a jet ski.
  3. Dolphin Sighting: The Vagator Beach shoreline spans over 100 kilometres and provides unique attractions like dolphin sightings. Seeing these magnificent creatures leap from the Arabian Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  4. Bumper Ride: Adults and children alike like the bumper ride, in which guests are forced to sit in a small boat known as the bumper, which is subsequently towed by a speed boat or water ski.
  5. Boat Ride: Taking a relaxing boat ride around Vagator Beach is a unique way to see the huge length of the beach. As you cruise around the shore and view the beach from a new perspective, the activity is both distinctive and soothing.Read more

Nightlife In Vagator Beach

Nightlife In Vagator Beach

The Goa Vagator beach nightlife has always been prevalent at its best! There are a number of events, festivals, and nightclubs open till late at night. The following are some of the greatest locations to visit for having the best nightlife’s experience here. 

  1. Club Santorini: The newest party hotspot in town is Club Santorini, which is located in the centre of Vagator. A laid-back mood outside, illuminated by fairy lights, offers the ideal setting for catching up with friends. 
  2. 9Bar Goa: Originally conceived as an outdoor dance venue, this venue has mostly highlighted Goa’s native form of trance from its beginning. However, it has now expanded to include various kinds of electronic music in order to keep up with changing trends. 
  3. Bubble Brunch Club: The ‘Bubble Brunch Club’ is the place to go if you want a delicious and healthy lunch. Every weekend, there are parties here that include a wide variety of electronic music, including Techno, Breaks, and Drum & Bass. 
  4. Mango Tree Bar: This bar/restaurant on Vagator Beach, Goa, epitomises Goa Vagator beach nightlife. The Mango Tree Bar is a fantastic spot to come when visiting Vagator Beach, serving Chinese, Continental, North Indian, Italian, and even fast cuisine. 
  5. Katzensuppe: Enjoy genuine European food and dance the night away to fantastic music at Katzensuppe. The cost is around INR 1,000 for two people.

Places to eat at Vagator Beach

Places to eat at Vagator Beach

There is a whole array of amazing restaurants lined up in Goa. If you want to try some excellent Goanese cuisine, go to one of the restaurants listed below, which are recognised for their great ambience and even greater food. 

  1. Antares Restaurant: At the Antares restaurant, you may sample some world-class and traditional Australian food as well as a selection of pizzas. If you’re in the mood for some good seafood, this is the place to go. 
  2. Fishtail Bar and restaurant: Fishtail Bar and Restaurant is a beach shack that is regarded as one of Bardez, Goa’s top eateries. For those searching for a genuine dining experience, this restaurant, located right below the Nine Bar, provides some of the greatest local Goan food.
  3. Fusion Restaurant: The Fusion Restaurant is tucked away on the side of the main street in Little Vagator Beach, with comfortable seats and helpful service. The restaurant, which overlooks a lovely garden, exudes elegance and gentle charm and serves the ideal comfort cuisine for a relaxing evening
  4. Bistro Vagator: This restaurant has a wonderful feeling and is located in Vagator on the small road that leads to Ozran beach. It is a garden restaurant with enough seating that welcomes your four-legged companions. Read more

Resorts In Vagator Beach To Stay

Resorts In Vagator Beach To Stay

Whether you’re searching for a shack, a resort, or a hotel, Vagator Beach provides a variety of fantastic lodging alternatives to choose from: 

  1. The Port by Lagom: The Porto by Lagom is located in Anjuna, 1.4 kilometres from Ozran Beach, and provides a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a communal lounge. The 3-star hotel’s rooms all have garden views, and guests have access to an indoor pool. 
  2. Dreams hostel: Dreams Hostel is a cosy and cooperative backpackers’ hostel in Goa’s centre. They provide a friendly environment where visitors may get a sense of Goa’s character. An atmosphere of fun, relaxation, creativity, and adventure for your stay, whether you want to meet people, explore music, play games, read a book, prepare a meal, do art, or practise yoga. 
  3. Jungle by Sturmfrei: In Vagator, the JUNGLE HOSTEL by Sturmfrei offers a restaurant, bar, communal lounge, and garden. This hotel features baggage storage as well as a balcony for visitors. The property is less than a kilometre from Ozran Beach, and 3 kilometres from Chapora Fort. 
  4. My Beach Holiday: My Beach Holiday, located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Vagator, commands a location in Goa’s beaches, sports, and nightlife centre. Here you will find a variety of first-rate amenities such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, daily cleaning, a 24-hour front desk, Wi-Fi in public areas, and a car park.
    Read more
  5. The Garden Leone Resort: While visiting Vagator Beach, stay at the Garden Leone Resort. Enjoy your free time in the middle of the lovely garden scenery and the indoor swimming pool. The Garden Leonne resort provides all of the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay.

Various other accommodations prevalent nearby Vagator Beach include: 

  • Urja Resort
  • Palm Grove
  • Bloo Resort
  • Portuguese Villa
  • The Orange House
  • La Gulls Court
  • Alcove Resort
  • Cochichos Resort
  • Jolly Jolly Lester
  • Goan Clove
  • Omega Beach Resort
  • Ozran Heights Beach Resort
  • Leoney Resort

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Shopping at Vagator beach

Shopping at Vagator beach

The region surrounding Vagator Beach has some unique shopping opportunities, with everything from clothing to jewellery, souvenirs to bohemian accessories. 

  1. Anjuna Flea Market: Anjuna Flea Market, one of North Goa’s most vibrant marketplaces, takes place every Wednesday and sells a broad range of handcrafted crafts, clothing, shoes, beachwear, fake jewellery, accessories, and souvenirs. 
  2. Saturday Night Market: As the name implies, the Saturday Night Market/Bazaar is open every Saturday evening till late in the evening. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday evening than wandering through this bazaar, which sells spices, embroidered fabrics, and carpets. 
  3. Savitri supermarket:Savitri Supermarket, in Vagator, Goa, is known as one of the best supermarkets. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your groceries and housekeeping requirements.

 Shacks In Vagator Beach

Shacks In Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is lined with some of Goa’s greatest beach shacks which are as follows:

  1. Curlies Bar and Restaurant: For the ultimate Goa experience, visit this beach shack on Vagator Beach, which provides fantastic local food, beverages, and a nightclub. 
  2. The Boom Shack: The Boom Shack is a popular hangout for both visitors and locals. You may have a drink and some delicious cuisine while taking in the breathtaking view of the sea. 
  3. Shining Star Beach Shack: Visit Shining Star Beach Shack to sample some of the greatest seafood in the area, which is obtained fresh from Goa’s markets every day.
  4. Nehal beach shack and restaurant: Nehal Beach Shack & Restaurant in Goa is making room for a substantial dinner. This location is known for its delectable cuisine, which can satisfy any appetite.

Packing Things to Carry For Vagator beach

Packing Things to Carry For Vagator beach

There are some things and goods that must always be carried when visiting Vagator Beach in order to make the most of your tour and excursions to the beach.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before visiting Vagator Beach, here are a few helpful tips

Medical facilities near Vagator beach

Medical facilities near Vagator beach

We never know when an unfortunate accident might happen while we are enjoying the beach. But in case of any emergency, Vagator Beach has plenty of medical institutions and clinics in its proximity from where you can get immediate help. Some nearby clinics and hospitals are Chandsi Clinic, St. Anthony’s Hospital, Dr Milind Colvacars Mapusa Medical clinic and Heritage Ayurvedic Centre. Other than that there are many pharmacies as well from where you can get some basic medical kits for little injuries. Apart from that, all resorts and hotels provide medical supplies and first-aid kits to their guests and visitors.

Distance of Other Beaches From Agonda Beach

Beach NameFamous ForLocationDistance
Vagator BeachBest private beaches in GoaMapusa, Goa0 KM
Chapora BeachFor Peace Seekers & LoversNorth Goa, India2 km
Ozran BeachFor Beautiful CoastlinesBardez Goa2.5 KM
Anjuna BeachKnown for its rock formationsNorth Goa, India5.3 KM
Baga BeachThe best beach of GoaBardez, Goa, India7.5 KM
Calangute BeachIndulge in authentic seafoodBardez, Goa9.6 KM
Candolim BeachKnown for scrubbed sand dunesBardez, Goa12.1 KM
Mandrem BeachFor blazing sunsetsNorth Goa, India13.9 KM
Sinquerim BeachTry water sportsBardez sub-district, North Goa, India 14.3 KM
Morjim BeachFor some serene atmosphereNorth Goa, India14.7 KM
Ashwem BeachFor Meeting Tiny TurtlesNorth Goa, India15.6 KM
Coco Beach GoaFor WatersportsNerul, Goa15.6 KM
Arambol BeachFor families and budget vacationsNorth Goa, India20.4 KM
Kalacha BeachFor Sweet Water LagoonNorth Goa, India20.8 KM
Miramar BeachFor Golden SandsPanaji, Goa24.9 KM
Bambolim BeachFor Natural BeautyNorth Goa, India25.2 KM
Siridao BeachFor Mysterious CavesNorth Goa, India27.3 KM
Dona Paula BeachFor Dolphin WatchingPanaji, Goa27.4 KM
Querim BeachFor Pleasant SceneryNorth Goa, India27.9 KM
Odxel BeachFor Amazing NightlifePanaji, India29 KM
Vainguinim BeachFor Chill VibesPanaji, Goa29.8 KM
Velsao BeachFor Lakes Decorated With LiliesSouth Goa, India43 KM
Bogmalo BeachFor Adventure ActivitiesSouth Goa, India45.2 KM
Arossim BeachBeautiful White Sand And Palm TreesCansaulim, Goa45.6 KM
Hollant BeachFor Idyllic SpotsBogmalo, Goa46.2 KM
Utorda BeachFor Solitude20.2 kilometres from Vasco da Gama46.7 KM
Majorda BeachA foodie’s paradiseSouth Goa, India48 KM
Betalbatim BeachFor A Swim11.4 kilometres from Margao49.5 KM
Colva BeachHappening Beach shacks & pubsSouth Goa, India52.2 KM
Benaulim BeachFor peaceful vibesSouth Goa, India53.5 KM
Varca BeachExperience Mesmerizing VibeFatrade, Goa60 KM
Cavelossim BeachFor black lava rocksSouth Goa64.8 KM
Mobor BeachFor Buying Colorful HandicraftsSouth Goa, India66.7 KM
Betul BeachFor A Centuries-Old FortSouth Goa, India68.5 KM
Kakolem BeachAdventure sportsKakolem Beach, South Goa78.6 KM
Cola Beach GoaFor Picnics33.2 kilometres from Margao82.1 KM
Butterfly BeachFor breathtaking sunsetsNorth of Palolem Beach 86.3 KM
Palolem BeachFor Silent Night DiscoPalolem Beach, Canacona88.2 KM
Agonda BeachFor Dolphin spottingCanacona in South Goa district, India88.4 KM
Patnem BeachA quieter alternative to PalolemSouth Goa, India88.6 KM
Rajbagh BeachHave A Relaxing TimeRajabagh, Tarir, Palolem, Canacona, Goa 40370289.8 KM
Talpona BeachFor Serene WalksCanacona region, South Goa92.5 KM
Galgibaga BeachFor Meditation8.5 km from famous Palolem Beach92.7 KM

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