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Girnar Ropeway- Asia’s Longest Ropeway

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Girnar Ropeway

Girnar ropeway is Asia’s longest ropeway which is located in Junagadh. It is constructed on Mount Girnar in the Junagadh District of Gujarat. Mount Girnar has garnered attention from tourists worldwide because of the presence of the Dattatreya Shrine, the Amba Temple and several Jain temples lining the foothills. 

Girnar ropeway is one of the unique places to visit in India. The scenic wildlife and exposure to flora and fauna make it a favourable spot for children and International tourists looking for a tourist place in India. 


The history of the longest ropeway of Asia can be traced back to 1893, when the project was first proposed by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL). Construction of the ropeway was delayed due to litigation and delay in obtaining Government approval to begin the project. 

The project resumed after a halt in 2002 after sorting the objections, and the land was finally acquired in 2007. Then state Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, laid the foundation stone. As the project was located within the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, the wildlife clearance was endowed by the National Board for Wildlife in 2011. The Ministry of Environment granted the environmental authorisation, Forest and Climate Change India, in 2016. 

Since then, several trial runs have been carried out, but the inauguration was further delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Best Time to Visit Girnar Mountain Ropeway

Winters during the months of November through February are ideal if you wish to trek around the Girnar mountains and take part in the picturesque scenes of Gujarat. While in line for your adventure, you will also be greeted with air-conditioned waiting rooms. Also, keep in mind that it takes a while to climb the summit, so make sure you check the weather beforehand as it can impact your trekking experience. 

How to Reach Girnar Ropeway ?

Girnar is 5 km from Junagadh and is easily accessible from different states and routes of the country.  Junagadh and areas around Mount Girnar are considered a town for pilgrims. They have many ashrams and dharamshalas that cater to the pilgrims. These are affordable in price and generally available for booking on the spot. These places remain fully booked during major festivals, so it is important to make a booking in advance to avoid missing out. 

  • By Air
Cheap domestic flights

The nearest airport to Mount Girnar is the Keshod Airport, which is at a distance of 40 km. Auto rickshaws, cabs and buses can then take you to Junagadh and Mount Girnar. Rajkot Airport is a much bigger airport and comes with more suitable flight connectivity at a distance of roughly100 km. If international tourists visit, the closest international airport to Mount Girnar is the Ahmedabad Airport, which is at a distance of about 330 km and can be reached in about 6 hours. From Ahmedabad, private cabs, taxis, trains and buses are often available to transport tourists. 

  • By train

Junagadh has a train station and has many regular trains from Ahmedabad, and it is the only closest train station to Girnar. 

  • By bus/car

If you’re travelling by road, it is extremely convenient, and many transport options are available. The roads are well laid out for people who wish to visit Mount Girnar in their vehicles, and they ensure that the journey is comfortable and hassle-free. 

Girnar Ropeway Ticket Prices 

To book an online ticket for the Mount Girnar Cable car, you can visit its official website www.udankhatola.com. The ticket prices for Girnar Ropeway are ₹400 for one way and ₹700 for a two-way ride. For children between 5 and 10 years of age, the fare comes down to ₹350.

Currently, due to the high maintenance and safety expense of Girnar Ropeway, The Girnar ropeway Ticket price per person is Rs. 700 + 18% GST (INR 826) for an adult person who is not a local of Junagadh local. At the same time, the fare is Rs. 350 + 18% GST for children in the age group of 5 years to 10 years. No ticket fare will be charged for children under the age of five. There is also an option to avail of a one-way ticket for Rs. 400 + 18% GST.

Also, keep the following points in mind before you book your tickets:

  • Tickets for the cable car are non-refundable.
  • Children between 5 to 10 years are eligible for getting child tickets. However, the ID card of the child is a must if you are booking it. 
  • Children upto 5 years or those with a height below 110 CMs can also avail of a free ticket.
  • Concession tickets are only offered for divyang and defence personnel after verifying with the ID.
  • It is crucial to keep the ticket until the end of the cable journey.
  • The ticket is valid only on the date of purchase and cannot be used more than once. 

Girnar Ropeway Ticket booking Online

To book an online ticket for the Mount Girnar Cable car, you can visit its official website www.Udankhatola.com. After visiting the site, please select the Booking slot date & time. Then go to book now and complete the payment procedure online.

Key facts about Mount Girnar

  • The estimated cost of constructing the Girnar ropeway is Rs 130 Crore. 
  • There is an aggregate of 25 trolleys that transport people. In total, 192 passengers can be carried from one place to another, with eight people in a trolley. 
  • Girnar ropeway will take passengers to an altitude of 900 metres, equal to 5,000 steps.
  • The construction contains building lower and upper terminals and nine poles supporting the rope. 
  • The cable ride at Mount Girnar operates mono-cable gondola detachable type lifts.

How to Book a Girnar Ropeway Ticket Online? 

To book an online ticket for the Girnar ropeway, Usha Breco company developed Girnar Ropeway booking site, and you can book online tickets via its official website Udan Khatola: https://udankhatola.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Girnar Ropeway Ticket Price Per Person?

Answer: The ticket price for the cable ride at Girnar Ropeway is INR 700 per person for the two-way fare, and there is also an option of availing a one-way ticket for INR 400, while the food is INR 350 for children in the age group of 5-10. No fare is charged for children under the age of five.

Q: What is Girnar Ropeway Timings?

Answer: The timings of the Girnar Cable Car ride are 8 am and 5 pm. If you miss the 5 pm slot, you will have to walk back all the way to the base camp at Mount Girnar.

Q: What is the Girnar Ropeway Length and Time?

Answer: The Junagadh ropeway can cover a distance of 2.3 km (2126.4 metres) in approximately 7.5 minutes.

Q: How many steps are there in Girnar?

Answer: There are a total of 9999 steps in stone to reach Mount Girnar.

Q: What is the height of Girnar?

Answer: Girnar Ropeway Ticket Price Per Person is INR 700 for the two-way fare, and there is also an option of getting a one-way ticket for INR 400, while the fare is INR 350 for children in the age group of 5-10. No fare will be charged for kids under the age of five. Mount Girnar is Gujarat’s most prominent mountain. It’s about 1116m (3666 ft) tall and spread across an area of 70 miles. Mount Girnar has five major peaks: Gorakhnath, Ambaji, Guru Dattatreya, Kalka, and Oghad Ansuya. The highest Peak of the Mount is named the Gorakhnath Peak at 1116m (3666 ft) above sea level.

Q: Mount Girnar is famous for which lord?

Answer: Girnar is an archaic hill in Junagadh, Gujarat, India. It is one of the Holiest pilgrimages named Shashwat Tirth for Jains, where the 22nd Tirthankar, Lord Neminath, attained peace. It is also thought to be where the next 24 Tirthankaras will achieve nirvana in the future. The mountain of Girnar is also an abode of some Hindu temples.

Q: How many temples are there on Mount Girnar?

Answer: The Adhya Shakti Ambaji Temple is situated on the foothills of Girnar Hill at the height of about 3300 m. It is a sacred site for Hindus all around the world. The temple has around 4840 steps to climb. There are a group of temples for devotees of Jainism, and they are collectively referred to as Girnar Jain temples. These groups of temples are sacred to Svetambara and Digambara branches covered in Jainism. According to Jainism, Arishtanemi, popularly known as Neminath, turned ascetic after witnessing the slaughter of animals for a feast of the wedding. He came to Mount Girnar to attain salvation from worldly pleasures. Another temple located in Junagadh amidst the Girnar valleys is the Guru Dattatreya Paduka Mandir.


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