Chandrashila Trek

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Chandrashila Trek – Get Closer To The Majestic Himalayas

Chandrashila Trek

Chandrashila Trek is an exciting adventure for trekkers and nature enthusiasts. Located in Uttarakhand, it is one of the most spectacular treks in India and it offers breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas.  The trek starts from Sari village, located at an altitude of 2000m and the trek follows the traditional pilgrimage route to the summit of Chandrashila, at an altitude of 3,690m. The trek takes you through dense forests, lush green meadows and beautiful villages. On the way, you will come across various temples and other religious sites, which are a treat to the eyes.

The trek takes approximately 5-6 days, with the last night of the trek being spent at the summit. The summit of Chandrashila offers stunning views of the Himalayan range and provides a unique vantage point to spot the Nanda Devi peak and the Panchchuli peaks. The trek has a moderate difficulty level and the terrain is quite challenging. You will be trekking for around 6-7 hours a day, so it is important to be physically fit and well-prepared for the trek. The Chandrashila Trek is perfect for those looking for a thrilling adventure away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. While the weather can be quite unpredictable, the views from the summit are sure to leave you mesmerized. So, if you are looking for a thrilling adventure, Chandrashila Trek is the perfect trek for you!

Chandrashila Trek Highlights

  • The trek offers some of the most stunning views of the Himalayas. You will get to witness the majestic beauty of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and other peaks from this point. You will also get to enjoy the views of the lush green meadows, gorges, and forests. 
  • Chandrashila is known for its rich flora and fauna. You will get to witness a variety of species of birds, wild animals, and other wildlife. This trek is a great way to explore the wonders of nature. 
  • Chandrashila is a challenging trek as it involves a steep climb of 4 km. However, the trek is not too difficult and can be done by even beginner trekkers. The trail is also well-marked, so there is no need to worry about getting lost. 
  • Chandrashila has plenty of camping opportunities along the route. You can choose to camp either near the base camp or in the higher regions. There are a number of campsites on the way so you can take your pick. 
  • Chandrashila trek is a great way to experience the culture of the Himalayas. You will get to witness the unique culture and tradition of the Himalayas.

Best time for the Chandrashila Trek

The best time to go for the Chandrashila Trek is during the summer months. April to June is the ideal time for the trek as the weather is pleasant and the skies are mostly clear. During these months, the temperatures range from 15 to 20 degrees on most days. This makes trekking easier and even more enjoyable.

How to Reach Chandrashila trek

Here’s a guide on how to reach the summit of this majestic peak.

  • By Road: The best way to reach Chandrashila is to take a bus or taxi from Dehradun or Haridwar to Sari village. This is the starting point of the trek. From here, you’ll need to walk for 5-6 hours to reach Chandrashila peak. The trek is moderate, with some easy and some moderately difficult sections. The trek is best attempted in the winter months, as the weather is cooler and the snow makes the path easier to traverse. 
  • By Air: The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest to Chandrashila Trek and lies at a distance of 216.4 km. After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi to complete the desired trek journey. 
  • By Train: Haridwar Railway Station is the nearest to Chandrashila Trek with a distance of 223.7 km. Travellers can opt for government buses, shared taxis, and private cabs to further complete the journey. 
Chandrashila Trek

Route Map for Chandrashila Trek

There are two main routes you can take to reach the Chandrashila summit – 

  1. Rishikesh >> Chopta>>Tungnath>>Chandrashila>>Chopta
  2. Haridwar >> Sari (base camp) >> Deoria Tal >> Chopta >> Circuit (Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila Peak – Chopta) >> Haridwar

Quick Info about the Chandrashila Trek:

Trek Duration4-5 days
Trekking Distance5 KM
Maximum Altitude4000 mts
Difficulty LevelEasy
Start/ End Point of the TrekChopta
Kedarkantha Trek TemperatureDay (8°C to 15°C) and Night: (3°C to -7°C)
Nearest Railway StationRishikesh railway station 
Nearest AirportJolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

Travel Tips for Chandrashila Trek

Here are some of the best travel tips for the Chandrashila trek:

Travel tips
  • Gear Up: One of the most important things to consider when it comes to trekking is the right gear. Invest in good quality trekking gear such as hiking boots, waterproof jackets, and trekking poles. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe trek.
  • Train Yourself: Before you embark on a trek, make sure that you have enough fitness to complete the trek. It is important to train yourself both physically and mentally for the trek. You can try to build up your stamina and endurance by doing some cardio exercises, such as running and swimming.
  • Be Prepared: Make sure that you carry the essentials such as a first-aid kit, a map, and a compass. Also, carry enough food and water for the entire trek.
  • Check the Weather: Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out for the trek. If the forecast predicts a storm, it is best not to go ahead with the trek.
  • Pick the Right Route: Choose the route which best suits your skill level and fitness. If you are a beginner, choose a route which has easy terrain.
  • Listen to Your Body: Make sure to pay attention to your body and listen to what it is telling you. If you feel tired, it is important to take a break and rest. Also, make sure to acclimatize yourself to the altitude.
  • Stay Positive: Trekking can be difficult at times and it is easy to get discouraged. It is important to stay positive and encourage yourself throughout the trek.

Documents to Carry for Chandrashila trek

Here is a list of documents that you should carry with you when you are about to embark on the Chandrashila Trek.

  • A valid photo ID: It is important to carry a valid photo ID with you as proof of identity. This could be your passport, driver’s license, or any other government-issued photo ID.
  • Medical Certificate: It is important to carry a medical certificate from your doctor. This indicates that you are in good health and fitness for a trek.
  • Insurance: You should obtain a travel insurance policy before you head out for the trek. This will help you to cover any unexpected medical costs during the trek.
  • Permits: You will be required to obtain permits to access the Chandrashila trek. This includes permits from the District Magistrate and the State Government.
  • Maps and Route Plans: It is important to carry maps and route plans of the region. This will help you to plan your route and stay safe during the trek.
  • Emergency Contact Details: It is important to carry the contact details of your family and friends. This will help you to contact your family and friends in case you get lost or injured during the trek.

What to pack for the Chandrashila Trek

what to pack
  • Basic Winter Clothing: Layering is essential for any trek and the Chandrashila Trek is no different. You should bring clothing items such as a light t-shirt, a fleece, a waterproof and windproof jacket, and a pair of warm trousers. Lightweight trekking boots are essential; they should be waterproof and offer good ankle support. A pair of lightweight flip-flops can also come in handy while trekking.
  • Hiking Accessories: A backpack that is comfortable to carry and can store your items safely is a must. Waterproof covers to protect your backpacks and other items from the rain are also necessary. Other items to include are a first aid kit, a headlamp, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent.
  • Necessary Food Items: Pack energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits that can provide you with instant energy. You will also need to carry a water bottle and a water filter for replenishing your fluids. You can also carry some ready-to-eat meals to eat on the way.
  • Miscellaneous Items: You will need to pack some miscellaneous items such as a map, a compass, a whistle, a knife, and toiletries. If you are carrying a camera, you should also bring a tripod, a spare battery, and a charger.

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