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Indigo Declares 168 Weekly Flights From The Goa’s Mopa Airport

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 by Pawanpreet Kaur Leave a Comment

Indigo Declares 168 Weekly Flights From The Goa’s Mopa Airport

Indigo Airlines has declared that it will initiate 12 daily and 168 weekly flights from the New Goa International Airport in Mopa, North Goa, which has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on 11 December 2022 and began its operations on 5 January 2023. This will be the largest station launch in the budget carrier’s history, connecting 8 cities across India. This is to respond to the rising demand and to facilitate direct links to North Goa. Meanwhile, Indigo will continue its operations at Dabolim Airport in South Goa.

At the event, Pieter Elbers, CEO of Indigo, expressed his excitement for the launch of their largest-ever new station at the New Goa International Airport in Mopa, North Goa. He emphasized IndiGo’s commitment to providing customers and the nation with the best possible means of connectivity. The new services will not only benefit tourists but also the citizens of Goa, allowing them to fly directly to many major cities in India, the company added.

In a bid to enhance the safety and efficiency of the aviation sector, the New Goa International Airport recently launched a digital e-logbook for its pilots, making it the first airline in the Indian aviation sector to do so. The e-logbook enables the direct transfer of pilots’ flight data to the aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Indigo’s New Weekly Flight Schedule

Flight No. Origin Destination Frequency Effective Departure Arrival
6E 6301 Delhi Mopa Daily 05-Jan-23 07:25 10:05
6E 6302 Mopa Delhi Daily 05-Jan-23 10:35 13:05
6E 138 Mumbai Mopa Daily 05-Jan-23 09:40 10:55
6E 628 Mopa Mumbai Daily 05-Jan-23 11:25 12:40
6E 6583 Bangalore Mopa Daily 05-Jan-23 10:10 11:25
6E 6584 Mopa Bangalore Daily 05-Jan-23 12:05 13:30
6E 973 Chennai Mopa Daily except Wed 05-Jan-23 14:10 15:35
6E 6975 Mopa Chennai Daily except Wed 05-Jan-23 16:05 17:50
6E 6576 Delhi Mopa Daily 05-Jan-23 17:40 20:20
6E 6577 Mopa Delhi Daily 05-Jan-23 20:50 23:30
6E 309 Bangalore Mopa Daily 05-Jan-23 19:50 21:10
6E 6298 Mopa Bangalore Daily 05-Jan-23 21:40 23:00
6E 6341 Delhi Mopa Daily 05-Jan-23 20:25 22:50
6E 2253 Mopa Delhi Daily 06-Jan-23 07:30 09:55
6E 6943 Mopa Pune Daily 05-Jan-23 23:20 00:25
6E 6944 Pune Mopa Daily 06-Jan-23 05:45 06:45
6E 6418 Ahmedabad Mopa Daily except Sun 06-Jan-23 05:35 07:15
6E 6419 Mopa Ahmedabad Daily except Sun 06-Jan-23 08:55 10:35
6E 6977 Jaipur Mopa Daily 06-Jan-23 07:25 09:25
6E 6978 Mopa Jaipur Daily 06-Jan-23 09:55 11:55
6E 7375 Hyderabad Mopa Daily 06-Jan-23 06:40 08:20
6E 7376 Mopa Hyderabad Daily 06-Jan-23 08:45 10:25
6E 7379 Hyderabad Mopa Daily 06-Jan-23 10:55 12:35
6E 7378 Mopa Hyderabad Daily 06-Jan-23 13:00 14:35
6E 743 Hyderabad Mopa Sat 07-Jan-23 05:35 06:55
6E 194 Bangalore Mopa Sat 07-Jan-23 06:15 07:35
6E 744 Mopa Hyderabad Sat 07-Jan-23 07:25 08:40
6E 249 Mopa Bangalore Sat 07-Jan-23 08:05 09:25

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