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Uzbekistan Airways

About Uzbekistan Airways [HY]

Uzbekistan Airways is the flight carrier of the flag of Uzbekistan, with headquarters in Tashkent. The company is famous for serving several domestic and international flights to Asia, Europe, and North America. Uzbekistan Airways history states that it was founded on 28th January 1992 and commenced operations from 31st May 1992. 

Managed by the Government of Uzbekistan, it’s a recently established and developed company, serving flights for over 23 destinations. This company mainly focuses its passenger service in Western European countries for international flights. No airline alliance is associated with this flight company. It transmits 1.227 million passengers with a 4.3% increase in Uzbekistan Airways bookings.

Uzbekistan Airways Network

Uzbekistan services 23 destinations in total, including domestic and international flights, expanding its belt of reach to several destinations. Uzbekistan Airways concentrate their journey mostly on Western European countries. Some flights here include flights to Moscow, Istanbul and Dushanbe. Uzbekistan Airways also facilitates flight journeys to and from India to Western European countries.

Uzbekistan Airways Fleet Details

The Uzbekistan Airways flight schedule operates with a fleet distance of 34 aircraft. The average age of the Uzbekistan Airways fleet is 10.8 years. The well-known carriers scheduled in this airline company are the Boeing 787-8, Boeing 757-200 and the Boeing 767-300 ER.

Uzbekistan Airways [HY] Domestic Routes

Uzbekistan Airways domestic flights are operational on the below-mentioned locations:

  • Tashkent to Terme
  • Tashkent to Bukhara
  • Tashkent to Navoi
  • Samarkand to Fergana
  • Samarkand to Namangan

Uzbekistan Airways International Flights

Uzbekistan Airways flight booking offers flights to various destinations mentioned below:

  • Samarkand to Moscow
  • Samarkand to Istanbul
  • Smakarkhand to India
  • Tashkent to Dubai
  • Tashkent to Moscow

Uzbekistan Airways Management Details

Uzbekistan Airways office Mr Sarvar Usmanov as the networking manager. Mr Umid Khakimov as the deputy commercial director. Dadang Sanjaya manages sales. Mrs Olga Sidoryuk is an engineer in Uzbekistan airways. Mr Vishal Bhatia is the Indian staff for airport management, and Mr Sardor Pulatov is the expert of the alliance division in the commercial department.

How To check-in With Uzbekistan Airways

Passengers opted for online Uzbekistan Airways check-ins will be made to check in traditionally at the airport. Uzbekistan Airways booking for online check-in is only provided for domestic flights. Check-in the baggage 40 minutes before the departure, with care taken to avoid exceeding the weight limit to avoid paying extra fees. If you plan to book a boarding flight, do it post check-in and 40 minutes before departure timings. 

You can edit the data of travel documents, the validity period of the certification document, the country of issue, and the date of birth of the passenger. After the registration is completed, the editing can be taken forward. You cannot check-in for a flight if you have an animal for travelling, special disabilities, weapon carrying or infant with separate bookings. Uzbekistan Airways ticket booking cancellation must be made immediately as soon as an issue arises.

Uzbekistan Airways On-Board Facilities

You receive bountiful in-flight services after booking your Uzbekistan airlines ticket booking. These facilities are witnessed in internet facilities, special seats for infants, liquor and special beverages for business class. Uzbekistan flight reservations offer on-board time-filling activities: listening to music, watching films, understanding papers and magazines, charming your child, learning facts about Uzbekistan Airways, getting all-inclusive information etc.

Uzbekistan Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

The Uzbekistan Baggage Allowance differs from domestic and international flights.

Domestic Flights:

  • First-class:23 kg
  • Business-class:32 kg

International Flights:

  • First-class:23 kg [may change from country to country]
  • Business-class: 32 kg [may vary from country to country]

Useful Insights About Uzbekistan Airways

Hub Airports

Tashkent International Airport


Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Call Sign


Unaccompanied Minor Service

Uzbekistan Airways permits unaccompanied minors without a parent or guardian facilitating the journey. A child’s age shall be unwavering as of the date of inauguration of the carriage from the airport (point) of departure, specified in the carriage document. Children between the ages of 5 to 14 can be transported without parents with consent from parents or guardians.

Fees for returning policy for Uzbekistan Airways tickets of unaccompanied minors services are fully refundable based on voluntary issues. Children below five years have to accompany a trusted adult or parent to board a flight. According to the flight regulation and rules, children above 12 are permitted to travel without guardians based on a consent letter or form. 

Uzbekistan Customer Care

The Uzbekistan Airways customer care number is +998781404623, and the fax number is +998712367500. It is operational from Monday-Thursday, from 9:00 to 18:00, Friday: from 9:00 to 17:00, and Saturday and Sunday weekends. The address for the Uzbekistan Airways office is Tashkent Address: House 41, A.Temur Av., Tashkent,100060.

Uzbekistan Airways Deals and Promo Codes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, you can book a separate Uzbekistan Airways domestic flight ticket or international flight seats for infants below two years.

Answer: Uzbekistan Airways flight ticket booking permits passport validity to have an extending date before departure. Some countries allow a meagre reach towards the expiring passport date, while some do not. It is best to contact your airline manager for this information.

Answer: Pregnant women can board an Uzbekistan Airways flight if the pregnancy is below 35 weeks. Pregnant women with twins and nearing the due date must be accompanied by a medical professional.

Answer: If your Uzbekistan Airways domestic or internal flight is running late, the flight rooms panel will display the required information.

Answer: Yes, liquor and vegan food options for Uzbekistan Airways business class flights are available.