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About Bambolim Beach Goa

Bambolim beach

Bambolim Beach can be best described as one untouched beauty that lets you experience the serene and calming side of Goa. Located in the little seaside town of Bambolim, this beach lets you listen to the symphony of the waves.

From cool sea breezes to extraordinary scenic views, Bambolim Beach Goa offers it all. In addition to that, Bambolim beach is flanked by coconut trees and white sands that lets you spend a day amidst tranquil nature settings.

Bambolim Beach is most famous for its peaceful environment that attracts people to unwind and soak themselves in utmost bliss. So if you happen to make a Goa plan, then choose a scenic vacation at the Bambolim beach location

Want to know the current status of tourism in Goa? Well, it’s open for all. While domestic travelers need to either be fully vaccinated or carry an RT-PCR report, international travelers need to fill out the Air Suvidha form. For further information, get in touch with us today! 

Bambolim Beach Address: Bambolim Beach, North Goa, Goa, India 

Bambolim Beach Pin Code: 403006

How To Reach Bambolim Beach

Bambolim Beach Goa is one of the quietest beaches in North Goa and is often preferred by travellers who prefer peace instead of parties. Therefore you will find numerous transport options to travel to the Bambolim Beach location. From air, taxi, rail, to bus services, you can choose from any of the options to get to the beach location. 

How To Reach Bambolim Beach By Auto Rickshaw

Auto rickshaw is one of the most available transport options that are available in every region of Goa. No matter where you are located at the bus stand, airport, or any other location, you will find them everywhere around. All of these auto-rickshaws are always available to give you a ride to Bambolim beach at a very nominal fare.

How To Reach Bambolim Beach By Air

Now, suppose you choose air as your mode of transport to travel to Bambolim Beach place. The main service airport for both domestic and international arrivals and departures is Goa International Airport or Dabolim Airport. The Goa Airport to Bambolim beach distance is 22.5 km. You can board a taxi, cab or auto-rickshaw directly from the airport to Bambolim beach

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How To Reach Bambolim Beach By Road/Taxi/Bus/Car

Road route

The road is another comfortable way to reach Bambolim Beach from any location of the city. As the roads or national highways leading to Goa are well constructed, you can choose a car, cab, taxi or bus to reach the beach location. Also, Goa transport corporation runs various intercity and intracity buses connecting Bambolim Beach locations to different cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi. 

Bus Stand NamesDistance From Bambolim beachTimeVia
Panaji Bus Stand6.6 km15 minuteNH 66
Mapusa Bus Stand18.2 km37 minuteNH 66
Vasco Bus Stand21.3 km47 minuteNH366 and NH 66
Marcela Bus Stand23.0 km40 minute NH748
Margao Bus Stand25.1 km55 minuteNH 66
Bicholim Bus Stand30.3 km1 hour 1 minuteBetim–Penha de Franca–Pomburpa–Quitla-Aldona Rd
Assonora Bus Stand30.4 km58 minuteMapusa – Bicholim Rd and NH 66
Sanquelim Bus Stand33.9 km57 minuteNH748
Ponda Bus Stand34.1 km57 minuteNH748
Honda Bus Stand36.6 km1 hour 2 minuteNH748
Cuncolim Bus Stand38.6 km1 hour 20 minute NH 66
Curchorem Bus Stand44.4 km1 hour 28 minuteCurchorem – Ponda Rd
Canacona Bus Stand62.7 km1 hour 58 minutePanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy and NH 66

How To Reach Bambolim Beach By Rail

rail route

If you plan to travel by rail, then a few railway stations are located quite close to Bambolim Beach. The nearby railway stations to Bambolim Beach are Karmali, 7.24 km away, Vasco Da Gama, 9.28 km away, and Thivim is 18.44 km away. Other nearby railway stations are Pernem, Madgaon and Kulem. You will find numerous auto-rickshaws, buses, and taxi services outside the railway station that will directly take you to the Bambolim Beach location

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Bambolim beach
CNRChandar11.7 km
VENVerna16.7 km
SKVLSankval17.8 km
KRMIKarmali18.1 km
DBMDabolim19.5 km
CSMCansaulim21.2 km
MJOMajorda Junction21.9 km
VSGVasco da Gama22.4 km
SRVXSuravali25.7 km
THVMThivim27.7 km
MAOMadgaon Junction28.6 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal34.3 km
PERNPernem36.5 km
BLLIBalli43.4 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem43.9 km
QLMKulem65.9 km
KMKalem65.9 km
CNOCanacona70.8 km
LOLLoliem74.5 km

How To Reach Bambolim Beach By Ship/Ferries/Boats

The ship services are available from the airport to Panjim port. Also, there are certain ferry services available from Mumbai to Panaji. But there are no ferry services directly for the Bambolim beach location. Travellers can opt for these ferry services to reach the nearby location of Bambolim Beach. From there, you can walk your way down to the beach location.

How To Reach Bambolim Beach From Panjim (Capital Of Goa)

Bambolim Beach is located in North Goa; therefore, it is quite close to Panjim, which is the capital of Goa. The Panjim to Bambolim Beach distance is approximately 9.0 km that takes hardly 20 minutes to cover by a car or taxi. Another best transport option available to commute directly to the Bambolim Beach location is taking a bus from Panjim Bus Stand. The bus will drop you at Bambolim village, and from there, you can walk your way to Bambolim beach North Goa. 

Best Time to Visit Bambolim Beach

Time to visit Bambolim beachSimilar to other beaches in Goa, Bambolim beach flaunts its beauty during the winter season only. The best months from October to March offer a cool and pleasant climate that lets visitors enjoy the best beach vacation. The temperature ranges between 15-25 degrees Celsius when you enjoy some cherishable moments with the best offerings for your beachside plans. Also, it is the best time to spot serene and most beautiful sunset scenes at the beachside as the weather compliments in a completely different way.

Visit These Places In Bambolim Beach For An Extraordinary Experience

Tourist Attraction at Bambolim beach
  1. Holy Cross Church: The Holy Cross Church is one of the most famous churches in Goa. It is located very close to Bambolim Beach and was built in 1612 by the Jesuits. The façade of the church is similar to the Old Goa Bom Jesus façade but divided into orders. Distance From Bambolim Beach: 5.3 Km  
  2. Basilica Of Bom Jesus: Another amazing catholic church you can visit is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. It is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The speciality of this church is its architecture, and you should not miss it. Distance From Bambolim Beach: 15.0 km  
  3. Casino Strike By Big Daddy: Strik By Big Daddy is one of the most opulent onshore casinos that offers you a unique gaming experience. This casino lets you enjoy a high living experience that brings grand casino gaming to the scenic Bambolim beach. Distance From Bambolim Beach: 1.0 Km  
  4. Reis Magos Fort :  Reis Magos Fort is an important historic fort that is located on the northern bank of the Mandovi River. It is opposite the capital city of Panjim and is one of Goa’s famous landmarks. If you are interested in history, then Reis Magos Fort is the ultimate place for you. Distance From Bambolim Beach: 13.1 km  Read more

Here are the best beaches in Goa that you can explore after your visit to Baga Beach. While some beaches are known for their cleanliness, others for their adventures. Whatever beach you choose, be sure to make the most of your tourism

Try These Exhilarating Bambolim Beach Water Sports Activities

Water Sports at Bambolim beach

Bambolim Beach water sports is something you should not miss. You will find Bambolim Beach water sports numerous exciting water sports activities that will add to your amazing beach experience.

  1. Snorkelling : Snorkelling is one of the best activities you can dry in the blue waters of Bambolim beach. It lets you experience the marine life of seawater in the most alluring ways. Want to relish a panoramic underwater experience? Then do try Snorkeling at Bambolim beach place. 
  2. Kayaking: Kayaking is a fun activity that is perfect for the ones who don’t want to go for any risky water sports. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a boat driver as well. It is one of the best activities for enthusiasts at all levels. You will race along the rushing waters of the sea, and it gives you a gist of how it feels in the open waters.  
  3. Ringo Ride: Ringo Rides is one of the most adventure and fun-filled activities that let you splash around the ride. It tumbles you up and down in the waters along the waves and is perfect for beginners looking for exciting water sports. This activity happens to be the most famous Bambolim beach water sport.  
  4. Parasailing : If you want to race with both wind and water, then Parasailing is the best activity for you. This is one of those Bambolim beach water sports activities that will give you the best glimpses of the surrounding shorelines. A must-try activity if you want to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush.

    Relish The Sparkling & Vibrant Nightlife In Bambolim Beach

    Nightlife at Bambolim beach

    Bambolim Beach North Goa is known for its nightlife and eclectic ambience. So when you happen to be here, do stop by the sparkling pubs and nightclubs.

    1. Club Lounge : The club lounge is one of the best pubs in Bambolim Beach that lets you enjoy buzzing nightlife. The hit music in the background and a food menu that tickle your taste buds in the best way. A perfect place to seize some ideal night out experiences in Goa. 
    2. Capiz Bar : Capiz Bar is a versatile retreat where you can enjoy drinks with your friends with an ambience that energises your soul. Linger over a drink, dance your hearts out and party all night with high energy music and artists at the bar dance floor. 
    3. Bay View Lounge : Bay View Lounge, just like its name, offer you a sparkling night ambience that makes you feel relaxed and energised at the same time whether you wish to indulge in night dancing and drinks or just want to sit by the scenic sitting area. 
    4. Pool Bar & Grill : The best Goa Bambolim beach nightlife can be experienced at Pool Bar & Grill. The best part about this nightclub is you can choose your light setting as per your mood. You will have great mocktails, food and music that will light up your mood in the best ways. Read more

    Tickle Your Taste Buds At These Best Bambolim Beach Restaurants 

    Restaurants at Bambolim beach

    When it comes to eating, there’s no better place than trying it at Bambolim beach restaurants or at the eateries which are located nearby.

    1. Chulha : If you are interested in tasting the exquisite range of multi-cuisine food, then Chulha is the best place for you. This restaurant not just offers delicious food but also luscious drinks that have their own touch. One of the best parts of this restaurant is that everything is priced at reasonable prices. 
    2. The Dining Room : This restaurant greets you with the best range of Indian and goan food that drops authenticity. Above that, the ambience of the restaurant is quite warm, and the services of the staff will make you want to visit this place again and again.  
    3. La Bamba : La Bamba is one of the best guest house restaurants that serve you the most delicious food and drinks altogether. It also offers visitors the option to customise their food with the best ingredients of their choice. 
    4. Sand & Sea Bar Restaurant : This is one of the best places where you can relish truly authentic Goan dishes. The spices, taste of locals is imbibed in their food dishes. It is the best place to soak yourselves in the fresh air and fresh food. 

Best Resort In Bambolim Beach You Can Choose For Your Stay

Resorts at Bambolim beach

There are plenty of Bambolim beach hotels and resort where you can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay with a complete sojourn. You can choose from the following well-known resorts or hotels near Bambolim beach.

  1. Bambolim Beach Resort  : Bambolim Beach Resort is a famous resort that is located just right on the shore of Bambolim Beach. It features a swimming pool, restaurant and cosy air-conditioned rooms with 24×7 room service. 
  2. Bay 15 : Bay 15 is a luxury resort that welcomes you to land of sea, sun and sand in the most alluring ways. This hotel is conveniently located near Bambolim beach and offers a tranquil escape. Here you will enjoy spacious rooms with beach views and top-notch amenities. 
  3. Grand Hyatt Goa : Grand Hyatt is a five-star luxury hotel that offers the best rooms in Bambolim Beach. The hotel offers rooms with a bay view, Jacuzzi, garden and lots more. If you want to relish a luxurious escape in the beach city of Goa, then Gran Hyatt is your best choice. 
  4. Amrapali : Amrapali stands to a graceful name and offers its guests the best quality services. This accommodation offers everything from the outdoor swimming pool, terrace area, lounge area to many more things. The best part about Amrapali is its premium drinks that will surely treat your taste buds. 

Book Goa Tour Packages

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Places To Shop Nearby Bambolim Beach

Shopping at Bambolim beach

Looking for a scenic shopping retreat, then Bambolim beach is the perfect place for you. Here you will find numerous best markets that will fulfill all your wishes.

  1. Bambolim Market: Bambolim is a small village in Goa that is quite close to Bambolim Beach. The locals of the village host their own market where they sell various elements and articles at the best price. From the best fresh fruits, vegetables to handmade crafts and jewellery, you will find everything here.
  2. Santa Cruz Market: Santa Cruz markets is also a locally owned market that hosts shops and grocery stores. From various casual clothes, accessories to basic amenity things, you will find everything here. This is the perfect market where you can fulfil all your shopping wishes.

Enjoy The Joyful Ambience & Delicious Food At Beach Shacks In Bambolim Beach 

Shacks at Bambolim beach

Best Shacks in Bambolim Beach are the places where you can actually taste the best appetising local cuisine and a truly unmatchable beach vibe. 

  1. Rising Star Beach Shack: This is one of the most beautiful best shacks in Bambolim Beach. It comes with beautiful thatched roofs and gives you the best essence of goa vibes. From mouth-drooling food to live music performances, these beach shacks let you enjoy it all. 
  2. Bob Marley’s Beach Shack: The best atmosphere of a beach shack can be experienced at Bob Marley’s Beach Shack. It offers multiple dishes that range from Indian to international. Here, you can feel the warm essence of soft sand while you eat your food and listen to artists’ live performances.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Bambolim Beach

Medical Facilities Near Bambolim Beach 

Medical Facilities at Bambolim beach

While the beachside is one such location that lets you enjoy the most, it is also one place where unfortunate accidents also happen on a large scale. Therefore it is always best to be extra careful when you visit Bambolim Beach. However, there are certainly medical facilities that are located nearby the Bambolim Beach location. Some nearby hospitals of Bambolim Beach are Goa Medical College, Institute of Psychiatry & Human behaviour, Goa Medical College and Cancer Hospital Goa. Many pharmacies are located nearby Bambolim Beach, which can help you get the basic first aid kit amenities.

Distance of Other Beaches From Bambolim Beach

Beach NameFamous ForLocationDistance
Bambolim BeachFor Natural BeautyNorth Goa, India
Siridao BeachFor Mysterious CavesNorth Goa, India2.8 km
Odxel BeachFor Amazing NightlifePanaji, India5.8 km
Dona Paula BeachFor Dolphin WatchingPanaji, Goa7.3 km
Miramar BeachFor Golden SandsPanaji, Goa7.9 km
Coco Beach GoaFor WatersportsNerul, Goa15.6 km
Candolim BeachKnown for scrubbed sand dunesBardez, Goa17.2 km
Sinquerim BeachTry water sportsBardez sub-district, North Goa, India 18.1 km
Velsao BeachFor Lakes Decorated With LiliesSouth Goa, India18.6 km
Calangute BeachIndulge in authentic seafoodBardez, Goa19.9 km
Bogmalo BeachFor Adventure ActivitiesSouth Goa, India21.4 km
Arossim BeachBeautiful White Sand And Palm TreesCansaulim, Goa21.7 km
Hollant BeachFor Idyllic SpotsBogmalo, Goa21.7 km
Utorda BeachFor Solitude20.2 kilometers from Vasco da Gama22.3 km
Baga BeachThe best beach of GoaBardez, Goa, India22.6 km
Majorda BeachA foodie’s paradiseSouth Goa, India23.6 km
Vagator BeachBest private beaches in GoaMapusa, Goa24.4 km
Chapora BeachFor Peace Seekers & LoversNorth Goa, India25.3 km
Ozran BeachFor Beautiful CoastlinesBardez Goa25.4 km
Betalbatim BeachFor A Swim10.7 kilometers from Margao25.6 km
Anjuna BeachKnown for its rock formationsNorth Goa, India25.8 km
Colva BeachHappening Beach shacks & pubsSouth Goa, India27.8 km
Benaulim BeachFor peaceful vibesSouth Goa, India29.6 km
Mandrem BeachFor blazing sunsetsNorth Goa, India33.1 km
Morjim BeachFor some serene atmosphereNorth Goa, India33.6 km
Ashwem BeachFor Meeting Tiny TurtlesNorth Goa, India34.8 km
Varca BeachExperience Mesmerizing VibeFatrade, Goa36.1 km
Arambol BeachFor families and budget vacationsNorth Goa, India39.6 km
Kalacha BeachFor Sweet Water LagoonNorth Goa, India40.2 km
Cavelossim BeachFor black lava rocksSouth Goa40.8 km
Mobor BeachFor Buying Colorful HandicraftsSouth Goa, India42.8 km
Betul BeachFor A Centuries-Old FortSouth Goa, India44.0 km
Querim BeachFor Pleasant SceneryNorth Goa, India47.3 km
Kakolem BeachAdventure sportsKakolem Beach, South Goa54.2 km
Cola Beach GoaFor Picnics32 kilometers from Margao57.6 km
Vainguinim BeachFor Chill VibesPanaji, Goa6.6 km
Butterfly BeachFor breathtaking sunsetsNorth of Palolem Beach 61.7 km
Palolem BeachFor Silent Night DiscoPalolem Beach, Canacona63.7 km
Agonda BeachFor Dolphin spottingCanacona in South Goa district, India63.8 km
Patnem BeachA quieter alternative to PalolemSouth Goa, India64.1 km
Rajbagh BeachHave A Relaxing TimeRajabagh, Tarir, Palolem, Canacona, Goa 40370265.3 km
Talpona BeachFor Serene WalksCanacona region, South Goa68.1 km
Galgibaga BeachFor Meditation7 km from famous Palolem Beach68.2 km

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