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About Flea Market Dubai

Who doesn’t love shopping in Flea Markets? Flea Market Dubai is just another market loved by all the tourists and locals. It started as a one-time event in Zabeel Park and has become an essential part of Dubai culture since that day. Dubai Flea Market is home to a wide variety of products like household items, furniture, home decor, textiles, electrical appliances, pottery, toys, games, clothes, accessories, antiques and many more. The market is only accessible once every weekend at a different location and is still the most loved and visited marketplace in Dubai Tourism. So why wait when you can buy premium quality goods at the lowest prices?

Flea Market Dubai Details

Flea Market Dubai Address

Dubai Flea Market is set up in different locations each week such as Zabeel Park,  Al Nahda Pond Park, Al Safa Park and Jumeirah Lake Towers Park.

Flea Market Dubai Timings

The market runs 5 hours per week.

Generally, timings are 5 pm- 10 pm

Flea Market Dubai Ticket Price

The ticket price for each location differs with every event. However, the standard ticket price starts from AED 290.

How To Reach Flea Market Dubai?

The Dubai Flea Market runs at a different location each week, so you can do research before planning your visit. After knowing the location, you can book the cheapest India to Dubai flight if you are flying from overseas. Once you reach Dubai, you can take any public transport as all the market locations are near metro stations. 

Best Time To Visit Flea Market Dubai

You can visit the Flea Market Dubai any time of the year, but it is suggested to visit during the late winter season, from December to February. The windy breezes will let the visitors explore the market any time of the day without worrying about the scorching heat.

The Time Needed To Explore Flea Market Dubai

It depends on your time availability as the Flea Market Dubai has over 300 vendors selling all kinds of secondhand goods. So you might expect to spend a good couple of hours shopping and exploring all the pop-up stalls of the place. If any events are happening at the marketplace, the expected time may be longer than usual.

What Is The Flea Market Dubai Ticket Price?

The ticket price for each Flea Market Dubai event differs with every location. Therefore, it is advised to research the upcoming flea market events with their ticket price before planning your visit. The general price range for tickets may start from AED 290+ VAT and may go up to AED 390+ VAT, depending on the event’s location.

Places To Visit Around Flea Market Dubai

Once you have filled your shopping bags with all the products from Flea Market Dubai, don’t forget to visit other nearby places to make the most of your trip.

  • Visit the flea market of Dubai Spice Souk within a drive of 9.3 km from Flea Market.
  • Enjoy water attractions at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo within 8km of a drive. 
  • Get yourself clicked at The Dubai Frame, at a walking distance of 2.0 km.
  • Admire the beauty of Dubai Garden Glow, just 3.6 km away from the flea market.
  • Shop more at the famous Meena Bazar located within a driving distance of 5.0 km.

Insider Tips For Visiting Flea Market Dubai

It would be best to consider some insider tips before visiting the blissful shopping island of Flea Market Dubai. Some of these are:

  • You must check the schedule of the events in advance to determine the location, as the location changes every week.
  • Carry your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated as you might have to walk a lot and stand in crowded stalls.
  • Outside food and other eatables are not allowed inside as there are many food stalls inside the market.
  • Carry adequate cash with yourself, as you might not get access to online payments at the vendors’ shops.

Things Not To Miss At Flea Market Dubai

While planning your visit to the exquisite marketplace of Flea Market Dubai, don’t miss doing these things to enjoy all the market has to offer.

  • Get ready to go on a shopping spree to buy everything you desire using the best of your bargaining skills while purchasing quality goods.
  • Satisfy your post-shopping hunger by eating at the pop-up stalls of Flea Market Dubai and enjoy the full-fledged breakfast and lunch options.
  • Capture the hidden beauty of the market stalls and the lighting that makes them attractive even when seen from a distance. 
  • Take advantage of the free kids’ activities alongside the market to keep your kids busy while you shop stress-free at the Flea Market.
  • Enjoy attending the community festival events if you encounter any happening at the respective Flea Market Dubai location. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Over 300 vendors sell secondhand products in pop-up stalls at Dubai Flea Market.

Answer: Dubai Flea Market is famous for selling second hand items of good quality at affordable prices. One can visit the place and have a good time, as the Dubai Flea Market reviews are as good as the place is.

Answer: To book an all-inclusive holiday package, you can consult Travnaya and browse through many deals available on holiday packages.

Answer: The Dubai Flea Market is located in Zabeel Park, Al Satwa Park, Al Nahda Pond Park, JLT Park, Motor City, Oasis Silicon and Al Barsha Park.