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Latest Requirements Of Dubai Visa For Indians | Rules & Fees

Posted on Thursday, February 17th, 2022 by Pawanpreet Kaur 6 comments

Dubai Visa For Indians

Dubai is a city of dreams and has something for everyone. Do you wish to travel to Dubai for tourism, business or transit purposes? Well, who doesn’t? Dubai is all about stunning art, huge skyscrapers, sand dunes, fine dining, and shopping at the Dubai Mall. If you are in search of a Dubai visa for Indians, you’ve landed at the right place. Dubai is definitely a dream destination for many Indians, a place where sun and sand is food for the soul. So let’s get started with the planning part and discuss things you’ll require for a visa and other formalities. This blog will help in understanding the process of Dubai tourist visa for Indians and Dubai work visa for Indian nationals. 

Dubai Visa Types For Indian Nationals 

There are many ways Indians can apply for Dubai visa and fulfil their desire to book India to Dubai flights. Here are some types of Dubai visa for Indians that you can apply for online or via a tour agency from India. 

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1. Visit Visa 

As per Dubai visit visa news for India, Visit visas are valid for 90 days and can only be extended two times maximum. This type of Visa is sponsored by any tour operator, educational institution, hospital or organization which has business in Dubai. You can stay in Dubai up to 90 days from the date it has been issued. However, make sure to renew your visit visa before its expiry otherwise you can company sends a request ahead of time before the expiry of the previous visa extension. Visitors can stay in Dubai for up to 90 days starting from the day it was issued.

2. Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is the best choice if you want to visit Dubai multiple times in a year or two. If you have been to Dubai before, you can easily apply for a Tourist visa. Visit the official website of Dubai for complete details about Tourist visas. In order to apply for a Tourist visa, the passport of the applicant must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai. Also, check the Dubai tourist visa cost for Indians below. 

3. Transit Visa

The Dubai transit visa for Indians is a single entry tourist visa that can be used to transit through UAE airports. The transit visa Dubai for Indian passport is only valid for 96 hours (4 days) and not extendable. You cannot work in Dubai on this type of visa. Do not forget to check the table below for Dubai visa charges for Indians. 

4. Visit Visa sponsored by Tourism Agency (E-Visa)

This is also called an electronic visa and Dubai e-visa for Indians can be obtained through tour operators, hotels and tourism companies that have tie-ups with the Government of Dubai or local business chambers in Dubai. Such type of visa is only applicable for 30 days and can be extended up to 90 days in total starting from the date of issuance.  This is duly based on Dubai visit visa new rules 2021 for India. 

5. Visit visa sponsored by a company

This is also called a free visa because it doesn’t need any sponsoring agency to apply for this type of visa. It can be applied through the Dubai airport or immigration office in your region up to 30 days before the departure date. You can stay in Dubai for 1 month starting from the day you arrive, which cannot be extended. However, if you want to extend,  you must change the type of visa and visit the immigration office along with supporting documents like salary certificate copy, employment contract etc.

Please note that Immigration authorities across UAE stopped giving extensions on visit visas (Non-sponsored) unless there is a genuine reason like Medical Issue or Technical Breakdown.

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Dubai Visa Price For Indian Nationals 

Dubai visa price for Indian nationals depends upon the type and duration of the visa one is applying for. For example, if you are travelling on holiday with friends/family then the price will be different from a tourist visa, which is different from a transit visa. Hence, Dubai visa fees for Indians clearly depend upon the type of visa that can be issued to Indians by Dubai immigration authorities when requested during the application process.

Dubai Visa Types For IndiansVisa Fees (INR)
Tourist Visa 5,690
48-hours Visa 820
96-hours Visa 2,850
14 days Visa5,690
90 days Visa 14,100
Express 48-hours visa 2,440
Express 96-hours visa 4,470
Express Tourist Visa7,310
Express 14 days Visa 7,310
90 Days Multi Entry Long Term Visa34,300
30 Days Multi Entry Short Term Visa13,580

Documents Required For Dubai Visa For Indian Citizens 

As per new Dubai visa rules for Indians, it requires the following documents when applying for Visit, Transit or Tourist Visa. For example, if you want to visit Dubai on holiday, a different set of rules will apply if you transit somewhere else. Although these rules may change from time to time, please verify them with concerned authorities before making any travel plans which includes getting a new passport/visa etc. Some of the common information required for documents are listed below.

  • Valid passport with 6 months of minimum validity
  • Photocopy of filled visa application form
  • Scanned copy of 2 passport size photographs with white background
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of duration of visit
  • Valid flight tickets with round trip
  • Hotel Booking proof for all days of your stay
  • Photocopy of PAN Card and IT Returns
  • Employment Certificate and Letter from Employer on the company’s letterhead
  • Scanned copy of bank statement or of your investment documents. 
  • Solo women traveller less than 24 years of age must submit an NOC from either father or husband to fulfil Dubai visa requirements for India citizens. 

Dubai Visa Processing Time For Indian Citizens

Whether you have applied for a Dubai tourist visa for Indians or Dubai work visa for Indians, the next step includes the application processing by the authorities. Below is the time is taken for different Dubai visa types for Indian nationals. 

Dubai Visa TypesProcessing TimeBest Time For Submission
48-hours Visa3 to 4 working days for Normal Visa, and 24 hours for Express VisaNormal Visa -9:30 am – 5:30 pm Express Visa – 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
96-hours Visa3 to 4 working days for Normal Visa, and 24 hours for Express VisaNormal Visa -9:30 am – 5:30 pmExpress Visa – 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
14-Days Single Entry Short Term Visa3 to 4 working days for Normal Visa, and 36 hours for Express VisaNormal Visa -9:30 am – 5:30 pmExpress Visa – 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
30-Days Single Entry Short Term Visa3 to 4 working days for Normal Visa, and 36 hours for Express VisaNormal Visa -9:30 am – 5:30 pmExpress Visa – 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Muti Entry Long Term Visa3 to 4 working days9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Multi Entry Short Term Visa3 to 4 working days9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Stepwise Dubai Visa Process For Indian Passport

Step 1 – Check Your Passport Eligibility

First of all, you need to check if your passport is eligible or not for a Dubai visa. This can be done by checking the name & nationality printed on the passport. If it matches with what is printed on your passport then go ahead else please apply for a new passport from the Indian Passport office available in your city. If you have old Indian Passports that are still valid but whose pages are almost 90% filled, you cannot apply because Dubai Embassies/Ministries of Foreign affairs only accept those passports whose pages have no other entry except first-page entry and photo page. Please note that the sole purpose of going to Dubai should be tourism, medical treatment or transit. That means you cannot go for employment or do business in Dubai without getting a proper Dubai visa (work/business visas are not given to Indian Nationals).

Moreover, the passport of the applicant must have a minimum validity of 6 months before the expiry date. It should also have 2 blank pages (total 4 pages) for stamping by the immigration authorities of UAE upon arrival along with an entry stamp by the respective country where you entered into UAE from.

Step 2 – Scan & Upload Passport Copies

Scan both the pages of your valid Indian Passport and upload them. They will provide you unique barcode numbers against each scanned copy which you need to enter at the end of the Dubai visa application form.

Please note that these barcode numbers should be exactly as printed on your passport else you will end up in rejection of your application (happened with one of our users).

Step 3- Fill Up The Visa Application Form

Applicants must fill the visa application form through a site trusted by the Government of Dubai and Emirates. Once you are done filling out your application form, you must print it and take it to the nearby Visa application centre with other required documents. The form will include basic information of the applicant like name, last name, date & place of birth etc. Please note for visas for Indians in Dubai, you must choose Indian nationals options. In case you are a national of any other country then please do not submit this form because it will lead to automatic rejection of your application by the concerned embassy or ministry. 

Step 4 – Fill Up Address Details

Make sure the address details are correct otherwise it might lead to rejection of your application. Make sure that you fill the form accurately because there are a lot many users who got rejected at this stage because their format was not matching with what is mentioned in the mentioned menu. Please note that you must provide a proper physical address because mail-forwarding addresses are not accepted by the system. So please use a complete physical address with the city name and full state name.

Step 5 – Upload Passport Copies & Visa Fee Receipt

Every applicant must upload 2 passport size copies along with visa fee receipt (only if you paid online) to meet Dubai visa requirements for Indian citizens. You might also be asked to enter your credit card details and payment amount. Once you do that your payment will be processed and the receipt number will be sent to your email id so that you can print this page. 

Step 6 – Fill Up Medical Form

The visa process for Dubai for Indian nationals also includes a medical form. Please note that these forms are for those who want to go for an employment visa. In case you are looking for a Dubai tourist visa for Indians then you are not required to fill out this form. Applicants looking for a Dubai work visa for Indian citizens will be required to enter basic details like name, last name etc in addition to uploading scanned passport copies. You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire form of which you need to submit 1 copy. Please note that these forms vary for different age groups so make sure you select “Applicant’s Age Group” according to yours because the wrong selection might lead to rejection of your application by the embassy/consulate or ministry of external affairs.

Step 7 – Fill Up Employer Details

If you are going for a business visa or a Dubai work visa for Indian citizens, you’ll be required basic details like name, last name etc. Under the “Employer Details,” section enter the following details –

a. Employer/Company Name – enter the company name or if you are an individual then put down your own name as shown in the image below (exactly same name please). If your employer is not listed under the drop-down menu then make sure you told them to register themselves first at the concerned ministry website. Then ask them to follow this process because it will save their time later on when they do visas for any of their employees.

b. Residential Address – residential address be exactly same as mentioned in Passport because visa approval will be sent to that particular address only. If you want to change your residential address then max 2 days before visa processing is done, fill out this form and submit it with correct details.

c. Employer Contact Number – enter the contact number of the employer or company owner (if applying on behalf of the employer) because this number will be used by the ministry of external affairs staff for further communication about application status and interview scheduling etc.

d. Email ID – email id must belong to the same person who filled up the form so make sure you enter an email id that belongs to the person submitting the application himself or if he has authorised someone else then also that person’s email id should come here otherwise they won’t receive any emails from the ministry of external affair.

Step 8 – Fill Up Family Details 

Each member (spouse and up to four children ) needs to fill this form with correct details because it is used for verification at the interview stage by the ministry of external affairs staff or embassy official. Names, parents names, date of birth etc must match with passport copies which are already uploaded at the site please make sure about it before proceeding further. If you have only one child then also please fill out this form because your visa might get rejected later on by the embassy/consulate even if the application has been approved by the ministry of external affairs.


Please note that information on Dubai visa for Indians and Dubai visa price is being provided as reference basis only and the final decision lies with the concerned authorities. We do not bear responsibility for any losses incurred because of personal decisions taken based upon this article. So now if you are clear with the Dubai visa requirements for Indian citizens, you can start the process and also book your international flights with us. Call us travel experts at +91-800-023-5865 and have the best time in the country full of life. Our travel professionals at Travanya will also guide you with affordable Dubai tour packages and other things to do. Also, know the latest Dubai Travel Restrictions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can be the reason of rejection of Dubai visa for Indian citizens?

A: If you have applied for any Dubai visa type for Indian with criminal record or with non-while collar profession or wrong details, your visa can get rejected. There can be many more reasons to it.

Q: Do Indians need visa for Dubai?

A: Yes, all Indian passport holders required Dubai tourist visa for Indian or other Dubai transit visa for Indians. The process of applying for Dubai visa for Indians is super easy and can also be processed online.

Q: Do I need financial records when applying for Dubai tourist visa for Indians?

A: Yes, for applying Dubai visa for Indians, you must keep your financial statements ready like visa fee proof, ITR proof, salary slips for employment proof, copy of PAN card, investment receipts and other documents as per different Dubai visa types for Indians.

Q: Is it possible to get Dubai tourist visa for Indians on a same day?

A: Yes, applicants can apply for Express service that usually helps in getting Dubai visa withig 24 hours. However, the express Dubai visa price for Indians might vary from basic visa prices.

Q: How many days does it normally takes to process Dubai visa for Indians?

A: The Dubai visa processing time typically take 3-4 working days. However, in case of an emergency, applicants can also apply for express visa services for Dubai from India.


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