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About Dubai Museum

Do you actually want to learn about the culture and history of Dubai? Then, Dubai Museum can prove to be worth visiting. Inside the museum, you can explore exhibits showcasing the conventional life of the tribesman. The museum is housed inside the renowned Al Fahidi Fort which was once home to a monarch till 1896. Al Fahidi Fort was used to defend against enemy attack and it also operated as a prison, and weapons storehouse. There is a big collection of tombs, pottery, and weapons inside the place. Several hand-made utensils and items for water storage and food preservation are all you can find in the pottery collection. One can also get to learn about various phases of life during Dubai tourism both earlier and following the oil bloom.

Dubai Museum Details

Dubai Museum Address

Al Fahidi Fort, Ali Bin Abu Thalib Street, Bur Dubai, UAE

Dubai Museum Timings

AED 3 per adult, AED 1 per children

Dubai Museum Ticket Price

8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

How To Reach Dubai Museum?

One can choose any of the several ways to get around Dubai Museum after his or her flight from India to Dubai. The best way to roam is by taking a taxi, public boat, or metro rail. Those who wish to travel via metro can take the train to Al Fahidi Station (Green Line). Abra, a traditional boat in Dubai can also be used to reach Dubai Museum. The cost of a single ride is only 1 AED. Traveling via boat in Dubai can be surely very exciting.

Best Time To Visit Dubai Museum

The best time to visit Dubai Museum Al Fahidi Fort is any time between November and April. If you visit Dubai during these months, you can get to enjoy the major festivals happening around the city.

Time Needed To Explore Dubai Museum

The whole area nearby the Dubai Museum has old-style buildings, wind towers, and courtyards. To explore all the important exhibits of the Dubai Museum, about 2 to 3 hours will be enough. But, you can stay here for as long as you want.

Dubai Museum Ticket Price Details 

To get inside the Museum, there are different set of entry fee apply to the visitors. For adults, and children under 6 years of age, the entry fee is AED 3 AND AED 1, respectively. You can buy the museum tickets with the fort tickets; the entry for museum is inclusive of the visit to fort.

Things Not To Miss At Dubai Museum

One can get to know about historical Dubai more closely after visiting the Dubai Museum. Below we have discussed a few amazing things to do here:

  • Do a little window shopping in the Ancient Souks’ Dioramas. 
  • Admire the charm of the date palm trees and other highlights in the Oasis area. 
  • Learn in-depth about the Islamic Era at the final hall of the museum. 
  • See the Al Kalmah and Arish Houses in the courtyards. 
  • Shop for some souvenirs at the museum’s gift shop before leaving.

Insider Tips For Visiting Dubai Museum

Visiting Love Lake requires you to keep a few things in mind when planning a visit as it is located in a desert area. Here are some insider tips for visiting Love Lake:

  • Know all these insider tips can help make your Dubai Museum tour more exciting and intriguing. So, do keep all that in mind.
  • Be particular about the opening and closing timings of the place.
  • Try not to smoke or drink in public areas, or else you may get penalized.
  • Carry enough water with you as the weather in Dubai is extremely hot and dry.
  • Avoid touching any valuable artefact and remnant inside the museum.
  • Wear respectable attires when visiting prominent sites in Dubai, like Dubai Museum.

Places To Visit Near Dubai Museum

There are countless intriguing sites to visit in Dubai, attracting all kinds of vacationers. Ensure not to miss the following places during your Dubai trip:

  • Travel to Hindi Lane, adjacent to the Dubai Creek, about 0.2 km from Dubai Museum.
  • Learn about UAE history and culture at Sheikh Mohammed Centre, located 8 km away.
  • Do boat riding at the popular Dubai Creek, only 2.1 km from Dubai Museum.
  • Visit Burj Khalifa, the largest building in the world, located 8km from the museum.
  • Watch the breathtaking views of Dubai Frame, only 5 km from Dubai Museum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Dubai Museum, the biggest museum in Dubai, remains open from Saturday to Thursday. Currently, it is temporarily closed because the property is under restoration.

Answer: Dubai Museum has numerous local antiques along with artefacts from Asian and African nations that did business with Dubai. Also, the museum allows seeing the space and a trip to the Amazon rainforests.

Answer: There are certain places where there are stringent photography laws. Visitors can click pictures inside the Dubai Museum, but flash photography, selfie sticks, and tripods are prohibited.

Answer: There are different entrance fees in Dubai Museum for different age groups. For adults, the entrance fee is AED 3, and for the little ones, it is AED 1.

Answer: Anywhere from November to April is considered the perfect time to visit Dubai Museum. During these months, the weather in the city remains cooler compared to the other periods of the year.