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About World Islands

World Islands is the ultimate man-made paradise on Earth. The Island is an archipelago located just off the coast of Dubai, resembling the world map in its true sense. The place is equipped with a total of 300 mini islands covering almost 232 km of shoreline. World Island is surrounded by luxurious hotels and dine-in restaurants on its premises. One can enjoy all the water sports and beach activities with their loved ones while sipping the best cocktail of their life. Many outdoor dining options let you enjoy your meal in an open sky. World Island also offers a seaplane ride for the visitors to let them enjoy a quick ariel tour of the Island. You can even experience 7 continents in one sight, making this Island a worthwhile visit. Only recently has this Island been added as a tourist destination in Dubai Tourism. The unique concept of the Island is what drives tourism, as every Island has a different story to tell.

World Islands Details

World Islands Address

World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

World Islands Timings

Open 24 Hours

World Islands Ticket Price

Free Charges are applicable only if you choose group tour activities.

How To Reach World Islands

To reach World Islands Dubai from India, you can book an all-inclusive India to Dubai flight. And once you reach Dubai, you can use nearby public transport like car/taxi, metro, or bus to get to World Islands. You can also use helicopter services to land directly on the Island.

Best Time To Visit World Islands

The best time to visit the World Islands Dubai is between the months of October and February. You can expect cool weather without any rain, which will let you enjoy all the aeroplane and boat tours of the place.

Time Needed To Explore World Islands

It is generally suggested to spend more than 3 hours discovering the attractions of the World Islands Dubai entirely. But, feel free to spend more than the expected time as the exciting beach activities of the Island will make your stay longer.

Detailed Price Information At World Island

Entry to the World Islands Dubai is free. But, if you want to be a part of the group sightseeing session on a boat and aeroplane, then the price for the same starts from AED 453 per person. Moreover, the charges will also apply to other services you opt for while enjoying your time on the Island.

Things Not To Miss At World Island

While you are at the blissful World islands Dubai, don’t miss doing these things to make the most of your trip

  • Refresh and unwind yourself when you swim by the pool of Lebanon Island and get playful with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy your time at the not-so-regular beach of Lebanon Island and feel the place’s cold breezes and calm vibe.
  • Go for a dinner date in the open sky of Toro Blanco on Lebanon Island and enjoy some quality time with your partner. 
  • Engage yourself in all the water and beach sports and eat at the best dine-in cafes to refresh yourself post games. 
  • Must take pictures with your family members as you may find many heart-stealing backgrounds on the Island.

Insider Tips For Visiting World Island

Before embarking on your joyous journey to the World Islands Dubai, keep some insider tips in mind to know all about the Island.

  • The rumours about the Island to be sinking are purely false. Don’t let these rumours stop you from planning your fun-filled trip to the Island.
  • The construction of only 2 out of 300 islands is finished. So you can expect to visit the Lebanon Island of the World Island Dubai.
  • Take at least 8 hours on the Island to enjoy all the attractions, from beach activities to dine-in restaurants.
  • The daytime boat tour of the Island starts from 10 am to 6 pm, and the evening slot starts from 6 pm to 11 pm for only adults.
  • You can skip the tour if you visit the Island with your family as the tour is only for adults and might kill your available exploration time.

Places To Visit Near World Islands

Know some of the famous nearby attractions to visit with your family

  • Explore Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort within 32 meters of the World Islands.
  • Visit Qamar to try mouthwatering cuisines just 32 meters away from the World Islands Dubai.
  • Gather for lunch at Circle Cafe Kite Beach within a distance of 4.46 km from the Island.
  • Explore the Leva Hotel Mazaya Centre, just 8.56 km away from the World Island Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No, the Island is not sinking. The ongoing construction and the opening of Lebanon Island have put an end to all the false rumours.

Answer: World Island is an amalgamation of over 500 mini islands, which are divided into 7 sets of continents, making it look like the world map, which is why it is called Dubai World Map Island.

Answer: You can book your cheapest Dubai flight from Travanya. Once you reach Dubai, you can take public transport and reach the World Island Dubai.

Answer: The construction of World Island is still under construction. Only 2 out of 300 islands are complete as of 2013. The construction for the rest of the Island is in progress.

Answer: Yes, you can visit Lebanon Island in the World Islands Dubai. But, tourists are not yet allowed to visit other islands as they are under construction.