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6E2013 Current Flight Status

6E2013 is an Indigo Airlines flight from Delhi (DEL) to Vadodara (BDQ). The scheduled time of departure for 6E2013 from Delhi (DEL) is **04:55 IST** and the scheduled time of arrival in Vadodara (BDQ) is **06:40 IST**. The duration of the flight according to the live flight status is **1 hours 29 minutes**. The flight departs from Delhi (DEL) Airport’s Terminal 2 and arrives at Vadodara (BDQ) Airport’s Terminal -. You can track 6E2013 live flight status here.

6E2013 Flight Deals from Delhi (DEL) to Vadodara (BDQ)

6E2013 | Indigo Delhi to Hyderabad Flight Status

Know all the details and track 6E2013 flight status here. Indigo 6E 2013 is an Indigo Airlines Flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. The flight connects Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) with Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD)

Disclaimer: Please note that the 6E 2013 flight status shown here is for informative purposes only. While the authenticity of Indigo flight status 6E 2013 is to the best of our knowledge, Travanya takes no responsibility for any occurrences arising as a repercussion of relying on the given 6E 2013 Status.

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6E 2013 Flight Details

TypeDomestic Flight
Departure AirportDelhi (DEL)
Arrival AirportVadodara (BDQ)
Flight Distance793 kms / 493 miles
AircraftAirbus A320neo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many 6E2013 flights are operated per week?

Answer: The flight 6E2013 operates 7 times per week.

Q: What type of aircraft does 6E2013 flight use?

Answer: All 6E2013 flights use Airbus A320neo as their aircraft.

Q: Which terminal does flight 6E2013 arrive at?

Answer: Flight 6E2013 arrives at Vadodara (BDQ) Airport’s Terminal 2.

Q: What is the average delay of flight 6E2013?

Answer: The average delay of flight 6E2013 is 8 -10 minutes.

Q: By what other names are 6E2013 flights be referenced?

Answer: The other names through which 6E2013 can be referenced are IGO2013, 6E 2013 & Indigo 2013.

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