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About Guru Nanak Darbar

Guru Nanak Darbar

Guru Nanak Darbar, located in the Jebel Ali Village in Dubai, is a Sikh gurudwara. Its construction started in May 2008, taking about three years, and was built completely in 2011. It has a Guinness record of serving breakfast to 600 people of 101 nationalities. Guru Nanak Darbar is built on 120,000 sq. ft. of land and has a 54-meter-long walkway called Parikarma. The architectural design has the urban and traditional touch of Sikh building design and is painted in a beautiful beige colour. Surrounded by a pond known as Sarovar resembles the Golden Temple Sarovar in India. A vegetarian meal known as Langar is served all day in the dining area of the Guru Nanak Darbar. It is a beautiful holy place and is among the favourite attractions of Dubai Tourism.

Guru Nanak Darbar Details

Guru Nanak Darbar AddressA l-Sheik Zayed street, Ibn Battuta – Dubai – United Arab Emirates (25.02°N, 55.11°E)
Guru Nanak Darbar Timings The visiting hours of Guru Nanak Darbar is from 4:30 AM to 9 PM every day.
Guru Nanak Darbar Ticket Price No fee or ticket is required to visit Guru Nanak Darbar as it is a holy place.

How to reach Guru Nanak Darbar?

You can reach Guru Nanak Darbar easily via metro, bus, or car if you are a resident of Dubai. However, people from overseas must the first book several flights to Dubai, and once they land, they can take a cab, metro, or bus to reach Guru Nanak Darbar.  

Best time to visit Guru Nanak Darbar

The best time to visit Guru Nanak Darbar is in the winter months of November to March. However, you can visit the holy place between 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM for some kirtan and path.

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How much time does it take to explore Guru Nanak Darbar?

It takes about 2 hours to explore Guru Nanak Darbar as you offer prayers, roam around, sit inside for some peace and relish the delicious langar. However, it may vary depending upon the crowd, and the time you wanna spend.

What is the ticket price of Guru Nanak Darbar?

Guru Nanak Darbar is a holy shrine and doesn’t charge any fees or tickets to its visitors. You can tour the place yourself without any fee or guidance.

Things To Do At Guru Nanak Darbar

Things not to miss at Guru Nanak Darbar

  • The delicious vegetarian meal is also known as Langar.
  • Offer prayer and sit for a while for some peace.
  • The beautiful architecture of  Guru Nanak Darbar. 
  • The kadha prasad, is distributed to the visitors at Guru Nanak Darbar.
  • The evening fest that happens every day.

Insider tips for visiting Guru Nanak Darbar

Consider the tips mentioned below to enhance your experience of visiting Guru Nanak Darbar in Dubai:

  • Cover your head all the time before entering the holy place.
  • Dress decently and remove your footwear outside.
  • Inform Guru Nanak Darbar beforehand if you are visiting with a large group of people.
  • Be aware of the visiting hours of the place.
  • Pre-book a cab when planning the visit to Guru Nanak Darbar.
  • Smoking and drinking inside the premises is not allowed.

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Places to visit near Guru Nanak Darbar

  • Ibn Battuta Mall is 7 min away from Guru Nanak Darbar.
  • The Hindu Temple is at a walking distance of 38 metres.
  • Dubai Super Trees is located at a driving distance of 9.1 kilometres.
  • Christ Church Jebel Ali, situated 550 metres, takes about 3 mins to reach.

Other Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is a man-made city and is filled with tourists and holy places all around the city. Apart from Guru Nanak Darbar, several ones must not miss out on as they are among the tourist attractions in Dubai and are listed below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a head scarf provided at the Guru Nanak Darbar?

Answer: A Head scarf is provided to everyone at the Guru Nanak Darbar. It is necessary to cover your head when you visit the place.

Q: How to reach Guru Nanak Darbar?

Answer: You can reach Guru Nanak Darbar via bus, metro, or car.

Q: Can anyone visit the Guru Nanak Darbar?

Answer: People from all religions and faith can visit Guru Nanak Darbar.

Q: At what time is the langar provided at Guru Nanak Darbar?

Answer: Langar is provided throughout the day at Guru Nanak Darbar. The service is provided free of cost for every guest.

Q: Where is Guru Nanak Darbar located in Dubai?

Answer: Guru Nanak Darbar is located in Jebel Ali Village in Dubai.

Q: Does Guru Nanak Darbar have a parking space?

Answer: Guru Nanak Darbar has a parking space for about 140 cars.

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