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Latest Updates On India To UAE Flight News Today 2022-23

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India to UAE Latest Travel Updates

As much as travelling to the UAE from India was burdensome in 2021 due to stricter travel restrictions, it is as easy and hassle-free now. Since the introduction of Covid-19, both countries placed strict visa restrictions on foreign travellers in order to protect the health of their citizens. Going in the past, UAE enacted measures that required all travellers entering the country to present a valid certificate or proof of negative PCR test results taken within 72 hours prior to their arrival. Any traveller who failed to possess the same was denied entry into the UAE. 

But thankfully India to UAE flight news today is different – the current situation has changed in both countries, and they no longer need to adhere to the 14-day quarantine period or fill out the health declaration form. UAE now allows all Indian nationals holding valid visas to enter UAE with the necessary formalities. India on the other hand cancels the mandatory Air Suvidha Form for international travellers, making the approval process convenient. 

India To UAE Flights News 

In light of the recent UAE flight news today, India to UAE flights have been resumed smoothly without any extra covid restrictions. The announcements were made long ago by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority regarding the flights resuming from India and other countries as long as certain conditions were met.

India to UAE flights resume conditions now include a valid vaccination certificate, making sure that the passenger is fully vaccinated as per the terms of WHO and ensuring they are in compliance with UAE laws. Vaccines that are accepted by UAE authorities include AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Proof of vaccination must be provided in English or Arabic along with a valid photo ID and passport. 

All travellers must adhere to strict safety measures while flying, including wearing face masks and sanitising hands regularly during check-in and onboarding processes. Moreover, passengers should remain vigilant about social distancing protocols set out by the respective airline or airport. 

Travelling To Dubai – Latest India UAE Flights Update

Rules as of 19 May 2022, India to UAE flights resume are now allowed for all travellers. 

Tourists and citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) returning home must have a PCR test certificate that was taken within 48 hours prior to their arrival in the UAE. If you are visiting other emirates such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabhi or Ajman, you may be asked to present that negative COVID-19 test result.

However, the quarantine requirement has been lifted as of now but passengers are subject to thermal screening upon arrival. Additionally, before travelling, make sure you have verified all the necessary documentation such as visas and passports. Also, seek advice from your nearest UAE embassy on any other rules or regulations that may apply to your travel situation. The best practice is always to check with official sources before embarking on your journey. 

Exempted Passengers For Vaccine Certification

As per India to UAE flight news today, all travellers who hold a valid Indian passport and are travelling to UAE from India are required to have a vaccination certificate. However, the following categories are exempted:

  • Children below 12 years of age
  • People with disabilities or medical conditions preventing them from taking the vaccine
  • Passengers transiting through UAE airports for less than 8 hours without leaving the transit area
  • Diplomatic passport holders and their families
  • Crew members operating flights between India and UAE
  • People arriving as part of an approved chartered flight/services operated by Indian airlines or approved by the respective authorities in both countries.
  • Students studying in any educational institute in UAE and holding student visa issued by UAE authority.
  • People travelling to the UAE for medical treatment and holding a valid medical report issued by a recognized hospital in India.
  • Holders of Golden/Silver visas, investors or entrepreneurs holding an entry permit approved by UAE authorities. 
  • Passengers coming from countries other than India provided they have taken both doses of the vaccine and hold a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by the respective health authorities in their countries.

Popular Airlines On India To UAE Route

The UAE is an increasingly popular destination for Indian travellers, and the number of flights between India and the UAE has been growing steadily over the past few years. There are currently a wide variety of airlines offering direct flights from different cities across India to multiple airports in the UAE, making it easier than ever for travellers to get to their destination. 

Air India

Air India, the national carrier of India, offers daily flights from major cities in India to various destinations in the United Arab Emirates. As per India to UAE flight news today, these flights connect passengers to popular UAE cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi with ease and comfort. The Airline has a comprehensive network of flights that provide convenient connections to cities across the UAE from multiple airports in India. Whether you’re planning a business trip or looking for an affordable holiday package, Air India makes it easy for travellers by providing direct and connecting flights between Indian and UAE destinations. 

  • Delhi to Dubai: Travellers can find more than 200 flights on the Delhi to Dubai route in a week but direct flights are only available with Air India. On average, Air India’s non-stop flight takes around 3hrs 20mins to reach the destination with airfare starting from around INR 31,070 per passenger for a round trip. 
  • Mumbai To Dubai: Another popular route when it comes to India to UAE. Passengers can find more than 48 Mumbai to Dubai flights in a week with Air India. There are multiple daily flights available between these two cities with direct connections as well as connecting flights. 
  • Chennai To Dubai: Travellers can find more than 40 Chennai to Dubai flights both nonstop and connecting with Air India. The best way to find out about flight availability on this route for specific dates is by checking directly with a reliable online booking source like Travanya. 
  • Delhi To Abu Dhabi: Around 15 flights are available every week on Delhi to Abu Dhabi route. With Air India, you can find both Economy and Business class flight options with added amenities for a more comfortable journey. A round-trip flight per person can cost you around INR 26,600 on this route. 

Other India To Dubai Popular Routes With Air India

Emirates Airlines

Travel in style with Emirates Airlines after India to UAE flights resume. It is the largest airline network in the Middle East, that offers flights to over 140 destinations around the world. Their planes are modern and comfortable, and the crews provide excellent service. Moreover, with the convenient booking system, it’s easy to find great prices on flights from India to UAE.

  • Hyderabad to Dubai: Around 4 non-stop Hyderabad to Dubai flights are available per week with Emirates Airlines. Get easy discounts on your flights from India to UAE with us as the airline is popularly known for comfort, convenience and stress-free travel experience. 
  • Kolkata to Dubai: Emirates Airlines has 3 non-stop Kolkata to Dubai flights per week with tickets costing around INR 43,000 per person for a round trip. Get India UAE flights update with us and a laid-back vibe while enjoying refreshments onboard and accessing entertainment options with Emirates. 
  • Ahmedabad to Dubai: Up to 2 direct flights are available per week on Ahmedabad to Dubai route with Emirates airlines. The average cost starts from INR 43,914 per person for a round-trip flight. Check India to UAE flight news today Emirates only with us at Travanya. 
  • Bangalore to Dubai: Travellers can find around 3 Bangalore to Dubai flights with Emirates Airlines costs starting from around INR 30,100 per person for a round trip flight. Get on board and enjoy the generous baggage allowances without having to worry about extra costs with Emirates.

In addition to this, those passengers who do not possess the required vaccination certificate may be allowed entry into UAE after undertaking PCR tests at their own cost upon arrival in Dubai.

Want to know more about India to UAE flight news today? Get in touch with our travel experts at Travanya right away and know the latest deals on India to UAE flights and other destinations, in addition to the latest travel requirements. We are an IATA-Certified tour and travel agency that believes in helping travellers with the best discounts possible on flights. Reach out to us now at +91-800-0230-5865 and save big on travel like never before! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will flights from India to UAE resume?

Answer: There are no restrictions on India to UAE flights currently as per India to UAE flight news today Emirates. However, there are certain things that every passenger should carry such as vaccination certificates, Covid-19 negative test reports and go through thermal screening.

Q: What airlines fly from India to the UAE?

Answer: There are several airlines that offer direct and connecting flights from India to the UAE, including Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Air Arabia and Qatar Airways.

Q: How long is the flight from India to UAE?

Answer: The average flying time for a direct flight from India to the UAE is around 4 hours. Flights with 1-2 stopovers can take up to 10 hours or more depending on layover times.

Q: What is the cheapest way to get from India to UAE?

Answer: The cheapest way to travel from India to the UAE is to book a flight with Travanya, the best tour and travel agency in India. We proudly offer tickets at significantly lower prices than booking directly from full-service carriers like Emirates and Etihad Airways.

Q: Are there any travel restrictions between India and the UAE?

Answer: All travellers must comply with entry rules established by the governments of both India and the UAE before travelling. This includes presenting valid negative PCR tests on arrival and vaccine certification requirements for passengers.


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