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About Safa Park

Safa Park forms an integral part of the history of Dubai. The 64-hectare park has gone through many developments over the past years. The park is equipped with its signature attraction, such as its lakes, 200 species of birds, and 16000 types of plants and trees. This park was once illegally inhabited by immigrants from South Asia, but after renovation works, it is the most iconic attraction in the history of Dubai tourism. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Skyline from the park with your loved ones to make the most of your trip. Not only will you be treated to spectacular sights, but also to a serene and calm setting, especially around the lakes.

Safa Park Details

Safa Park Address

Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Safa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Safa Park Timings

Open 24 hours

Safa Park Ticket Price


How To Reach Safa Park?

You can book a flight if you are coming from overseas to visit the historical park of Dubai. However, you can consider yourself lucky if you are from India as we offer lucrative deals on India to Dubai flights that you can benefit from. Once you land in Dubai, you can take the fastest route to Safa Park through metro, bus, car or taxi and reach within minutes.

Best Time To Visit Safa Park

The best time to visit the attraction of Safa Park would be the months of November and December. These months offer a pleasant and breezy experience which brings you to the advantage of enjoying all the outdoor sports and activities in the park. You can entertain yourself by visiting the concerts and small festival celebrations during these months.

The Time Needed To Explore Safa Park

It takes around 2 hours approximately to take in all the scenic views and to explore the activities of Safa Park. However, if any concert or festival celebration occurs on certain days, you can expect to spend more than the estimated time at the park so you can enjoy those sessions too. 

What Is The Safa Park Ticket Price?

The ticket price to enjoy the aesthetics of Safa Park is AED 3 for all. However, the prices might differ if you want to attend concerts or shop at the Dubai Flea Market. Therefore, it is advised to book your tickets in advance so that you can revel in all the experiences the park offers without any worries.

Places To Visit Around Safa Park

Once you have spent quality time with your loved ones, don’t miss out on the other nearby attractions.

Insider Tips For Visiting Safa Park

Before visiting the historic beauty of Safa Park, keep a check on some insider tips to prepare well for your trip:

Things Not To Miss At Safa Park

While visiting the iconic Safa Park with your loved ones, don’t forget to mark off these things from your list to enjoy your visit.

Why Go For Travanya?

When you are planning your trip to Safa Park, don’t let your budget be an issue. Your trip to Dubai is just one booking away from us. Travanya can make your long journeys stress-free within your budget. You can explore various packages and deals to select the most feasible package for your trip. We can help you fly in style and affordably with our business class flight deal. We also offer flight and hotel booking assistance so that everything is done on your checklist. Don’t wait further to get in touch with our travel agent to learn more about Dubai holiday packages and get a hassle-free booking experience. Call us at +91 800 023 5865 and get your holidays planned with perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The ticket price to enter Safa Park is AED 3, exclusive of all the activities it offers.

Answer: Yes! Outside food is allowed in Safa Park, giving visitors a full picnic experience.

Answer: You can book a flight from Travanya if you are coming from overseas. Once you reach Dubai, you can use public transport to reach within minutes.

Answer: Safa Park is special for its iconic history of being taken over by immigrants from South Asia. As a result, the park is now the most visited tourist attraction.

Answer: The park is open every day from 8 am to 11 am for the visitors to explore the attractions.