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GREAT NEWS – Domestic Flights Will Run At Full Capacity

Domestic Flights will run at Full Capacity

Posted on Friday, October 22nd, 2021 by Navneet Kaur

As per the revised order of the “Minister of Civil Aviation”, airlines will operate domestic flights from Monday without any capacity restrictions. The order was issued in view of the “increase in demand for air traveller”, the ministry said. 

In June, due to the second wave of Covid-19 restrictions, many airlines were forced to limit domestic flight operations to 50% of their capacity. This limit continued till July, after which it was increased to 65%. The ministry further reduced this limit to 72.5% between August 12 and September 18.

The order to resume flight operations at 100% capacity was issued on October 12. “It has been decided to resume scheduled domestic air operations from October 18, 2021, without any capacity restrictions,” the  Minister of Civil Aviation had said. The notice also said that the “decision was taken after reviewing the current status of scheduled domestic operations, such as passenger demand for air travel”.

The revision in passenger capacity has been welcomed by major carriers of the country. “This is a welcome move as we believe it would be great to operate flights at pre-pandemic levels with the upcoming festive season as well as the recent slowdown in demand. We are looking forward to the overall growth and development of domestic travel. Very excited about the demand,” IndiGo said in a PTI report.


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