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About Benaulim Beach Goa

Benaulim beach

The peaceful Benaulim beach is about 2 kilometres from the tourist centre of Colva in South Goa. This picturesque beach, with its long stretch of vacant sands sprinkled with enticing beach chairs, is ideal for a peaceful holiday away from North Goa’s best beaches.

It is well-known for its water sports and dolphin-spotting trips. Because fishing is popular on Benaulim Beach, there are a lot of improvised beach shacks offering wonderful seafood.

Even throughout the tourist season, this beach remains serene and calm since few people visit. If you’re visiting Goa and wish to indulge in some noteworthy beach vibes, then Benaulim Beach Goa is the ultimate place for you. 

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Benaulim Beach Address: Salcete taluka of South Goa district, Goa Pincode: 403601

 How to Reach Benaulim beach

When it comes to reaching Benaulim Beach, then there are plenty of transport options that are available. Whether you choose air, rail, road or water all transport options are readily available from major Indian cities for the Benaulim Beach location.

How to reach Benaulim beach by Auto Rickshaw

Auto-rickshaws are easily available in every area of Goa. Auto-rickshaws may be found at the airport, train station, and bus terminal, among other places. Any of these auto-rickshaws may transport you to Benaulim Beach at a reasonable price.

How to reach Benaulim beach By Air

When it comes to reaching Benaulim Beach by air then booking flights to Goa International Airport or Dabolim Airport would be the best option. The Goa Airport to Benaulim beach distance is approximately 26.1 km. It will take around 30-40 minutes to cover this distance from the airport to the beach location. Outside the airport, you will find numerous transport options like cabs, auto-rickshaw, taxis, airport shuttles, etc. 

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How to reach Benaulim beach By Road/Taxi/Bus/Car

Road route

The road is also another major transport network that gives travellers easy access to the Benaulim beach location. There are several interstate and intercity bus services that are available to commute to beach locations. Also, the state highways from Pune, Delhi, Mumbai are well constructed so you can self-drive directly to Benaulim Beach. You can also rent cabs or taxis from major cities directly to Benaulim Beach Goa. 

Bus Stand NamesDistance From Benaulim beachTimeVia
Cuncolim Bus Stand15.4 KM28 minutesNH 66 and Orlim Rd
Curchorem Bus Stand24 KM44 minutes Margao-Chandor-Curchorem Rd and Margao – Quepem Rd
Ponda Bus Stand24.8 KM44 minutesMargao – Ponda Hwy/Panaji – Farmagudi – Margao Hwy Bypass Rd
Vasco Bus Stand26.5 KM 47 minutesNH566 and Dabolim – Cavelossim Rd
Panaji Bus Stand34.9 KM1 hour 1 minuteNH 66
Sanquelim Bus Stand35.6 KM1 hour 17 minutesHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Marcel Bus Stand40.6 KM1 hour 7 minutesvia NH748
Mapusa Bus Stand46.5 KM1 hour 21 minutesNH 66
Honda Bus Stand48.6 KM1 hour 14 minutesMargao – Ponda Hwy/Panaji – Farmagudi – Margao Hwy Bypass Rd
Bicholim Bus Stand56.6 KM1 hour 28 minutesHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Margao Bus Stand6.2 KM17 minutesBenaulim Beach Rd
Assonora Bus Stand63.5 KM1 hour 39 minutesHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Canacona Bus Stand87.6 km1 hour 4 minutesPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy

How to reach Benaulim beach By Rail

rail route

Travelling by train is also a good option, there is Suravali station that is just 6.7 km away from the beach and then there is a major junction that is also 8.5 km away from the beach. However, the main Railway Stations are Madgaon (9.3km) and Vasco-da-Gama (29.1km).

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Benaulim beach
CSMCansaulim11.9 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal13.9 km
VENVerna14.2 km
CNRChandar17.7 km
SKVLSankval18.8 km
BLLIBalli19.8 km
DBMDabolim22.5 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem25.3 km
VSGVasco da Gama29.1 km
KRMIKarmali32.2 km
KMKalem37.1 km
CNOCanacona39.2 km
QLMKulem45.4 km
LOLLoliem51.5 km
THVMThivim56 km
SRVXSuravali6.7 km
PERNPernem61.6 km
MJOMajorda Junction8.5 km
MAOMadgaon Junction9.3 km

How to reach Benaulim beach By Ship / Ferries / Boats

Only Mumbai to Panaji, Goa’s capital, offers ship services. However, you can also opt for airport ferry services to reach Benaulim Beach. But the services have restricted timings so it would be better to check it in advance. Other prominent beaches, like Palolem Beach and Chapora Beach, also provide ferry services.

How to Reach Benaulim Beach From Panjim (Capital Of Goa)

Benaulim Beach is located in the Southern district of Goa and is located at an average distance from Panjim. The Panjim to Benaulim beach distance is approximately 36.3 km that will take around 1 hour 20 minutes to cover the distance. You can avail a taxi or simply a bus from Panjim Bus stand that will directly take you to Benaulim beach South Goa. 

Best Time to Visit Agonda Beach

Best Time to visitGoa is a city that offers different charms in different seasons. So when it comes to the best time to visit Beach, the time from October through May sounds perfect. That’s because during this season the temperature and climate remain perfect and pleasant. The temperature ranges between 20-30 degrees Celsius which makes it ideal to enjoy all activities at the beachside. Besides that, it is also said the best sunset views of Benaulim  Beach are only visible during the winter season.    

Visit These Places In Benaulim Beach

Tourist Attraction at Benaulim beach

If you are done exploring the serenity of Benaulim, then it’s time you visit certain nearby attractions. The beach has some great prominent attractions which you should not miss. 

  1. Church of St. John the Baptist: One of Benaulim’s oldest churches, the Church of St. John the Baptist is beautifully preserved. It is a catholic church that belongs to the Franciscan order. The church is located very close to Benaulim beach and is quite an important site amongst Catholics as well as tourists.
    Distance From Benaulim Beach: 4.0 km. 
  2. Swami Ayurveda: Swami Ayurveda is a genuine Ayurvedic centre that offers a variety of health therapies. Massages, ayurvedic treatments, and yoga are just a few of the services available. People who have visited this location claim the staff is incredibly kind and that the Ayurvedic massage is ‘out of this world.
    Distance From Benaulim Beach: 1.8 km
  3. Goa Chitra Museum: The Goa Chitra Museum in Benaulim is an ethnographic museum that showcases traditional Goan culture. Victor Huge Gomez founded the museum as a homage to his Portuguese ancestry. It is a perfect place for all art and history lovers out there.
    Distance from Benaulim Beach: 3.3 km Read more
  4. San Thome Museum: The San Thome Museum in Goa is an antiques and technological evolution museum that dates back to Thomas Elva Edison’s time. It was founded to display the evolution of science and technology beginning with Thomas Alva Edison. The museum displays every element of technology utilised from the 18th century to the present day.
    Distance from Benaulim Beach: 4.0 km
  5. Colva Beach: Colva Beach, in South Goa, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. The 2.5-kilometre-long beach is famed for its pure white beaches, which are complemented by swaying coconut palms. With shacks, nightclubs, and souvenir booths all around, it appears even more beautiful.
    Distance from Benaulim Beach: 5.3 km

Here are the top beaches in Goa that you can explore after your visit to Benaulim Beach. While some beaches are known for their romantic nature, others for their long coast. Whatever beach you plan to visit, you will make the most of your tourism.

Water Sports in Benaulim beach

Watersports at Benaulim beach

Benaulim Beach is a paradise for explorers and sports enthusiasts due to the various water-based activities available. Here you Try the following Benaulim beach water sports while you’re there:

  1. Parasailing: Parasailing is a type of water sport. Parasailing across the shoreline at Benaulim Beach is one of the most popular sports for thrill-seekers. With activity costs starting at INR 1000, Benaulim Beach offers a one-of-a-kind and intriguing trip for both professionals and novices.
  2. Jet Ski: Jet skiing is one of Benaulim Beach’s most popular pastimes. For INR 500, one may race across the ocean waves on a jet ski after a brief training session. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this activity at Benaulim beach gives you a different experience. 
  3. Bumper Ride: The bumper ride is popular with both adults and children. Guests are compelled to sit in a tiny boat known as the bumper, which is then dragged by a speed boat or water ski. A must-do activity if you are looking to experience some adrenaline rush. 
  4. Speed boat: One of the most popular and accessible water activities on Benaulim Beach is speed boating. The majority of guests like this trip since it is a simple water sport that gives you a relaxing vibe in the sea-waters. If you are not a big fan of trying watersports then riding speed boats is the best idea. Read more

Nightlife In Benaulim Beach

Nightlife at Benaulim beach

Benaulim, as previously said, is one of Goa’s most tranquil areas. Despite this, the goa Benaulim beach nightlife is quite vibrant. There’s enough to do and see, whether it’s hookah, booze, a live show, or just excellent music, Benaulim beach pubs and nightclubs offer it all.

  1. The Red Ginger: When you go into Red Ginger, all you can see are the warm red interiors and the decor, which instantly transports you to Chinatown. The ambience is opulent, and it is conveniently located in the heart of Colva. The finest sushi in South Goa can be found at this restaurant. It hosts great live performances and karaoke music nights. 
  2. Ice Cube: Ice Cube is one of South Goa’s most refreshing resto-bars. If you want to eat some appetisers, have a drink, and smoke some shisha, this is the place to go. The shisha menu of Ice Cube is excellent, and the hospitality of the club is top-class. Cocktails are a must-try here.
  3. The Southern Deck: The Southern Deck, in a dreamlike environment with a stunning, uninterrupted sea view, is situated on the lovely Benaulim Beach. It is the most private and well-known beach bar in South Goa, surrounded by sun and sand. From trance music parties to dancing till the sun goes down, Southern Deck is the perfect place to experience the eclectic nightlife of Benaulim beach. Read more

Places to Eat at Benaulim Beach 

Restaurants at Benaulim beach

Benaulim contains a few hidden jewels that you will treasure once you find them. Some of the Benaulim beach restaurants here not only provide delicious cuisine, but they also serve it with a smile, and who doesn’t appreciate good service?

  1. Blue Corner Restaurant: Blue Corner Beach Huts & Restaurant is located in Benaulim. It offers free private parking, a bar, and a communal lounge. This hotel has a private beach area as well. One of the best things about Blue Corner Restaurant is its mouth-drooling food and hand-made fruit drinks. 
  2. Roger’s: Rogers in Goa is the place to go for a substantial and fulfilling lunch. This location is known for its delectable cuisine, which can satisfy any appetite. It is the birthplace of some of the world’s most well-known cuisines. It is situated in a convenient position in Benaulim in order to accommodate a big number of diners.
  3. Papai Corner: Whether you are for delectable North Indian food or some Chinese cuisine Papai Corner has something for every food lover. It appears to be a typical roadside fast-food joint, but don’t be deceived by its appearance! Their tagline is ‘get high on food,’ and their dishes are completely capable of doing just that.

Resorts In Benaulim Beach, North Goa

Resorts at Benaulim beach

After a tiring day at the beach, you would surely want to relax at the best Benaulim beach hotels. In that case, there are several fantastic places to stay around Benaulim beach that provide excellent service:

  1. Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa: Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa is conveniently located in Benaulim. This magnificent Benaulim Beach Resort is a short walk from Benaulim Beach and is the ideal location for anybody seeking a relaxing break in Goa’s beach capital. It has spacious rooms and has top-class hotel amenities. 
  2. L’amour Beach Resort: Headed on a  romantic getaway then L’amour beach resort located on the magnificent beaches of Benaulim Beach is one perfect place for you. The property offers mesmerizing views of the Arabian sea from all its windows. The food served here is also quite famous amongst vacationers.  
  3. Anthy’s Guest House & Restaurant: Anthy’s Guesthouse and Restaurant in Benaulim, less than 1 km from Colva Beach. It offers a bar, a garden, and great views of Benaulim beach from its room areas. There’s a private balcony in every room which makes it one perfect stay place. Also, each room in the guest house has a closet. 
  4. Roseville Guest House: Roseville Guesthouse is near Benaulim, about 0.5 kilometres from the beach. The on-site restaurant is available to guests. On-site parking is available for a fee. This guest home has air conditioning and flat-screen televisions in every room.

Some Other Luxurious Yet Affordable Benaulim Beach Resorts are:

  • The Fern Beira Mar Resort
  • Lotus Suites
  • Incredible English Guest House
  • Joecons Beach Resort
  • Pele’s Place Guest House
  • San Joao Holiday Homes
  • Star of the Sea Resort
  • Taj Exotica

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Shopping at Benaulim beach

Shopping at Benaulim beach
  1. Kader Supermarket: In Benaulim, Goa, Kadar Supermarket is known as one of the best supermarkets. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your groceries and home goods purchasing requirements. Front this supermarket you can get any of the things you need at quite reasonable rates.  
  2. Goa Souvenir Shop: If you’re searching for souvenirs so that you can take it back home for the family then here’s the perfect place. Goa Souvenir Shop offers unique handmade souvenirs, handlooms and lots more. The prices are really low which makes this one ideal place to shop before you leave Goa.

Best Shacks In Benaulim Beach

Shacks at Benaulim beach

Benaulim Beach Goa is also noted for its diverse array of beach shacks that line the beachfront. There are plenty of beach shacks in Benaulim Beach that are quite famous amongst the tourists.

  1. Seagull Beach Shack: One of Benaulim’s oldest beach shacks is Seagull Beach Shack. The owner’s name is Richard, and he makes it a point to visit each table and engage in a conversation with every one of his customers. This makes the ambience of the beach shack quite lovable and interactive. The speciality of this beach shack is its seafood and its self-curated boozes.  
  2. Valonias Beach Shack: Valonias Beach shack is a relaxing beach shack with views of the Arabian Ocean. Despite the fact that it is essentially a beach shack, it has wooden floors, so you won’t get sand on your shoes while dining. The food served here is excellent and the hospitality is next to perfect. Stop by this beach shack to tickle your taste buds with the most amazing snacks. 
  3. Coco’s beach shack: If you’re searching for outstanding seafood cuisine, Coco’s Beach Shack is the place to go. The service is prompt, substantial, and reasonably priced. One of the coolest aspects about this establishment is that it serves authentic Goan cuisine with its own special taste.

Things to Carry at Benaulim beach

Things to Carry at Benaulim beach

Things to Keep in Mind

Despite the fact that Benaulim Beach is a slice of heaven, there are a few things that visitors should be aware of.

Medical Facilities Near Benaulim Beach

Medicos at Benaulim beach

A number of clinical institutes and hospitals are located near Benaulim Beach. In case of an emergency, have the following numbers and addresses handy. Dr Correia Afonso Hospital, The doctor here has worked with babies, children, and adolescents for numerous years. Locals and tourists alike flock to this medical facility. The clinic is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Another medical facility is Victor Hospital. Victor Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital in Margao, which is approximately 10 minutes from Benaulim. The hospital features cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, and the doctors on staff have decades of combined expertise. You can reach out to any of the medical facilities in case of emergency at Benaulim beach.

Distance of Other Beaches From Benaulim Beach

Beach NameFamous ForLocationDistance
Benaulim BeachFor peaceful vibesSouth Goa, India0 KM
Colva BeachHappening Beach shacks & pubsSouth Goa, India4.2 KM
Betalbatim BeachFor A Swim11.4 kilometres from Margao7 KM
Varca BeachExperience Mesmerizing VibeFatrade, Goa8.6 KM
Majorda BeachA foodie’s paradiseSouth Goa, India8.8 KM
Utorda BeachFor Solitude20.2 kilometres from Vasco da Gama9.7 KM
Arossim BeachBeautiful White Sand And Palm TreesCansaulim, Goa12 KM
Cavelossim BeachFor black lava rocksSouth Goa13.3 KM
Velsao BeachFor Lakes Decorated With LiliesSouth Goa, India14.1 KM
Mobor BeachFor Buying Colorful HandicraftsSouth Goa, India15.3 KM
Betul BeachFor A Centuries-Old FortSouth Goa, India16.5 KM
Bogmalo BeachFor Adventure ActivitiesSouth Goa, India25 KM
Hollant BeachFor Idyllic SpotsBogmalo, Goa25.4 KM
Siridao BeachFor Mysterious CavesNorth Goa, India26.9 KM
Bambolim BeachFor Natural BeautyNorth Goa, India29.7 KM
Kakolem BeachAdventure sportsKakolem Beach, South Goa30.2 KM
Cola Beach GoaFor Picnics33.2 kilometres from Margao33.6 KM
Odxel BeachFor Amazing NightlifePanaji, India34.6 KM
Vainguinim BeachFor Chill VibesPanaji, Goa35.3 KM
Dona Paula BeachFor Dolphin WatchingPanaji, Goa36.1 KM
Miramar BeachFor Golden SandsPanaji, Goa36.6 KM
Butterfly BeachFor breathtaking sunsetsNorth of Palolem Beach 38.5 KM
Palolem BeachFor Silent Night DiscoPalolem Beach, Canacona40.5 KM
Agonda BeachFor Dolphin spottingCanacona in South Goa district, India40.6 KM
Patnem BeachA quieter alternative to PalolemSouth Goa, India40.9 KM
Rajbagh BeachHave A Relaxing TimeRajabagh, Tarir, Palolem, Canacona, Goa 40370242.1 KM
Coco Beach GoaFor WatersportsNerul, Goa43.7 KM
Talpona BeachFor Serene WalksCanacona region, South Goa44.8 KM
Galgibaga BeachFor Meditation8.5 km from famous Palolem Beach45 KM
Candolim BeachKnown for scrubbed sand dunesBardez, Goa45.5 KM
Sinquerim BeachTry water sportsBardez sub-district, North Goa, India 46.4 KM
Calangute BeachIndulge in authentic seafoodBardez, Goa48.1 KM
Baga BeachThe best beach in GoaBardez, Goa, India50.9 KM
Benaulim  BeachBest private beaches in GoaMapusa, Goa52.7 KM
Chapora BeachFor Peace Seekers & LoversNorth Goa, India53.6 KM
Ozran BeachFor Beautiful CoastlinesBardez Goa53.7 KM
Anjuna BeachKnown for its rock formationsNorth Goa, India54.1 KM
Mandrem BeachFor blazing sunsetsNorth Goa, India63.3 KM
Morjim BeachFor some serene atmosphereNorth Goa, India64.1 KM
Ashwem BeachFor Meeting Tiny TurtlesNorth Goa, India65 KM
Arambol BeachFor families and budget vacationsNorth Goa, India69.8 KM
Kalacha BeachFor Sweet Water LagoonNorth Goa, India70.2 KM
Querim BeachFor Pleasant SceneryNorth Goa, India77.3 KM

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