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About Mobor Beach Goa

Mobor beach

Mobor Beach is always crowded with tourists. Parties and activities always take place here regularly. The beach is enhanced by natural creations such as ponds with blooming lilies, sand dunes, and coconut palms that adorn the environment. This location is great for those looking for a unique vacation. However, you can simply enjoy the brightness of everyday life in Goa.

In Mobor Beach Goa, simply sit down and soak up the sun, have a refreshing dip in the cool waves. Else, go for a lovely coastal lonely retreat in the tranquil surroundings. The lovely resorts here will provide you with a great stay. You will enjoy every moment at this beach. Rest we are confident that your visit to Mobor Beach will be well worth it. As it is one of the most beautiful spots in the area. However, find out more here and begin with your packing.

Want to know the current status of Goa Tourism guidelines? Well, it’s open for all. While domestic travelers need to either be fully vaccinated or carry an RT-PCR report, international travelers need to fill out the Air Suvidha form. For more insights, join the live chat!

Mobor Beach Address: Mobor Beach, South Goa, Goa, India

Mobor Beach Pin code: 403731

How To Reach Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach Goa is a prominent tourist destination in South Goa. You can travel to this beach whenever you want or when you are free. There are numerous options available to travel for you to consider. The Mobor Beach location is easily accessible by flight, bus, taxi, or cab.

How To Reach Mobor Beach By Auto Rickshaw

To Mobor Beach, you can quickly get an auto-rickshaw from the Goa International airport. Auto-rickshaw is another popular mode of transportation that many visitors prefer to travel to the beach. It will cost about INR 300- INR 400. 

How To Reach Mobor Beach By Air

The Mobor Beach location from Goa International airport is about 38 kilometres. It will take an hour to get there. From the Goa Airport to Mobor Beach, you can choose from several pre-paid taxi options that will take you to Mobor Beach in comfort. You can also rent a car or a bike and go on an amazing adventure.

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How To Reach Mobor Beach By Road/Taxi/Bus/Car

Road route

When it comes to travelling to Mobor beach place by car, there are various options. Various state-run bus lines connect various portions of the city to Goa’s beach. Apart from that, the roads and highways going to Mobor Beach Goa are well-constructed and well-maintained. This makes it easy to travel there by car or cab from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

Bus Stand NamesDistance From Mobor beachTimeVia
Cuncolim Bus Stand11.5 km22 minCavelossim Rd
Margao Bus Stand16.3 km32 minMDR43
Curchorem Bus Stand27.9 km48 minOrlim Rd
Canacona Bus Stand35.3 km57 minPanvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy
Ponda Bus Stand35.5 km1 hr 6 minMargao – Ponda Hwy/Panaji – Farmagudi – Margao Hwy Bypass Rd
Vasco Bus Stand39.1 km1 hr 10 minDabolim – Cavelossim Rd and MDR43
Panaji Bus Stand48.7 km1 hr 30 minNH 66
Marcel Bus Stand51.3 km1 hr 33 minNH748
Honda Bus Stand59.4 km1 hr 35 minMargao – Ponda Hwy/Panaji – Farmagudi – Margao Hwy Bypass Rd
Sanquelim Bus Stand60.0 km1 hr 42 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Bicholim Bus Stand67.4 km1 hr 51 minHathkhamba-Goa Rd
Assonora Bus Stand72.4 km2 hr 2 minNH 66
Mapusa Bus Stand9.8 KM1 hr 43 min(60.3 km) via NH 66NH 66

How To Reach Mobor Beach By Rail

rail route

Madgaon is the closest train station to Mobor beach. Various other prominent railway stations include Canacona, Sanverdam Chuch, and Vasco Da Gama The Mobor Beach distance is approximately 12.62 kilometres from Madgaon railway station to Mobor beach. Once you arrive at the railway station, you can take a local bus, an auto-rickshaw, or a taxi to Mobor beach.

CodeRailway Station NameDistance From Mobor beach
BLLIBalli15.7 km
SRVXSuravali17.5 km
MAOMadgaon Junction19.4 km
MJOMajorda Junction21.1 km
SJDASan Juje Da Areyal21.3 km
CNRChandar21.5 km
CSMCansaulim24.5 km
VENVerna26.8 km
SVMKudchade Sanvordem29.1 km
SKVLSankval31.4 km
CNOCanacona35.0 km
DBMDabolim35.2 km
KMKalem40.9 km
VSGVasco da Gama41.7 km
KRMIKarmali46.0 km
LOLLoliem47.3 km
QLMKulem49.8 km
THVMThivim69.8 km
PERNPernem75.3 km

How To Reach Mobor Beach By Ship/Ferries/Boats

There is no availability or facility of ships or ferries near Mobor Beach Goa. You can travel to Mobor Beach by bus, taxi or cab. However, if you want, then you can also inquire about the ferry facilities near the beach from any travel agent. But don’t forget to inquire well in advance.

How To Reach Beach From Panjim

If you’re covering the Panjim to Mobor Beach distance, you can take any local mode of transportation. It is well connected by roads and is 48.6 kilometres away, which takes around an hour to travel. You may easily take a train to Vasco Da Gama or Madgaon Railway Stations, then hire a cab or ride a bike to your location.

Best Time to Visit Mobor Beach

Best time to visit at Mobor beachIf you have a trip planned to Mobor Beach South Goa, the best time to visit this place is during the winter months. The months should be from November to February. The weather is excellent at this time. Visitors may look forward to a relaxing coastal vacation. Summers, on the other hand, can be exceedingly hot. However, the months of March to May can be particularly miserable due to the oppressive heat. So avoid visiting Mobor between March to September. Moreover, if you plan to visit during summer, then you would love to enjoy Mabor Beach water sports. 

Places In Mobor Beach To Visit

Tourist places at Mobor beach

Mobor Beach is home to several intriguing places that you must visit. These locations are close to the shore. Moreover, a visit to such enticing locations will be well worth your time and effort. Therefore, for you, we have listed some of the most popular places to visit near Mobor Beach. 

  1. Betul Fort: A trip to the Betul Fort is necessary if you want to see the endless sky set against the vast sea. Built by Shivaji Maharaj, this old edifice has a rich history. It will provide you with a great experience and is only 13 kilometres away from Mobor beach.Distance from Mobor Beach: 13.4 km
  2. Cutbona Chapel: Cutbona Chapel in Velim, Goa, is very famous among the Goa churches. This well-known church is popular among local people. However, it now has become a one-stop destination for many visitors. This is one of the most commendable nearby places to Mobor Beach. It has built a strong presence among visitors from its rich history and culture. Distance from Mobor Beach: 1.6 km
  3. Khaama Kethna Sustainable Eco Village: Anyone who wants to indulge in self-introspection and experience true spirituality should surely spend some time at the Khaama Kethna eco-village. This place is no less than paradise and the natural, as well as the peaceful environment here, would truly give you the best time. Read more

Here are the best beaches in Goa that you can explore after your visit to Mobor Beach. While some beaches are known for their romantic nature, others for their adventures. Whatever beach you go to, you are bound to to make the most of your tourism

Water Sports Activities at Mobor Beach

Watersports at Mobor beach

Mobor Beach has some exciting and adventurous water sports activities. It will be a perfect place if you try Mobor Beach water sports activities. Moreover, if you are an adventure seeker, then grab some lovely and beautiful moments here. 

  1. Jetski:If you wish to see the Arabian Sea’s blue waves, hop on a Jet Ski. Else, you can go for some thrilling manoeuvrings. Put on your life jackets and get ready for a wild journey across the water. Also, capture some spectacular views of the golden coasts.
  2. Ringo:This thrilling ride will undoubtedly provide you with a bumpy splash as you twist and whirl your way across the tranquil waters. Enjoy the trip as the inflated ring takes you along the Goan shoreline’s beautiful blue seas.
  3. Banana Ride:If you’re travelling with your family and looking for some exciting water activities, the exhilarating Banana Boat Ride is a must-do. As you glide over the waves in the speed boat, hold on tight to the boat and feel the gushing sea breeze dashing against you.
  4. Parasailing:Parasailing at Mobor Beach will provide any adventure lover with an unforgettable experience. Adventure awaits you if you are planning for parasailing water activity. Enjoy the thrillingness and the beauty of Mobor Beach.

Nightlife In Mobor Beach

Nightlife at Mobor beach

A visit to Mobor Beach would be incomplete without an experience of the lively nightlife. Explore the area after a day of sightseeing and enjoy some rejuvenating moments. With shacks, clubs, and pubs in Mobor Beach, you can enjoy the evening until the early hours of the night. You can enjoy the Mobor Beach nightlife in the following bars or restaurants:

  1. Robin’s Ark Bar & Restaurant:Mobor Beach is a place with vibrant tourists partying together. The Robin’s Ark Bar & Restaurant is one of the best bars among all others. It serves delicious cuisines which attract large diners. The night is full of DJ parties playing trance music and making people enjoy Goa’s nightlife. 
  2. Beach Grill:Goa Mobor Beach nightlife attracts most tourists all over the world. Beach Grill is a multi-cuisine restaurant that provides tasty food and great beverages. At night, this place becomes a party place for visitors. You will enjoy the cosy ambience with soft music. It will make your mind relax. 
  3. The Leela Goa“Every evening, the best party nights are often organized by Leela Goa. This place is where guests can dance to some grooving tunes. The friendly atmosphere of the venue will entice you to hit the dance floor. You will be able to capture some unforgettable memories. Other than that, it also provides the best dining restaurant, serving the best and tasty foods. Read more

Places to Eat At Mobor Beach

Restaurants at Mobor beach

There are numerous seaside restaurants near Mobor Beach. This beach eaterie serves a delicious variety of sea fish and other delicacies at reasonable prices. Enjoy the cool breezes while feasting on delectable food. Here are some of the best Mobor Beach restaurants listed below.

  1. James’s Cafe Beach hut:At James Cafe Beach, you can have a romantic evening Hut. If you’re visiting Mobor with your loved ones, the outside seats and soft music, as well as the delicious meals, will be ideal for you.
  2. Dom’s Beach Shack:This is yet another exciting location to visit with friends and family. The relaxing music, soft lighting, exquisite food, and quality beverage selection will all entice you to fill your hungry stomachs.
  3. The Fishermans Wharf:The Fisherman’s Wharf Goa is the epitome of riverbank enjoyment. It is with a panoramic vista of shimmering waters. Modern Fusion Cuisine blended with Goan influences most of the tourists to visit here. However, it is one of the greatest authentic local cuisines in South Goa. The Wharf has cemented its place in the heart of the Goan community.
  4. Zest Cafe & Kitchen:Zest Cafe & Kitchen offers indoor and outdoor dining options, as well as an interactive kitchen. It is ideal for hosting business and social events. It also has an extensive à la carte menu. It includes modern Western cuisine, popular Indian dishes, and a range of sandwiches, pasta, and light salads.

Resorts In Mobor Beach To Stay

Resorts at Mobor beach

Mobor Beach resorts have a variety of lodging options, ranging from opulent resorts to budget-friendly hotels. Always book Mobor Beach hotels ahead of time to ensure a stress-free vacation during high seasons. Here’s a list of such resorts where you can have a pleasant stay.

  1. Varca Palms Beach Resorts:Varca Palms Beach resorts are the nearest resort to Mobor Beach. This resort offers incredible sojourn and acres of lush lands. It will provide you with picture-perfect rooms as vacation pictures. This resort also provides you with a pool, fitness centre, and children’s activity corner. 
  2. Palmgrove Residency:If you want to have discounts on booking a resort, then you can visit Palmgrove Residency. It is a budget-friendly resort or in-house restaurant or bar. The hotel staff and the services are the best. They can ensure a pleasant stay with friendly staff. 
  3. Dona Sa Maria:It is located 4.6 kilometres from Mobor Beach and is a charming resort that will provide a wonderful stay. Every room has a private seating area where you can relax and enjoy the sea wind.
  4. Lord’s Plaza:A stay at Lords Plaza will provide you with the essence of high-end services. The resort is well-equipped with all of the modern amenities. It is the perfect resort for holding business meetings or reunion celebrations.

Other Places To Stay

  • Veeniola Holiday Home
  • The Byke Old Anchor – Goa
  • Sal Riviera
  • The Cape Goa
  • The Leela Goa
  • Radisson Blu Resort Goa Cavelossim Beach
  • Holiday Inn Resort Goa, an IHG Hotel
  • Sao Domingos Holiday Home

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Shopping At Mobor Beach

Shops at Mobor beach

Mobor Beach, lined with brightly coloured stores along the beach, will undoubtedly tempt you to spend some extra cash on shopping. Here are some of the best places where you can shop. 

  1. Muxer Fish and Vegetables Market:Muxer Fish and Vegetables Market is a huge fish market in Mobor Beach. It is also famous for its vegetable market. This market sells day-to-day stuff like vegetables and fish to the visitors. If you are a fish-eating lover, then you should visit here. 
  2. Fish Market Velim:It is a small yet again popular fish market in Goa. They sell vegetables, fruits, raw seafood, and a special pig booth on Sundays or feast days. However, there is a cold storage facility nearby, as well as shops around the market.

Shacks In Mobor Beach

Shacks at Mobor beach

There are many beach shacks in Mobor Beach that serve lovely meals. Among the most well-known are:

  1. Mike’s Oasis Beach:Looking for somewhere to unwind? Mike’s Oasis Beach Shack will be the ideal place to begin. Here, you can choose from a delectable selection of appetizers. Grab a glass of your favourite beverage and head to the beach for an evening of relaxation.
  2. Sam’s Beach Shack:Sam’s Beach Shack will always serve you pleasant service, from breakfast to late-night meals. Many travellers come here for pleasant outside seating. You can get anything from Goan seafood to North Indian cuisines all under one roof at cheap pricing.
  3. Vermon’s Beach Shack :This shack is one of the best spots for family dinner while you can also seek some happy moments. The flavours of the freshly prepared Goan cuisine will stay in your tongues and satisfy your hunger. The friendly service of the staff and the cosy ambience will ensure that you have a good time.

Packing Essentials For Mobor Beach Day Trip

Packing essentials at Mobor beach

Are you intending to know about some significant items which need to be packed while planning your trip to Mobor Beach? If yes, then do not forget to check out the packing essentials showcased below: 

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you leave for your trip to Mobor Beach, here is a quick checklist of everything you should remember.

Medical Facilities Near Mobor Beach

Medical Facilities at Mobor beach

If a medical emergency arises on the beach as a result of sports activities or for any other cause, please do not get nervous; medical assistance will be supplied immediately. Nagarsenkar’s Classic Hospital, Victor Hospital, and Royal Hospital are the nearest hospitals to Mobor Beach. 

Local pharmacies are there to provide you with medications. They will do their best to assist you with medical aids. If your illness worsens, call the medical helpline and request an ambulance. It is to transport you to one of the local hospitals in Cavelossim or Margao. Also, tourists and visitors are advised to keep their first-aid kits on hand in case of minor injuries or cuts.

Distance of Other Beaches From Mobor Beach

Beach NameFamous ForLocationDistance
Mobor BeachFor Buying Colorful HandicraftsSouth Goa, India0 km
Cavelossim BeachFor black lava rocksSouth Goa2.4 km
Varca BeachExperience Mesmerizing VibeFatrade, Goa10.2 km
Benaulim BeachFor peaceful vibesSouth Goa, India15.3 km
Colva BeachHappening Beach shacks & pubsSouth Goa, India16.6 km
Betalbatim BeachFor A Swim11.4 kilometres from Margao19.6 km
Betul BeachFor A Centuries-Old FortSouth Goa, India2.3 km
Majorda BeachA foodie’s paradiseSouth Goa, India21.4 km
Kakolem BeachAdventure sportsKakolem Beach, South Goa21.9 km
Utorda BeachFor Solitude20.2 kilometres from Vasco da Gama22.3 km
Arossim BeachBeautiful White Sand And Palm TreesCansaulim, Goa24.7 km
Cola Beach GoaFor Picnics33.2 kilometres from Margao25.3 km
Velsao BeachFor Lakes Decorated With LiliesSouth Goa, India26.7 km
Agonda BeachFor Dolphin spottingCanacona in South Goa district, India32.0 km
Butterfly BeachFor breathtaking sunsetsNorth of Palolem Beach 34.3 km
Palolem BeachFor Silent Night DiscoPalolem Beach, Canacona36.3 km
Patnem BeachA quieter alternative to PalolemSouth Goa, India36.7 km
Rajbagh BeachHave A Relaxing TimeRajabagh, Tarir, Palolem, Canacona, Goa 40370237.9 km
Hollant BeachFor Idyllic SpotsBogmalo, Goa38.0 km
Bogmalo BeachFor Adventure ActivitiesSouth Goa, India38.7 km
Siridao BeachFor Mysterious CavesNorth Goa, India40.7 km
Talpona BeachFor Serene WalksCanacona region, South Goa40.7 km
Galgibaga BeachFor Meditation8.5 km from famous Palolem Beach40.8 km
Bambolim BeachFor Natural BeautyNorth Goa, India43.5 km
Odxel BeachFor Amazing NightlifePanaji, India48.3 km
Vainguinim BeachFor Chill VibesPanaji, Goa49.1 km
Dona Paula BeachFor Dolphin WatchingPanaji, Goa49.8 km
Miramar BeachFor Golden SandsPanaji, Goa50.4 km
Coco Beach GoaFor WatersportsNerul, Goa57.4 km
Candolim BeachKnown for scrubbed sand dunesBardez, Goa59.2 km
Sinquerim BeachTry water sportsBardez sub-district, North Goa, India 60.1 km
Calangute BeachIndulge in authentic seafoodBardez, Goa61.9 km
Baga BeachThe best beach of GoaBardez, Goa, India64.7 km
Vagator BeachBest private beaches in GoaMapusa, Goa67.2 km
Chapora BeachFor Peace Seekers & LoversNorth Goa, India67.3 km
Ozran BeachFor Beautiful CoastlinesBardez Goa67.5 km
Anjuna BeachKnown for its rock formationsNorth Goa, India67.8 km
Morjim BeachFor some serene atmosphereNorth Goa, India76.1 km
Ashwem BeachFor Meeting Tiny TurtlesNorth Goa, India77.0 km
Mandrem BeachFor blazing sunsetsNorth Goa, India79.0 km
Arambol BeachFor families and budget vacationsNorth Goa, India81.8 km
Kalacha BeachFor Sweet Water LagoonNorth Goa, India82.2 km
Querim BeachFor Pleasant SceneryNorth Goa, India89.3 km

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