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Regular International Flights To Resume From March 27, 2022 In India

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Regular International Flights To Resume

As per the current improved situation of Coronavirus in India, the Government officials have decided to resume international flights from March 27 – Jyotiraditya Scindia (Minister Of Civil Aviation)

India travel update: The return of international flights in India is a big relief for travellers as the government of India consider resuming international flights regularly. The concerned ministries are in talk and are preparing to lift the ban for almost after 2 years. Moreover, the Indian government has also issued new travel guidelines in addition to the no “at-risk” category. 

According to the reports, standard operations will be resumed too at Indian airports for foreign departures and arrivals. The procedure will start as soon as an official announcement will be made by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation regarding the resumption of foreign flights in India.

Key Highlights

  • The restrictions on International flights in India have been lifted after 2 years. As per officials, flights will resume from March 27, 2022.
  • Authorities have removed the “At-Risk” category from the Indian travel guidelines starting from 14th February 2022. 
  • Concerned ministries are preparing to take a call on lifting the travel ban and resuming International travel in India. 
  • The current travel India travel ban is only valid up to February 28. 
  • RT-PCR may not be required if vaccination recognised on the mutual basis.
  • 7-day home quarantine not required anymore.
  • Air Bubble Pact with 37 nations

No RT-PCR Required For International Travellers

Based on the revised travel guidelines for foreign departures and arrivals in India (issued on 10th February 2022 and effective from 14 February 2022), the RT-PCR is no longer needed for fully vaccinated passengers. Along with this, the mandatory 7-day home quarantine for international travellers, 8th-day RT-PCT test upload, and the concept of “at-risk” countries have been lifted.

Special Passenger Flights Under Air Bubble Arrangements

India undergoes an Air Bubble pact with 37 nations including Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Russia, UAE, UK, USA, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Maldives, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Cheap International flights

However, the price hike of flight tickets has been affecting passengers a lot lately. A tweet by an airline official recently quoted that “The official flight re-opening news will allow the aviation industry to include more flights in the system. This may surely result in lower airfares as the demand and supply will be more. ”

As per the Covid-19 report tracker, the daily number of Coronavirus cases in India are declining while an average of around 1900 infections in a day. According to the current covid situation in India, the country reports 1,761 fresh Covid cases and around 127 deaths within the last 24 hours. Taking the same into consideration, many Indian nationals are disappointed with the resumption of international flights and are opposing the same. Although, the ratio of happy people for this news is more as this ban have been badly affecting the aviation industry for the last 2 years.

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